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Clear majorities of Black Americans favor marijuana legalization, easing of criminal penalties


A growing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, and at the federal level, Congress is considering decriminalizing the drug and expunging past convictions for marijuana-related offenses.

These policies align with the views of most Black Americans, according to an October 2021 Pew Research Center survey. Wide majorities of Black adults support legalizing marijuana at least for medical use (85%) and favor reforms to the criminal justice system such as releasing people from prison who are being held only for marijuana-related charges and expunging marijuana-related offenses from the criminal records of individuals convicted of such offenses (74% each).


Fact check: Fox News’ Laura Ingraham claims that marijuana causes mass shootings


Here are just some reasons why Laura Ingraham’s statement is absolutely absurd, and none of them have to do with marijuana legalization.

We’re only halfway through the year, and there has been over 200 mass shootings all around the United States already.

The deadliest of these, the Uvalde school shooting targeting a fourth grade elementary class, was considered the worst since Sandy Hook. This is clearly a systemic problem within the United States, but Fox News host Laura Ingraham doesn’t think so: she made it clear that she’s anti-marijuana legalization by blaming the mass shootings on cannabis laws.

During her talk at The Ingraham Angle last week on Fox News, she said:


New crypto currency for the cannabis industry

crypto cannabis currency

Cannabis Cash Coin has reached an agreement to have their new cryptocurrency listed on popular crypto exchange CoinMooner. This agreement will allow cannabis enthusiasts to swap Ethereum for the coin using Uniswap, a service also hosted on CoinMooner.

“We chose CoinMooner as our first crypto exchange because of the exposure potential. In addition, we were excited about the number of users that will be introduced to our coin,” says Cannabis Cash Coin CEO and Co-Founder Robert Felder.

“We believe this listing is the momentum we need, and we fully anticipate being listed on additional exchanges in the coming months.”


Legal weed has states improvising role as consumers’ safety cop


What’s safe in pot? Depends on where you are

The spread of legal marijuana across the US is bringing with it a unique challenge: Absent federal guidelines, states are cobbling together hodgepodge rules that leave users without a uniform safety net. 

Take New Jersey, which on April 21 became the latest state with legalized pot. Regulators there are re-examining their own rules on issues as varied as mold limits and batch size for contaminants testing. As with all the 19 states that allow recreational marijuana use for adults, it’s up to local officials to decide what’s best.


Bill Maher thinks Republicans will ‘steal’ pot legalization

Bill Maher

Time is ticking, and political commentators are starting to wonder about the president’s inaction on cannabis reform—an issue with high support among Democrats. And since Democrats are currently in control of the White House and Congress, it’s on them to push a bill to the finish line.

During a June 3 “Overtime” segment on YouTube, the Real Time with Bill Maher host read an audience-submitted  question to his guest, former Attorney General Eric Holder, about why President Joe Biden hasn’t pushed for the federal legalization of pot. After all, decriminalization of cannabis at the federal level was one of President Biden’s promises on the election trail.


Kanye West’s former manager is the now the CEO of a cannabis company

Kanye West's manager

John Monopoly is credited with discovering long-time client Kanye West and has also worked with Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.

John Monopoly, former manager of U.S. rapper, record producer and entrepreneur Kanye West, is the new CEO of cannabis platform Urban Aroma.

Monopoly is credited with discovering and managing long-time client West and has also worked with Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.

During the summer of 2020, The Week reported that West, at the time he was considering running for U.S. president, told attendees of a political rally in North Charleston, S.C., that he believes cannabis should be free.


Is it legal to send weed or edibles through the mail?

mail box

Individuals who are caught shipping marijuana, even from one legal state to another, can be prosecuted by the federal government.

The legalities of traveling and shipping cannabis or products made from it can be overwhelmingly confusing. There are many things to consider, and these are important to know especially for medical patients who rely on cannabis for managing diseases, have trouble getting to a dispensary near you, or need to dispose of marijuana after traveling to a cannabis-friendly state.


Laura Ingraham still talking up nonexistent link between cannabis and mass shootings

Laura Ingraham

And she’s still wrong

For the second night in a row, Laura Ingraham was obsessed with her own personal theory behind the epidemic of mass shootings in America: That somehow, cannabis use is to blame.

During Wednesday night’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” she had this to say before introducing a guest to talk about it:

“Considering the horrific carnage here from other tragedies we already know about where high potency cannabis may have played a role, it’s important that Americans have more answers. We deserve to know the truth about this multi-billion-dollar and growing industry, how it’s affecting our young people, our working age population, and even our military readiness.”


Teddy Long on how he quit smoking marijuana while in WWE out of respect for Vince McMahon


During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. WWE Hall Of Famer Teddy Long revealed how he had to stop smoking marijuana for a while as General Manager of SmackDown due to the WWE Wellness Policy. Below are some highlights: Teddy Long on how he quit smoking marijuana for a while out of respect for Vince McMahon: 

“I said, ‘Hey man, my job is more important so I don’t want to let Vince down. That man gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and the reason I am where I am today is because of Vince. So, I quit, maybe about a year. I quit for a real long time. What made me start back, man, I think I just got kind of burnt out. I had been on the road for over 25 years of my life … I think I just kind of got stressed, then me and Chioda kind of started riding again.”


DEA reports ongoing decline in federal pot arrests


The feds say there was an 11% decline in cannabis arrests from 2010-2020.

Federal law enforcement continues to make fewer and fewer arrests for weed, according to data released by the Department of Justice, a trend that dovetails with the new cannabis laws that have bloomed in the last decade.

From 2010 until 2020, there was an 11% decline in cannabis-related arrests by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers, the report from the Justice Department said.

That same time period saw a seven percent decline in arrests for crack cocaine, and a six percent decline in arrests for powder cocaine.

In raw numbers, the DEA made 8,215 arrests for cannabis-related offenses in 2010, compared with 2,576 in 2020. 


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