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States that legalized marijuana are bringing in more tax revenue on pot sales than alcohol

cannabis money

A majority of the states that legalized recreational marijuana for recreational use are collecting more tax revenue from pot sales than alcohol sales.

The first two states to legalize pot are profiting the most, Colorado and Washington. Across the country, the total revenue for taxes on weed amounted to nearly $3 billion, according to a report on “sin taxes” by The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP).

So far, 11 states have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana.

The states that have given recreational marijuana legalization the green-light are Colorado, Washington, California, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Maine and Alaska.


Does Hollywood icon Christopher Walken, 78, smoke weed? ‘Sure’


Oscar-winner reports he consumed cannabis in the past and still does

The eminently talented and endlessly impersonated Christopher Walken recently handled a question about his possible cannabis use with the same style he’s known for: straight-faced, he just admitted it.

Per El Planteo, his response was simple:


Apparently hoping to delve deeper, journalist David Marchese then asked:

“Do you still smoke?” Again, the response was short and sweet:


Grant opportunity announced for cannabis cancer treatment research



National Institutes of Health (NIH) is prepping to grant funds to researchers who are studying cannabis treatment for cancer.

Grant funds will soon be available to researchers who are working to treat cannabis. 

A “Notice of Special Interest” (NOSI) (entitled “Basic Mechanisms of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Action in Cancer”) was posted on May 5 by NIH’s National Cancer Institute, with the intent “to promote research in understanding the mechanisms by which cannabis and cannabinoids affect cancer biology, cancer interception, cancer treatment and resistance, and management of cancer symptoms.”


Small cannabis entrepreneurs say they can't compete against ‘Walmart of weed'’

cannabis shop sign

Many small cannabis entrepreneurs say large companies are jockeying to lock them out of the industry and have funding that gives them more access to lawmakers.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the country,” said Sarah Grant, general manager of The Dispensary in Richmond.

The shop opened last year and sells Delta-8-THC flower and vape cartridges. 

“It’s hard to compete if you’re going against the Walmart of weed,” Grant said. 

Grant said the lack of structure in the recreational cannabis market is stressful for smaller businesses and that her store could never compete with lobbyists from national cannabis corporations. 


Legal U.S. states are rushing to study the mental health impact of high-potency cannabis


There are several studies on the topic of cannabis concentrates and psychosis expected this year.

Cannabis legalization has picked up speed in the U.S. over the last few years. The topic has become one of those unlikely things that people with differing political parties agree on, a substance that is now accepted, if not embraced, by many.

Still, popular opinion differs on policies, an issue made strikingly clear by the amount of research there is to date on the drug.

U.S. states that have enabled marijuana programs are now finding themselves rushing to study the drug and its possible side effects. Its long-term influence is not known, especially in relation to potent versions of THC and the effect that may have on the brain.


State-by-state guide to cannabis age requirements


While you may want to buy legal cannabis at the age of 18, that will be quite impossible since provisions and policies put in place by weed legalized states do not permit it.

Election Day 2012 saw voters in Colorado approve a ballot initiative to legalize the recreational sale and use of cannabis. This bold step by the citizens of Colorado saw the state become the first to do so in all of the United States.

Since then, 17 other states, Guam, and Washington, D.C., have followed suit, and public support for cannabis legalization has significantly grown. However, the recreational use of cannabis is still very much illegal at the federal level.


stupidDOPE launches cannabis + CBD industry focused big data & content distribution agency


StupidDOPE LLC (or “stupidDOPE") announced today the launch of an in-house brand marketing, content distribution and big data advertising agency serving the Cannabis and CBD industry. With a focus on big data and content distribution partnerships within the cannabis industry, the lifestyle brand will help companies intelligently target and engage in-market Cannabis and CBD shoppers.


Don’t believe the high: FDA issues warning over misleading legal weed claims


Food and Drug Administration ‘concerned’ about unproven health claims and packaging that appeals to children

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings to companies selling products including delta-8 THC, a cannabis compound, for making unsupported claims about the health benefits of the items.

The FDA said even though there is very little research on delta-8 THC, a substance found in the cannabis sativa plant, online retailers and cafes are claiming products containing the compound will reduce anxiety or help with sleeping.

Delta-8 can induce a “high” in users but is derived from a similar part of the marijuana plant to CBD, a non-psychoactive and legal compound, which makes the legality of delta-8 unclear.


Since when!? Troops can use CBD products thanks to this Congressional move

American flag

Since July of 2020, military service members have been allowed to use CBD products, after the House of Representatives approved a measure permitting the use of hemp products as well as its derivatives. (Benzinga)

The measure passed by a vote of 336 to 71. The initiative was led by Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who is also a military veteran.


Military troops and CBD

The Congressional measure specifies that Secretary of Defense may not prohibit ”the possession, use, or consumption” of hemp or hemp-derived product to a “member of the Armed Forces” as long as the crop meets federal standards.


Momentum builds in Senate for major cannabis bill


Senators on both sides of the aisle are throwing support behind a proposal to tuck key marijuana banking legislation into a larger package aimed at boosting U.S. competitiveness, increasing the odds that a significant cannabis bill gets through the upper chamber this year.

Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), the No. 3 Senate Democrat, is leading a push to pass the SAFE Banking Act, which would enable cannabis firms to use banking services, as part of a sweeping package lawmakers are hashing out in both chambers that is intended to bolster the country’s supply chains and manufacturing.   


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