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Regulation did not increase marijuana use in Uruguay

The regulation of the production and sale of cannabis in 2013 did not increase the use of this drug in Uruguay, according to a study by the National Drug Board (JND), under the Presidency.

The sixth national survey on drug use in households suggests that 9.3% of the population used marijuana in the last 12 months, compared to 8.3% in 2011, posted the smallest increase in 14 years.

Meanwhile, 6.3% of Uruguayans regular users of cannabis were reported.

According to the conclusions of the JND, "growth in consumption responds to the trend that began in 2001 indicating that the discussion on the regulation did not affect historical consumption patterns."


Marijuana Clubs Are The Five Star Restaurant Of Uruguay


To hear Juan Vaz tell it, a successful marijuana club in Uruguay is akin to a five-star restaurant.

“Today, we have to whet the palates of club members,” said Vaz, the technical adviser of Club Canabico Sativa in Montevideo, the South American country’s capital. “We have to introduce them to the world of gourmet cannabis, which is the differentiator in our club.”

Uruguay’s Congress legalized the drug in 2013, and over the last year has steadily implemented various aspects of the law. Late last year, the government began registering growers clubs, which are allowed to cultivate up to 99 plants and can have maximum of 45 members. .


Current status of marijuana in Latin America

Recently, Latin America has surprised us with the giant steps taken towards the legalization of cannabis. Jose Mujica opened Pandora's Box and in a time when that regulation was in no man's land, Uruguayan citizens were quick to react and show support for their former president. Thus, and as if it were a domino effect, the voice spread like wildfire. As a result, today, the vast majority of countries in Latin America, are in favor of a real decriminalization of marijuana regulation. This article will discuss the recent news coming from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Medicinal users rebel against the Government of Puerto Rico


Matt Fecteau: Rhode Island, Uruguay, and Weed

I am currently in Uruguay, and it is an interesting experience. Uruguay doesn’t get a lot of tourists. There are more cows than people. Not too much to see, but in 2013, Uruguay did something seemingly incredible: it legalized recreational marijuana.

Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize pot.  Unlike countries such as the Netherlands which merely decriminalized marijuana, Uruguay went for full legalization. With the new law, in theory, criminals no longer have a monopoly on the recreational marijuana market.

Typically, when a pot smoking hears the word regulation or legalization of marijuana, they lite up a joint in honor of liberty and freedom. Well, don’t lite up just yet. There are many flavors of this ice cream.


Products for growing marijuana hit the market in Uruguay

By Patricia Alvares.

Special soil, humidity gauges, pruning shears and books on growing cannabis are among the items in demand in Uruguay a year after the regulations for producing and marketing marijuana under government control took effect.

"We noticed that there has been increased demand, and it continues because the market was created and it will keep growing," Manuel Varela, owner of a downtown Montevideo store offering items for growing marijuana, told EFE.

"And we also see the growing number of stores like this over the past year," Varela said. "There are now about 20."


Monsanto and U.S. Conspiracy Behind Push for Legalization of Marijuana?

Is the push for legalization of marijuana due to a conspiracy between GMO giant Monsanto and the U.S. government? Some people in the organic food community seem to think so.


Remind me again, how does cannabis affect the brain?

Governments and communities worldwide are softening their views on cannabis use. Trials of medicinal cannabis have been approved in VictoriaQueensland and New South Wales. And the Australian parliament is currently debating legislation to introduce a government regulator of medicinal cannabis.


Latin America Rethinks Drug Policies

During the 1980s and 1990s, as the United States battled the scourge of cocaine throughout the hemisphere, Washington did most of the talking. Latin American governments were forced to listen and fall in line. The American government had the most money to throw at the problem, the toughest justice system and the biggest bully pulpit.


'Mujica Gold': Ex Uruguay leader gets high honors with pot tribute

Montevideo (AFP) - Fans of former Uruguay president Jose Mujica, known for fully legalizing marijuana, from the cannabis field to the joint, can now light up in his honor with the new "Mujica gold" strain.

The variety of pot was created "as a tribute" to the colorful iconoclast "in recognition of his work," said Javier Ruiz, part of the team that created the seed.

Under Mujica, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana in 2013.

"Mujica gold," with its "fruity and floral" aroma, hit markets last year and was an immediate success, Ruiz told AFP.

The seed already has a committed following of growers.

"Those who cultivate it, cultivate it again," he said.


Uruguay Plans to Issue Marijuana Licenses in 2015, Official Says


Uruguay plans to issue commercial growing licenses this year to produce recreational marijuana for distribution through the country’s pharmacies, a senior government official said Tuesday.

“We are working on that,” Milton Romani, secretary-general of the National Drugs Board, told reporters Tuesday in Montevideo. “Assigning licenses to produce a complicated substance isn’t child’s play.”


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