Pot Stock: Could This Be the Next Marijuana Stock?

Can ICC Make a Big Impact on Pot Stock

International Cannabis Corp (CVE:ICC) is the new kid on the block in the pot stock business hitting the Canadian TSX Venture market. And as the name implies, it’s not strictly limited to Canada, with Uruguay set to be one of the key facets of its operation.

Why Uruguay? Because a pot stock based out of there has a pretty big consumer base from which to draw. Of the 3.4 million people living in the South American country, an estimated 55,000 plus engage in marijuana use, sparking up 40 grams per month on average.


Why WHO Needs a Radical Rethink of Its Draconian Approach to Cannabis

Cannabis is hugely popular. 182m people use cannabis across the world and, with this level of exposure, the way cannabis is regulated matters. As does the evidence of risks and benefits to health which underpins regulation.

Sometimes saying nothing is as telling as saying something. Silence can suggest retaining the status quo. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been silent about the international regulatory controls on cannabis since its inception in 1935. The past 80 years have brought dramatic advances in scientific knowledge about cannabis, so it is odd that it has not provided updated advice about its legal status. 


Marijuana Grown in Uruguay Only Enough for 25% of Consumers

Marijuana grown in Uruguay only enough for 25% of consumers. The Monitoring Cannabis team of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the Republic estimated that only 25% of regular consumers will be able to access legal marijuana from Uruguay.

By October 2016, 5,332 farmers were registered in the regulatory framework program, as required by law. Additionally there are 22 buyers’ clubs registered in the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis. Each club is allowed to have a maximum of 45 affiliates..


Marijuana Industry About to Go Global

Although the United Nations international drug treaties have upheld an official prohibition against marijuana, the marijuana industry has spread across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


In a First for Latin America, Uruguay Rolls out Program Legalizing Marijuana

Diego Prandini is bent over in a small, brightly lit room, watering marijuana plants of all shapes and sizes. He crawls into a corner to reach some smaller specimens, labeled with names like “Ushua” and “RGB1,” all of which will be part of the next two-kilogram harvest.

“I've been at this for seven hours today,” he says, standing and smiling. “So my back is starting to get a little tired.”

Until recently, this job would have been illegal, and he might have worked for dangerous narcotraficantes, perhaps in hidden in nearby Paraguay. But Prandini, 37 and sporting a T-shirt and mohawk, tends his plants in a pleasant middle-class neighborhood of Uruguay's capital, and as a break, he heads downstairs to enjoy a joint with his co-workers and watch YouTube videos. 


Stoners Can Now Travel The World Legally Smoking Weed Thanks To ‘Bud ‘n’ Breakfasts’

Normally when visiting weed friendly countries such as Amsterdam and certain states within the U.S., travellers still have to save the sneaky puff for allocated spots around the city.


Although you’ll find the odd smoking booth outside your hotel, it’s generally not cool to be sparking a fat one in the comfort of your own room. But no longer will this be an issue as there’s now a website called ‘Bud n Breakfast’ where you can find accommodation that is cannabis friendly. Zing!

Set up by Sean Roby and Shayan Bastani, it’s basically like Hostelworld or AirBnB for people who like to get high. What’s not to like?


Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay: Progress and Challenges Three Years Later

In December 2013, the Uruguayan Chamber of Senators approved Law 19.172, through which the General Assembly regulated the production, marketing and possession of marijuana in Uruguay.

According to the Scientific Advisory Committee for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Policy for the Regulation and Control of Marijuana in Uruguay, Law 19.172 decriminalizes users of recreational cannabis, and helps concentrate the country’s institutional efforts in the promotion of drug prevention programs, as well as medical care for the potential affected users, while fighting drug trafficking.

Nearly three years after the creation of this law, it is worth examining how its implementation is doing.


Uruguay to Present Registry for Marijuana Consumers

Diego Olivera, secretary general of the Uruguayan National Drug Consuming Office Board, assured Tuesday that the new registry for marijuana consumers, will be launched in September for its legal sale in pharmacies.
In his statements to a local television network, the official pointed out that later they will expire with the arrival of cannabis to each of the pharmacies .

He told reporters that the drugstores record is in permanent evolution on having existed today about 40 and they hope that they should keep on increasing.

On the sale of marijuana foreseen for July in the establishments, Olivera aimed that there was a rescheduling according to the safety in each of the given steps.


Weeks From Selling Pot, Uruguay Producer Sees Future in Hemp

For all the buzz it’s generating, legalized pot may not live up to the hype. At least not in Uruguay where limits on production and pricing have led one of two producers to diversify into less regulated hemp.

Weeks before selling its first ounce of pot at pharmacies, International Cannabis Corp. is already betting that hemp - a variety of cannabis - will be a much bigger market than selling the psychoactive part of the plant, according to Chief Executive Officer Guillermo Delmonte. Hemp and its extracts can be used in food, cosmetics and medicine.


Uruguay to Finally Allow Marijuana Sales in Pharmacies

Pharmacies initially showed some disagreement and refusal to implement the sale of this marijuana in their premises (El Observador)

Español Uruguay will finally be creating a registry for consumers who want to buy marijuana in pharmacies.

The government reported the amount of marijuana that is produced for sale in pharmacies is enough for distribution; however, according to experts and surveys of domestic consumers, it won’t actually cover the country’s demand.


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