Could Thailand, Which Gave World the Bong, Legalise Cannabis for Medicinal Use? After Failed War on Drugs, Attitudes Have Softened

Thaksin Shinawatra considered legalising marijuana, and recently a justice minister aired same idea, amid mounting evidence of its medicinal benefits. If it happened, it could be a game changer for drug policy in Southeast Asia.

It’s early spring, and the splendour peach and guava blossoms bestow on the plantations and orchards in this part of northern Thailand is still a few weeks away. But some would see beauty already, in a huddle of chest-high plants draped with thin, white garden cloth for protection.

For here – in the middle of a field in a valley outside the city of Chiang Mai – grow the first cannabis plants cultivated openly in the country for many years.


Thailand Justice Minister to remove krathom and marijuana from narcotic drugs list

Thailand's Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya aims strongly to remove krathom* and marijuana from the narcotic drugs list sand trat them as medicinal herbs as he sees the government has failed to curb them.

According to the local media, Bangkok Post, Mr Paiboon said that the strict law against consuming krathom and marijuana has been proven to be unsuccessful, and therefore, thinks that it is time to rewrite the law and make them as herbs.

Mr Paiboon reiterated his stance on Friday (18 November) during a meeting, which was called because crackdowns in Thailand are believed to have forced people to buy the plants from Malaysia. He held the meeting with officials and civic groups from 14 southern provinces in Songkhla.


Thai School Kids Help Burn $3.5 Million Worth of Marijuana to Learn About Drugs

Some Thai elementary school students got a taste of “high” school when one lesson had them burning marijuana.

The provincial government of Bueng Karn in Thailand invited several elementary kids to participate in the ceremonial burning of police-confiscated marijuana. The event was reportedly an effort to teach Thai school children about the effects of drugs.



Poll: Should Thailand Legalize Marijuana? Yes, Most Say

AN ONLINE poll seeking public opinion on whether the Thai government should legalize the use of marijuana has so far resulted in nearly 80 percent of respondents saying “yes”.

Even more interesting is that those who agreed with the proposal said the authorities should allow marijuana to be used for both medical and recreational purposes.

In the still-ongoing survey posted on Saturday by Thai Visa, respondents were asked to select one of three answers to the question: Should marijuana be legalized in Thailand?

As of 9am Monday, of the 230 who voted, only 14 respondents or 6.54 percent said they felt it was not a good idea.


Thailand Flirts with Marijuana Decriminalization

When various forms of cannabis decriminalization and legalization take hold in major nations like Canada and the United States, smaller countries become less fearful about stepping out from behind the cannabis reform shadows.

Now, reports out of Thailand show various government organizations looking into decriminalizing cannabis.


Can You Really Tell the Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

As a rookie smoker years ago I probably couldn’t tell what type of strain I was smoking based on its smoke, appearance, or smell but with time I was able to determine the effects of the strains I obtained. The differences in strain appearance were always vivid with almost all strains showing plenty of sticky resin but the smell would always differ. It wasn’t until about a few years down into smoking medical marijuana I was able to tell the difference between sativa and indica strains. Also, with the introduction of “hybrid strains” the possibilities of effects are almost endless.


Is Drug Decriminalisation on the Cards for Thailand?

Thailand’s Minister of Justice, General Paiboon Koomchaya, recently ignited a heated debate when he proposed re-scheduling methamphetamine as a ‘medicine’ rather than a ‘narcotic’ drug. But given that one of the Minister’s objectives is to avoid punishing people who use drugs, in particular ensuring they do not end up in prison,’ the proposal to reschedule is essentially a ‘red herring’.


An Exclusive Interview With the Dutch Coffee Shop Owner Sentenced to 103 Years in a Thai Prison

It's a sunny day in Bangkok. The wet season has finally made way to the dry and warm Thai winter. The city is calm, awaiting the herds of tourists who will arrive in December. It's even quiet at the normally buzzing Erawan shrine, in the centre of the city. This was the place where a bomb went off last August, killing more than twenty people. Since the attack, the shrine has become even more popular with tourists.


US Cannabis Entrepreneurs Risk Jail Time in Thailand

AMSTERDAM, November 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

- Convicted Dutchman files appeal against 103 years imprisonment  

American cannabis entrepreneurs risk ending up in a Thai prison cell, Dutch lawyer Sidney Smeets of convicted DutchmanJohan van Laarhoven warns. A Thai court sentenced the former coffee shop owner to 103 years imprisonment last week. Hewill appeal the verdict. 


Dutchman Johan van Laarhoven Get’s 103 Year Sentence from Thai Court

BANGKOK – Johan van Laarhoven a Dutch national who founded cannabis cafes in Brabant has been jailed for 103 years by a court in Bangkok for money laundering.
Johan van Laarhoven, 55, will have to spend 20 years in jail because the 43 sentences can be served concurrently, the court found him guilty of laundering millions of euros in cash earned via his four cafes in Den Bosch and Tilburg.


Johan van Laarhoven being arrested in Pattaya in 2014


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