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Nelson Sees Big Future for Cannabis in Territory

Sen. Terrence “Positive” Nelson and his staff have started drafting a bill to legalize, license and regulate medicinal cannabis in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but it may be a while before the “Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act” bill is heard in the legislature, the senator told a news conference Tuesday.

“I can't dictate when it will be heard in Legislature,” Nelson said.

It could be as late as August, he said, because of budget hearings coming up, he said. The draft of the bill will be submitted to the Legislature's legal council by the end of May. Legal council will have 45 days to review it, then it goes to a legislative committee process.


St Croix: He Makes the Case for Medical Marijuana

An Open letter to the Governor, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the People of the Virgin Islands: The recent declaration by the Governor of Puerto Rico legalizing medical marijuana has brought much conversation on the airwaves here in the Virgin Islands. I would like the Governor and the Senators along with the Judiciary to understand what it is exactly that they will be writing, executing and judging the People of the Virgin Islands when they address the subject of Medical Marijuana. I'd like the people to think about the patients that need and use marijuana when they eventually go and vote for this law.


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