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SCOTUS Should Dismiss States’ Challenge to Colorado Marijuana Legalization, Solicitor General Says

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Solicitor General, Donald Verrilli Jr., issued a statement Wednesday advising the Supreme Court not to hear a lawsuit Nebraska and Oklahoma filed against Colorado’s marijuana legalization law last December.


University Of Vermont's Pharmacology Course Breaks New Ground

It’s a formidable challenge to develop a syllabus for a college-level pharmacology course focused entirely on a drug that’s illegal to possess, use and even research under federal law. That’s the task that Wolfgang Dostmann, PhD, and Karen Lounsbury, PhD, have undertaken as they plan the University of Vermont’s first medical cannabis course in the College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology, scheduled for the spring 2016 semester. It’s possibly the first academic program of its kind nationwide, but clearly needed as acceptance of marijuana for medical and recreational use continues to gain legal backing in more states and physicians and scientists seek more information about how it acts in the body.


University Of Vermont Offering A Course On Medical Marijuana Science

I attended college from the age of 24-28. I was a ‘non-traditional student’ as the faculty always reminded me, which always seemed like a passive aggressive form of age discrimination. It was bad enough that I couldn’t relate to most of my classmates because they had barely moved out of their parents house and didn’t have the life experience that I had accumulated up to that point. But college was still a very fun time.


Vermont Medical School Delves Into Marijuana Science

As more states allow for the use of medical marijuana, the University of Vermont is offering a course in the science of the drug — and the professors say they are challenged by a lack of research on what has long been a taboo topic.

Other institutions have offered classes in marijuana law and policy, but the university's medical school is likely the country's first to offer a full course on medical cannabis, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Other medical schools have touched on the topic.


Medical marijuana may go mobile in Vermont


Vermont's medical marijuana patients could soon have their medicine delivered right to their door.

Ruth Reich lives and works on a small horse farm in Poultney.

"It's a very physical job," she said. "I run this farm on my own."

That challenge is made more difficult by health problems; she's a cancer survivor and has spinal issues, leaving her living with a lot of pain. A couple of years ago she secured a medical marijuana card, finding her body better tolerated cannabis than powerful prescription drugs she says wreaked havoc on her body. But she has not stopped by the dispensary in two months, because unlike prescription painkillers insurance doesn't cover pot.


Watch: Bernie Sanders' Home State Speaks Out For Legalization

Vermont could make history next year by becoming the first state in the American northeast to legalize cannabis. Meet the local activists, politicians, businesspeople, patients and students who hope to see the Green Mountain State legalize recreational cannabis use. "I do see tides turning, even attitudes changing, but the law still exists, our prisons are still full," says one Montpelier resident in this engaging and entertaining video by Eva Soldberger.


Will the Bernie Sanders Pot Bill Make Drug Testing Go up in Smoke?

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, introduced a marijuana-related bill in early November that might hasten the proliferation of state laws on recreational pot.

This development could cause employers some concern about the continued efficacy of their drug usage and testing policies and also raise other, less critical questions. For example, will they decide to add more vending machines or restock the Funyuns and other munchies more frequently?

The bill introduced by Sanders would remove marijuana from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act. This change would, among other things, let states decide if they want to make pot use legal without worrying about violating federal law. 


What would a legal marijuana law look like in Vermont?


Vermont lawmakers signed off on four pages worth of guidelines Thursday, between now and Dec. 10, a staff attorney will turn them into a bill. The measure would allow those older than 21 to use, purchase and grow recreational marijuana. Anyone selling pot would need to be licensed by the state.

Shayne Lynn operates two of Vermont's four medical marijuana dispensaries.

"The guidelines we've seen is a really great start. For us in the medical program, the real priority is making sure the medical program survives and can work in parallel," said Lynn of Champlain Valley Dispensary.


Marijuana pitched for young Vermont entrepreneurs

Vermont Cannabis Collaborative spokesperson Bill Lofy speaks in favor of marijuana legalization at a news conference in Burlington on Wednesday.(Photo: GLENN RUSSELL/FREE PRESS)

Entrepreneurs are pitching marijuana as a cash crop that would keep college graduates in Vermont and create thousands of jobs.

The Vermont Cannabis Collaborative says in a new report that if Vermont lawmakers bring “order to the chaos” of the underground illegal marijuana market, business opportunities would abound.


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