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East Africa could become a major cannabis export hub

The East African Community could become a mass producer of medical cannabis for export to fast-growing markets in the West.

This is after Rwanda on October 12 became the latest EAC partner state to approve medical cannabis production for export, following closely in the footsteps of Uganda.

Tanzania and Kenya, which produce the largest amounts of cannabis in the region, are yet to legalise the commodity and so it is exported illegally.

Rwanda government officials said the decision to legalise the export of medical marijuana was based on the revenue potential for the country. 


Israel: How Do You Export Cannabis in the Time of Coronavirus?

It’s tough to be stuck in the house, especially if you want to save the world. Or at least your company. Some Israelis are finding ways to do business that would under non-coronaviral conditions require them to fly.


Uganda: Government Sets Strict Rules for Marijuana Growing

Individuals and companies seeking to grow or export marijuana for medical purposes will be required to present minimum capital of $5m (Shs18.3b) and a bank guarantee of Shs4b.

Investors will also be required to present a tax clearance certificate from the Uganda Revenue Authority, lists of employees and their job descriptions, a valid trading licence, evidence of value addition to cannabis and audited accounts.

The marijuana farms/sites must not be located near schools, hospitals and residential areas and in case of any associates/business partners, the details must be disclosed to government, including site designs, a robust security system with access control systems and intrusion systems in place.


Uganda: EU approves Uganda's bid to export marijuana

A team from the European Union has approved Uganda's medical marijuana products, paving the way for local cannabis growers to tap into the global legal marijuana market.

Sources told Daily Monitor that a team of medical cannabis inspectors from the Netherlands inspected marijuana gardens in Hima, Kasese District between July 29 and August 4. They met in Kampala before they issued a certificate of compliance to Industrial Globus Uganda Ltd covering (August 6, 2019 - August 5, 2020.)

Mr Benjamin Cadet, a company director, at the weekend confirmed EU approval and explained that Industrial Globus Uganda Ltd is a trading company for a joint venture between Industrial Hemp Uganda and Together Pharma of Israel.


Uganda poised to become Africa’s next cannabis powerhouse

Uganda, fertile and sun-drenched, is harboring dreams of becoming the next cannabis hotshot of the African continent. Foreign capital has been flowing in to launch the new industry. So, much hangs in the balance as the country’s cabinet weighs changes to the criminal code allowing cultivation to proceed.

There appears to be a tension between the lure of a lucrative new agro-export sector and a conservative political culture in a traditionally authoritarian country.


Emerging markets - African countries exporting marijuana

African governments are considering ways of tapping into the lucrative marijuana market. According to a UN survey, more than 10 000 tons of cannabis are produced on the continent each year, which could be worth billions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal cannabis.

Although African governments have not yet followed the trend of marijuana legalisation seen in Europe and the Americas, legitimate marijuana production for medicinal and industrial use is taking off. For instance, Lesotho is the continent's first country to offer legal licences to grow marijuana, signalling a shift towards more liberal policies.


Uganda to export medical marijuana

Uganda has secured contracts to export medical marijuana products to Canada and Germany worth more than R2 billion in June. South Africa is also one of the markets for unrefined cannabis buds/flower.

Since December 2017, Kampala has exported the product to South Africa’s National Analytical Forensic Services in Pretoria. An order to Uganda’s Industrial Hemp (U) Ltd, a private company, was valued at $10,000, the Daily Monitor reported on Tuesday.

The marijuana exports from a farm in Kasese District include Cannabinol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with a mixture of 2.7mg THC and 2.5mg CBD for Sativex drugs approved in the USA, Europe and Canada.


UIA cleared Israeli firm to start Marijuana farm in Uganda

Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) cleared Together Pharma, an Israeli firm to start growing medical cannabis in Uganda. Lawrence Byensi, the acting UIA Executive Director signed the license on March 18, 2019.

On Tuesday, Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng told this publication that she had never granted Together Pharma permission to start a marijuana farm in Uganda. “I have never given such permission. Cabinet sat and said we need to do more research on this issue. The law allows only the minister of Health to approve and then other processes can go on. I have not done that,” Aceng said in an interview.


What is an Israeli cannabis company doing in Uganda? The answer Is hazy

The company, the biggest cannabis firm on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, has said it is setting up a medical marijuana farm there, but Ugandan officials say that’s illegal. What is Israeli cannabis company Together Pharma really doing in Uganda? The answer regarding this company, which has drawn significant public interest, isn’t entirely clear.


Kenya: Two arrested in possesion of bhang worth Sh4.9 million

Two men were arrested on Thursday after the container truck they were in was found with bhang worth Sh4.9 million.

The lorry that was being driven to the country from Uganda was parked outside the KRA customs office.

It was impounded at the Kenya Uganda border at Malaba carrying bhang worth Sh4.9 million.

OCPD Malaba Police station Onesmus Kombe said the arrested the suspects after a tip off by the customs officers.

“Officers at the KRA office tipped us and we promptly opened the lorry only to find 10 sacks stuffed with bhang in the lorry,” he said.


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