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UK Edging Closer To Legalisation Of Cannabis?

Cannabis use should be treated as a health issue and not a criminal act, leading doctors will hear.

Delegates at the British Medical Association's annual representative meeting in Harrogate are to debate whether cannabis should be legalised.

A motion has been tabled calling on the doctors' union to promote the legalisation of the drug.


Cannabis use should be treated as a health issue and not a criminal act, leading doctors will hear

Geoffrey Lewis, a retired consultant from Leicester, will present the motion saying: "Too often the focus on drug use and addiction is from a criminal justice rather than a public health point of view.


UK Company Raising $148M to Advance CBD Drug

June 20, 2014

British drug maker GW Pharmaceuticals plans to raise $148 million from U.S. investors to advance an epilepsy drug that uses cannabidiol (CBD).


Is this what would happen if cannabis was legal in Britain?

  • Peter Williams says he can make $1billion in three years growing the drug
  • Drug baron is trying to make his business into 'McDonald's of marijuana'
  • Since January 1, more than 200 dispensaries have been set up in Denver

By Tom Leonard

Published: 16:52 EST, 19 June 2014 | Updated: 03:13 EST, 20 June 2014


Peter Williams waves a hand regally over a sea of dazzling green that seems to stretch off into infinity. These are the marijuana plants — room after brightly lit room of them — that have suddenly made him a very rich man.


Activists Are Planting Weed in Public All Over the UK | VICE | United Kingdom

Cannabis growing in Newport, South Wales (Photo via)


GW Pharma's cannabidiol Fast Track'd for NHIE

Cannabis extract treatment for severe childhood epilepsy to be fast-tracked in US

GW Pharmaceuticals' cannabis-extract treatment for severe childhood epilepsy is to be fast-tracked through the US drug approval system.

The Aim-listed company is currently testing its treatment, known as Epidiolex, on children with a rare but debilitating form of childhood epilepsy, known as Dravet Syndrome. Children with this condition do not respond to any existing epilepsy drugs.

US regulator the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants fast-track status to drugs thought to meet a previously unmet medical need. Drugs with this designation are given greater access to the regulator to help speed up the process of clinical testing, review and potential approval.


Fifi Geldof's Hubby begs: Let's legalise drugs in UK

Bob Geldof, Peaches, Andrew Robertson, Fifi Geldof, Marriage, Drugs, Overdose, Detah, Inquest, Police, Mother, Cannabis, Legalise, Heroin, LEGALISATION: Grieving future son-in-law Andrew Robertson has called for drugs to be legalised in the UK [PH / GETTY]

Andrew Robertson, who is dating Sir Bob’s eldest girl Fifi, 31, made the plea as he unveiled plans for a madcap political party.


Council investigating cannabis in Wales floral displays

A local authority in Wales is trying to find out who put cannabis plants in public floral displays.

The large plant pots had been put out in Newport to brighten up the city, but officials were shocked to discover 20 of the illegal plants hidden in amongst the flowers.

By the time police had been informed, however, the plants had been harvested.

The council said it will be looking at CCTV of the areas to try and identify the culprits.

“It’s a serious issue and we will be informing the police and checking our CCTV cameras,” said a spokesperson.

Gwent Police said the fact that the plants had now gone was problematic.


Five People In UK Can Smoke Weed Legally - The High Community (THC)

See that isolated cove down there? There is every chance a medical patient is looking out to sea and smoking a joint on that beach, completely legally.

Yes there are up to five unidentified individuals roaming the island of Guernsey right now, who were given a specific license by Health and Social Services (HSSD) which grants them access to the class B drug cannabis.


UK wants no role in Caribbean ganja debate - News

UK wants no role in Caribbean ganja debate

Monday, April 21, 2014    


UK buying more legal and illegal drugs online, survey finds

More drug users are buying their drugs online – including so-called legal highs as well as illegal drugs such as cannabis and MDMA – because they say the quality is better, there is more choice and it is more convenient, research has found.

The 2014 Global Drug Survey (GDS) – which questioned almost 80,000 drug users from 43 countries, and is the largest research of its kind – indicates that although the majority of drug users still use dealers, a growing number are following 21st-century shopping habits by going online.


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