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Medical Marijuana Patients In California Are Being Denied Organ Transplants, But That Could Soon Change

Justin Turley has suffered from cirrhosis, a degenerative liver disorder that keeps him in near-constant pain, for 13 years. Shortly after his diagnosis, frustrated by the side effects of pharmaceutical medications he said turned him into a "zombie," he started using medical marijuana to treat his symptoms.

"I was able to eat again; I could deal with the pain and not have to be completely removed from social situations," the San Diego resident told The Huffington Post. "It helped me alleviate my problems without all the complications."


Heliospectra AB hires DR. Sue Sisley as director of medicinal plant research

GÖTEBORG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2015—Heliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse cultivation and plant research, today announced that it has hired Dr. Sue Sisley as Director of Medicinal Plant Research.

As Director of Medicinal Plant Research at Heliospectra, Dr. Sisley provides the company with “in the field” knowledge and customer feedback. Working with growers to develop scalable medicinal plant growing methodologies, Dr. Sisley oversees data collection and reporting protocol with Heliospectra’s medicinal plant cultivators in the US, Canada and globally.


Pot bank decision appears headed to Fed board

The decision of whether a Colorado credit union created just for the marijuana industry can open its doors ultimately could come from the nation's top financial policymakers.

Although the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C., typically does not involve itself with local issues handled by the nation's 12 regional reserve banks, a bank solely for marijuana money appears to be a different matter.

Whether the state-chartered Fourth Corner Credit Union gains a critical master account to operate is a determination already removed from bureaucratic hands at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the regional banking home of several states, including Colorado, according to several people familiar with the process.


World’s First Hemp Plane To Take Off From Kitty Hawk

Canadian company Hempearth is producing the world’s first hemp plane. That’s right, an aircraft made almost entirely out of hemp. At least 75% of the plane – wings, seats, pillows, and outer shell – will be built from hemp. And, it’ll run completely on hemp-bio fuel. (Note: Henry Ford’s first Model-T car was built to run on hemp gasoline and partly constructed from hemp!) Hempearth says the plane is 2 to 3 times less expensive to fabricate than one made of fiberglass. And it’s more energy efficient to make.


Jamaica UTech partners with Ganja Labs USA

BALRAM Vaswani chairman and 'chief ganja officer' of Ganja Labs USA and the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) on Monday, February 16 signed a three-year agreement to develop high-quality ganja strains.

It forms the latest drive to formalise the medical ganja industry. The strains would grow under controlled indoor and outdoor conditions. But both parties offered no immediate plans to sell the drug as it still awaits clearance to grow it legally.


Cannabis growers unionize: Minnesota medical dispensary agrees to wage contract for July opening

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP/KTTC) -- Minnesota's nascent medical marijuana industry is now unionizing, according to a report from Minnesota Public Radio.

The United Food and Commercial Workers says it has organized one of the state's two medical cannabis production facilities.

The union represents a handful of employees at Minnesota Medical Solutions, in Otsego, the first facility expected to be up and running by July 1, the first day medical cannabis can be dispensed in Minnesota. Bernie Hesse, an organizer with UFCW Local 1189, says his union is also talking to LeafLine about organizing staff at its facility in Cottage Grove.


This infographic shows your life — in weeks

Tim Urban has created a wonderful series of infographics over at "Wait But Why."

The graphics illustrate "your life in weeks."

If you're an American male and you make it to the average life expectancy of just over 76 years, you'll live about 3,962 weeks.

If you're a American female, you'll probably live longer — about 81 and a quarter years, or 4,225 weeks.

Either way, it's startling to see all those weeks laid out in a single chart. And it's sobering to see how relatively few of them you probably have left.

Here, for example, is Urban's chart of the "life of the typical American."

Each row is a year. Each dot in each row is a week.


Team Member - Denver, CO, United States

Team Member - Denver, CO, United States - BarefootStudent.com

Team Member

Cannabis For Health LLC
Denver, CO, United States
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Medical Marijuana Dispensary looking for new team members as we move toward the recreational market. We have a small team with very interchangeable roles. The position would begin with administrative roles and would then transition into budtending. An ideal candidate is someone who can fit into our culture and help grow a company in a dynamic industry. Full and part-time availability.


Pro-marijuana group to allow home grown in updated proposal

On Friday, the pro-marijuana group ResponsibleOhio pitched their initial ballot language for an amendment that would allow the legalization of marijuana in the state of Ohio.


Scientology’s “Drug Prevention” Programs Infiltrate Hungarian Schools

According to a new report, published by the HCLU’s Drugreporter on Monday, organisations backed by the Church of Scientology are infiltrating Hungarian schools, in order to increase the Church’s social influence.



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