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Australia Leading the Industrial Hemp Race

Hemp is a fast growing, water efficient crop, which can thrive in the worst soil and can be used for a bevy of products, including paper,food, and medicine. It was around thousands of years ago and it’s still being grown today, just not as much since being banned in the US decades ago. It’s got a bad reputation, being guilty by association since its cousin crop is marijuana.


5 Facts about hemp you won’t believe!

Current hemp newstells us that industrial hemp is on the rise in America. More states are beginning to grow their own industrial hemp, just as it was centuries ago. But here are a fistful ofhemp facts I think will blow your minds! If anything, it’s a good read to kill some time. And yes – I know the more seasoned industrial hemp veterans already know these facts, but it’s always nice to remind ourselves just how important this crop can be/is, and let’s face it, everyone loves reading facts. Just ask Snapple.


Who Will Become the Starbucks of Pot?

Handful of startups want to be America's favorite marijuana brand

ng a typical Fourth of July weekend, 1500 Esperanza St., a whitewashed deco warehouse in the Boyle Heights district of East Los Angeles, is deserted. But this year, a line snakes down the broken sidewalk out front and wraps around the bend of Union Pacific Avenue, as 4,000 people suffer the searing heat for an event called theCalifornia Heritage Market.

Bath soak, for a truly trippy dip.


How Marijuana Farms Impact The Environment

Lt. Patrick Foy, of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, knows more than a few ways to track down a large-scale marijuana growing operation: Air surveillance, reports from neighbors and sometimes, dead fish.

“A bunch of fish may turn up dead in a creek, so we’ll go look, walk upstream, and inevitably run into a marijuana growth site,” says Foy.

Growers in remote areas, Foy explains, often end up destroying local creeks and other water sources, or using harmful pesticides to keep their plants healthy, which damages the surrounding environment.


Weed’s Chronic Energy Use Becomes a Concern

Researchers are discovering ways to grow marijuana more efficiently.

The legalization of marijuana in some U.S. states has energy providers worrying that a boom in indoor growing could put a chronic drain on electricity resources.

In Colorado, where recreational use was made legal in January, construction of marijuana grow houses is taking off. Utilities there and in Washington state, along with academic researchers, are exploring ways to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with this “indoor agriculture.” In grow houses, plants are nurtured under lights that mimic the intensity of the sun.

Legalization may ultimately mean that some growing moves outdoors. But grow houses protect crops from the elements, not to mention thieves.


Cannabis Growers Reduce Energy Consumption

HempTech, a division of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based FutureWorld, unveiled a facility and energy-management system to help reduce the electricity consumption and cost for cannabis growers. HempTech’s smart. NRG energy management system includes three components:


House Votes To Allow Banking Access For Marijuana Businesses

Signaling growing acceptance of cannabis legalization nationally, the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to allow banks to provide traditional banking services to marijuana businesses that are legal under state law.

Sponsored by Reps. Denny Heck (D-Wash.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), the amendment to the Financial Services appropriations bill prevents the Treasury Department from spending funds to penalize financial institutions that provide services to state-legal marijuana businesses. The amendment passed with bipartisan support, 231 to 192.


GW Pharma's cannabidiol Fast Track'd for NHIE

Cannabis extract treatment for severe childhood epilepsy to be fast-tracked in US

GW Pharmaceuticals' cannabis-extract treatment for severe childhood epilepsy is to be fast-tracked through the US drug approval system.

The Aim-listed company is currently testing its treatment, known as Epidiolex, on children with a rare but debilitating form of childhood epilepsy, known as Dravet Syndrome. Children with this condition do not respond to any existing epilepsy drugs.

US regulator the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants fast-track status to drugs thought to meet a previously unmet medical need. Drugs with this designation are given greater access to the regulator to help speed up the process of clinical testing, review and potential approval.


The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal

Opponents of marijuana-law reform insist that legalization is dangerous—but the biggest threat is to their own bottom line.


24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America

The only thing green about that bud is its chlorophyll.

You thought your pot came from environmentally conscious hippies? Think again. The way marijuana is grown in America, it turns out, is anything but sustainable and organic. Check out these mind-blowing stats, and while you're at it, read Josh Harkinson's feature story, "The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming."

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