Uruguay Was The First Country to Legalize Cannabis – How Are They Doing Now?

Sometimes with our news cycle, it’s easy to forget that Europe and America are not the centers of the world. A lot of interesting cannabis law takes place around the globe with Uruguay being an unexpected contender for most liberal concerning cannabis use.


5 Emerging Cannabis Markets Investors Need To Be Watching In 2020

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We have noticed a significant increase in the number of companies that are focused on the international cannabis opportunity during the last two years and this is a trend that we are bullish on.


Weed-curious Politicians should look to Uruguay, where there's no fuss over legal cannabis

When Uruguay became the first nation in the modern era to legalize weed in 2013, most of its citizens were against it. Yet, despite deep public skepticism, none of the challenges or perceived failures of the law have been enough to generate momentum to try and reverse it. Instead, during the first round of national elections last month, cannabis legalization had all but been forgotten as an issue. It had retreated into the political background.


Global CBD market expected to grow by 40 percent this year

CBD is the new sliced bread, toilet paper on rolls, and bottled spring water. And we can expect to see more traditional business sectors getting into CBD in the near future.

If the non-intoxicating marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) were a deadly virus sent to Earth by the Devil himself, it would be well on its way to rendering the global population extinct within the next few years.


The great race to become the World’s weed supplier

Companies vying to be the biggest cannabis producer in America or Canada are wasting their time and suffering from a crippling lack of vision. The real play is to make a bid to become the worldwide leader in global cannabis exports — like firms in Jamaica and Lesotho as well as Canada are attempting to do — and the window of time to get in is closing fast, according to one entrepreneur with clear-cut plans to curb that market.


High ambitions: Uruguay cannabis firm targets booming global market for medical marijuana

In a white, sterilized laboratory on the outskirts of Uruguayan capital Montevideo, biochemist Javier Varela and his team are carefully cultivating plants for a booming multibillion-dollar global market in medical marijuana.

The company Varela works for, Fotmer Life Sciences, has just made the first commercial shipment of medical cannabis from Latin America, 10 kg (22 lb) of dried flowers with high levels of active ingredient THC destined for patients in Australia.

The small but landmark export underscores the country’s push into the burgeoning market for legal cannabis, that has medical uses including helping cancer patients manage chronic pain or treating spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.


Medical cannabis exporter sees an opening before market floods

Medical cannabis producers have a five-year window to reap high prices for their products before supply floods the market, according to Jordan Lewis, whose firm became Uruguay’s first commercial exporter of marijuana this month.

“The EU right now represents the single largest market in the next five years,” Lewis, chief executive officer of Silverpeak Life Sciences Uruguay Inc., said in an interview in Montevideo. Lewis added he’s also bullish on Asian and Latin American markets in the mid-term.

Prices for dried flowers and oils that are high in THC, the plant’s main psychoactive ingredient, should remain elevated for the next three to five years, Lewis said. Non-psychoactive CBD products will probably see price declines much sooner, he said.


Aeternity Blockchain will be used to track cannabis in Uruguay

Decentralized application (DApp)-focused blockchain Aeternity will be used to track the supply chain of Montevideo-based medical and recreational cannabis producer Uruguay Can.


Why the future marijuana superpower could come from this region

When PharmaCielo, now a publicly traded company, formed in 2014 to cultivate medical cannabis in Colombia, some growers needed convincing. Some came from families that farmed chrysanthemums for generations. Cannabis was largely illegal and stigmatized. Scars from the nation's decadeslong drug war were fresh. A peace deal between the government and leftist FARC rebels was two years away. North America's marijuana stocks boom had not begun.


Cannabis: While the US waits, the world opens up

Cannabis legalization is spreading its roots globally. Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize recreational cannabis in 2013. Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana in 2018. Many other countries have followed suit. However, the legality of medical and recreational cannabis varies for different countries.


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