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Warwick officer arrested for selling marijuana

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The GBI Southwestern Regional Drug Enforcement Office arrested a Warwick Police Officer for selling marijuana while on duty and in uniform.

Two counts of sale/distribution of marijuana, one count possession with intent to distribute marijuana, four counts possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, three counts violation of oath of office, and two counts use of a communication device during the commission of a felony.

The GBI SWRDEO received information that Mitchell was selling marijuana while on duty and in uniform as a police officer for the Warwick Police Department. During the investigation, agents began obtaining marijuana from Mitchell in Worth County and in Lee County.


Senior questioned after cannabis found hidden behind false wall

British police

Police probe into other drugs leads to the discovery of 15 kilograms of cannabis.

A false wall and a bunch of mess weren’t enough to prevent police in the U.K. from discovering 15 kilograms of cannabis hidden inside a West Derby home. Officers with the Hampshire Police found the illegal cannabis during a search of the home at about 4 p.m. on Jan. 4, according to the Merseyside Police. Hidden behind a false wall, they discovered 15 kilograms of cannabis.


Cops hunt for the owner of suspicious package containing cannabis-laced sweets

cannabis muffins

"Would be great to hear from you," the police service tweeted.

There was nothing sweet at all about cannabis-infused treats found hidden inside a hedge that could have proved dangerous if discovered by children.

A treasure trove of cannabis sweets was found in a suspicious package tucked away in the hedge on a residential street in Ivybridge by a citizen. The person then handed in the cannabis products to the Devon and Cornwall Police in the U.K.

The assortment of goodies prompted PS Watkins, a police constable with the police service, to post a cheeky tweet for the owner. “Have you lost your ‘sweets’?” asks the tweet this weekend. “Would be great to hear from you.”


Cannabis drug trial for brain tumours gets go-ahead

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A ‘world first’ trial assessing a cannabis-based drug to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer is to go ahead, a charity has announced.

Members of the public backed an appeal by the Brain Tumour Charity to raise £400,000 to fund the three-year trial.

Olympic champion Tom Daley also backed the campaign.

The gold medal-winning diver’s father Robert died aged 40 from a brain tumour in 2011.

The study, led by an expert at the University of Leeds, will look at whether adding Sativex – an oral spray containing cannabinoids – to chemotherapy could extend life for people diagnosed with a recurrent glioblastoma.

The trial will begin recruiting 230 patients at 15 hospitals across the UK early next year.


Dog rushed to vets after swallowing cannabis in park for second time

dog at vet

The dog found drugs in the same park on two different walks and needed medical help

A pet dog was rushed to the vets when she ate cannabis leaves dumped at a beauty spot - months after the "laid back" pooch swallowed cannabis on the same walk.

Vets told the owner of Bedlington Terrier Holly she must have eaten the illegal drugs on her daily walkies.

The one-year-old mutt fell ill hours after wolfing down cannabis leaves which had been dumped under a bush.

She threw up and worried owner David Williams recognised the half-digested leaves and rushed her to a local vet who gave her anti-drug injection.


Suspected drug dealer throws wads of weed out window right in front of police

UK police van

U.K. officers standing in street below have no problem spotting earthbound cannabis before collecting it.

Make it rain took on a whole new meaning when a U.K. man reportedly tossed a large amount of illegal cannabis from the window of his flat while patient police officers and bemused onlookers watched the clumsy evasion attempt from below.

According to Birmingham Mail, officers were closing in on the suspected dealer’s home when he apparently decided it was time to get rid of the evidence on Monday morning. Unfortunately, he was not discreet, and plenty of people witnessed the botched attempt.


South Armagh: Underground cannabis factory 'worth £36k' discovered

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Two men have been arrested following the discovery of an underground cannabis factory in south Armagh on Wednesday afternoon.

Suspected cannabis with an estimated street value of £36,000 and criminal assets believed to be valued at more than £20,000 were recovered during the search of a property in the Seafin Road area of Killeavy.

The men, aged 39 and 45, were arrested on suspicion of drug-related offences.

They have been released on police bail.

Police said their investigation into this "sophisticated operation" was ongoing.


Happy meal: McDonald's food delivery 'contained bags of cannabis'

scooter pulled over by police

The man was arrested for drug driving after testing positive for cannabis.

A takeaway delivery rider was caught carrying five bags of cannabis together with a McDonald's meal, police say.

The 18-year-old man from Reading was stopped by officers on Wednesday and arrested for drug driving.

In a post on Facebook the roads policing team said: "I'm fairly sure your burger and fries don't come with a free bag or two of cannabis edibles."

Though the drugs were kept in a Deliveroo bag the moped rider was not working for the company at the time.


European Recreational Cannabis Reform: Will Guernsey Go Next?

image of coastline

The Channel Island of Guernsey appears to be throwing its hat into the cannabis legalization ring as soon as next year.

For those watching the European cannabis discussion develop, one of the most interesting places to be right now is the island of Guernsey. Located between France and the UK, the island has been going gangbusters on the medical reform question for several years now.


Woman's tumor shrank after taking CBD oil daily for more than two years

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A case study of a U.K. woman whose lung tumor shrunk without the aid of conventional treatments while she was taking a daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD) oil has scientists suggesting it may be worth studying the use of CBD oil further.

The report, published in BMJ Case Reports in October, describes how the woman’s tumour shrunk from 41 mm to 10 mm in roughly two and a half years.

Cannabinoids are similar to endocannabinoids, which are manufactured by the human body to help in various processes, such as nerve function, energy metabolism, pain and inflammation and immune function, among others.


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