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Inside Britain’s biggest legal cannabis farm and why business is booming for CBD producers

A cannabis farm within greenhouse

The luscious green plants stretch as far as the eye can see. Row after row, lovingly tended in a glasshouse that’s roughly the same size as 34 football pitches.

Thought to be one of the UK’s largest glasshouses, the 45-acre glasshouse in Wissington, Norfolk, sits in an area known for the growing of crops, vegetables and fruit, from peas and beans to tomatoes and strawberries.

But this crop is slightly different. Once filled with tomato plants, the glasshouse owned by British Sugar is now home to hundreds of thousands of cannabis plants grown for the pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceutical.


Britain legalised medicinal cannabis - and then left it to stagnate

There's a bill going through the House of Lords which will decide how the country will regulate its medicines after January 2021. It's called the medicines and medical devices bill. Among other things, it will decide how a post-Brexit UK will maintain a high degree of patient access to the best medicines, guarantee patient safety and high manufacturing standards, and ensure British regulators do not stifle global investments into our life sciences industry.

The main sentiment underlying that debate is that Britain must retain its international reputation within the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.


Is it legal to smoke weed at home? UK cannabis laws explained

CANNABIS use is a hotly contested topic the world over - but what are the rules in the UK?

Here we explain the laws surrounding smoking weed, and if it is ok to do it in your own home...


The pungent, slightly floral smell of someone smoking cannabis is often hard to disguiseCredit: Alamy

Is it legal for people to smoke cannabis if it’s in their own home?

Simply, no.

Cannabis, marijuana or weed is classified as a Class B drug, putting it in the same category as ketamine and amphetamine.

Just because someone is using the drug within their own premises doesn’t make it legal.


NHS 'refuses' medical cannabis for children with epilepsy

The NHS has repeatedly refused to fund medical cannabis for children with severe epilepsy, families have said.

Three prescriptions are thought to have been written for "whole plant cannabis" oil since it was legalised two years ago, campaign group End Our Pain say.

But at least 20 families are paying for costly private prescriptions after being turned down by the NHS, it said.

The Department of Health and Social Care says more research is needed before it can be routinely prescribed.

Emma Appleby, from Aylesham in Kent, pays £2,000 a month for the medicine for her daughter Teagan, 11.


How can medical cannabis help the UK’s chronic pain problem?

In this article Dean Billington, Chief Operating Officer at Brains Bioceutical, discusses how medical cannabis can help the UK’s chronic pain problem.


UK Financial Conduct Authority Issues Guidance on Listings of Cannabis-Related Businesses

On 18 September 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the securities regulatory authority in the United Kingdom, released long-awaited guidance for cannabis companies considering a listing in the United Kingdom on a regulated market, such as the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. Whilst preliminary in nature and subject to further consultation, the guidance is welcome news for UK investors and suggests increasing openness by UK regulators to the medicinal cannabis sector.


The Plight of British Hemp Farmers

Around the world, hemp has a varying degree of allowance in how it’s grown or ingested.

The UK, however, is unique in how it handles hemp.

In this article we will explore the ironic and limited ways hemp can be sourced via the UK’s farming industry.

Specifically how this affects British hemp farmers, in what they can do to earn a living so we can show their plight. 


UK: Should Cannabis Oil Be Legal for Medical Use?

Cannabis has a long history of being one of the oldest medicines; the term 'medical cannabis' is a term used for obtaining the derivatives from the cannabis plant. The Sativa which is found in the plant contains many compounds which are used to treat and relieve severe and chronic symptoms. Cannabis has been used by human beings as early as 12,000 years go; It has been used for thousands of years for medical, spiritual and social purposes. Records also show that cannabis grains were once considered a crucial food source in ancient China, the seeds were eaten as a highly nutritious "A Chinese medical text (1578 AD) [Bencao Gangmu Materia Medica, by Li Shizhen] describes the use of marijuana to treat vomiting, parasitic infections, and haemorrhage.


UK regulatory landscape: import and export of medical cannabis

In this article, Eleri Williams, Associate at Hill Dickinson Life Sciences team, sets out an overview of the current legal and regulatory position on the import and export of medical cannabis to and from the UK.

While doctors are now allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis in certain circumstances, many patients, particularly those who seek prescriptions through the NHS, still face an uphill struggle in obtaining this medicine, which can effectively treat or alleviate the symptoms of some medical conditions.


Mothers rally for medical cannabis outside UK Health Authorities

A number of mothers, each with a severely epileptic child, are today holding a vigil outside the offices of the Department of Health & Social Care, the London headquarters of NHSE, the Scottish Parliament, and the Welsh Assembly.

The mothers are protesting as medical cannabis is the only medication that works for managing their children’s symptoms but they have been denied NHS prescriptions despite medical cannabis being legalised in November 2018.


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