Thai Lawmakers reportedly pushing for medical marijuana research

In Thailand, there is a long cultural tradition of using cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Like many of its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, however, Thailand has historically imposed harsh anti-drug laws that strongly penalize cannabis cultivation and use. But late last year, the nation of nearly 70 million people became the first in the region to legalize medical cannabis.


Thailand’s unlikely embrace of cannabis

The forecast for the legal cannabis market in Asia is rosy—it’s expected to swell to $8.5 billion by 2024 from practically nothing today. One of the main questions surrounding this potential market is which country will establish an early lead as a supplier. Surprisingly, Thailand has a good shot.

Although laws on its books can penalize possession of marijuana with up to 15 years in prison and a huge fine, the country was also one of the first in Asia to legalize medical marijuana. Thailand is looking to become the region’s cannabis capital with its potent strains. Yet to claim that title, it must move fast to pass legislation making pot legal for recreational use. Neighboring countries are following suit in legalizing medical marijuana and could cut in on the market.


Thailand’s first batch of medical marijuana is ready for roll-out

Thailand made history in 2018 by becoming the first country in Asia to legalize medical marijuana. The first phase of the roll-out is about to begin, with 15,000 doses of medical-cannabis oil ready for distribution throughout the country by the end of the month.

This first batch is intended for people who are sure to require it for medical benefits, according to the Minister of Public Health, Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn. The second phase will have the medicine obtainable at every hospital starting in April 2020.


Cannabis Walk Thailand 2019 says progress made but challenges ahead

Although Thailand is still lagging behind other countries in developing cannabis-based medication, Thai medical researchers hope frozen knowledge could be renewed and extended to serve patients’ needs, especially in the field of traditional medicine.

The latest progress on medical cannabis was shared with participants in a recent seminar organised as part of the 21-day “Cannabis Walk Thailand”, which wraps up this weekend. 

The Walk, led by Decha Siriphat – a long-time advocate of sustainable agriculture and traditional medicine – is aimed at raising awareness about cannabis-based treatment and knowledge which has long been absent from people’s perception.


Asia emerging as new frontier for Canadian cannabis players

As cannabis companies eye expansion in European and South American markets, Asia is poised to be a new frontier for some major Canadian pot players.

Despite being the world’s most populous continent, it is estimated that Asia’s cannabis usage is about two per cent, or 85.5 million people, according to London-based cannabis data provider Prohibition Partners. However, several Asian countries are on the cusp of embracing medical cannabis and the continent could see its marijuana market grow to as much as US$5.8 billion by 2024, Prohibition Partners said in a recent report.


20-day pro-cannabis march embarks across Thailand

Around 1,000 people from 11 civic groups set off on a 270-kilometer march in Northern Thailand to raise funds for cannabis research last Tuesday.  

The 20-day “Cannabis Walk Thailand” began in Northern Thailand at the Wachiraphotiyarn Monastery and is planned to end at Wat Bang Pla Mor in Muang district of Suphan Buri on June 9.

The march is being led by Mr. Decha Siripat, president of the Khao Kwan Foundation, an organization that gained country-wide recognition for being charged by the Narcotics Control Board for giving out free marijuana oil to cancer patients.


Thailand: Letting companies grow hemp commercially will create a monopoly

The government's plan to let privately owned companies grow hemp commercially has progressed smoothly for the past two years as part of a three-year trial.

However, BioThai Foundation has said that giving specific companies the right to plant hemp was unfair, adding that farmers should be allowed to grow this cash crop as well. 

Niyom Termsrisuk, secretary-general of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board, announced yesterday that the progress of the hemp-plantation initiative in six northern provinces had shown no problems, so far. 

It added that hemp is good for producing omega-acid rich oil, while hemp fibre can be used for making textiles. 


Thousands of patients apply for amnesty under Thailand's new medical marijuana Laws

Two months after the government of Thailand announced plans to legalize medical marijuana, writes Calvin Hughes, the country's top lawmakers have unveiled a new process to allow patients currently using cannabis to apply for protection from possession and consumption charges until the new law takes ef


Asia's medicinal cannabis market could be worth over $US5.8 billion by 2024, report says

The Asian medical cannabis market could be worth an estimated US$5.8 billion by 2024, Prohibition Partners, a market intelligence and strategic consultancy firm, has found in its latest report. According to analysis, which was released this Thursday, if legislation is introduced in a number of the continent’s major markets, this estimate could quadruple by 2027.


Thailand unveils their first high-end medical marijuana grow facility

Thailand, Southeast Asia’s first-ever country to legalize medical marijuana, unveiled its first cannabis cultivation facility last February.


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