Medical marijuana to be grown in Austin by Surterra Texas

Even as the Texas Legislature debates a robust medical marijuana bill, the state's first foray into using weed as a health care treatment is moving closer to liftoff with three companies leading the way — one of which has already disclosed plans for a North Austin grow site and processing facility.

It will be the first private — and legal — weed-growing enterprise in a state known for being bullishly stand-offish about the plant.


Houston's New District Attorney Stands by Her Bold Move to Decriminalize Marijuana

The ambitious Democrat has put herself at odds with the US attorney general’s call for harsher drug policies – and it’s just the start of her plans.

In February, the newly-appointed US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, indicated he backed a hardline stance against marijuana. 

Also that month, the top prosecutor in the country’s third-most populous county announced that possession of small amounts of the drug would be decriminalised in the Houston, Texas, area.


No, marijuana hasn't been legalized in Texas

An article that was circulated online Thursday had many people believing marijuana had been legalized in Texas, but that was just a pipe dream.

Many people wrote and called KPRC 2 asking about the article, which stated that the Lone Star State had legalized cannabis. The article appeared to have originated from a website aimed at pranking friends with fake news stories.

Recreational marijuana is still illegal for Texans, and there is only one lawful use for medical marijuana in the state -- treating patients suffering from intractable epilepsy.


10 best 4/20 sites: Where marijuana history was made

While it’s not yet on calendars, April 20 has become the unofficial holiday of marijuana, particularly in the growing number of states where pot has been decriminalized for recreational use. “It has become hugely celebrated,” says Brett Konen, an editor with Seattle-based Leafly.com, which calls itself the world’s largest cannabis information source. The Trump administration has indicated it may crack down on marijuana, but the industry continues to grow for now. Konen shares cannabis culture hotspots with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.



States Push Marijuana Legalization Bills Despite Opposition from the Federal Government

Lawmakers in about two dozen states have proposed bills this year to ease their marijuana laws despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions' warning that he could crack down on pot, a major change from the Obama administration, which essentially turned a blind eye to the state legislation.

Bills have been introduced in 17 states this year to make recreational pot legal for adults, while five others are considering voter referendums on the issue. Sixteen states have introduced medical marijuana legislation, 10 are considering decriminalizing the drug and three are considering easing their penalties. An effort in Wyoming to decriminalize the drug failed this session.


Texas lawmakers weighing flurry of marijuana-related bills

Marijuana has become easy to find at the Texas Capitol — at least in terms of references to the drug.

More than a dozen bills are pending in the Texas Legislature this session, aimed at lifting prohibitions on Texans who want to use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.

But it remains to be seen if the legislative effort will result in increased availability of medical cannabis in Texas or decriminalization of all pot for low-volume possession – or if it helps establish a legal, potentially billion-dollar-plus cultivation and processing industry in the state.

Broad legalization for medical purposes, let alone adult recreational use, must overcome opposition from some conservative Texas legislators, as well as from Gov. Greg Abbott.


Low-Level Marijuana Possession Penalties Could Be Reduced With New Bill

State lawmakers will hear public testimony Monday on House Bill 81, which would reduce penalties for low-level marijuana possession.

“House Bill 81 would eliminate the arrest, the jail time, and most importantly, the criminal record currently associated with small amounts of marijuana,” explained Heather Fazio, the Texas political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “The bill will recalibrate penalties for low-level possession, making it a simple ticket, rather than jail time and a criminal record.”


A bill to decriminalize marijuana is getting a hearing in the Texas house

Texas Pot smokers may be one step closer to celebrating in the streets.

A bill seeking to decriminalize the use and possession of small quantities of marijuana has been scheduled for a hearing at the Texas State Capitol. 

House Bill 81, which aims to categorize low-level marijuana possession as a misdemeanor, will be will be argued in front of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on March 13th.


Texan Pot Smokers Rejoice: Small Amounts of Marijuana Now Can Lead to Class, Not Jail

It's a new day for small-time pot smokers in Harris County.

A new policy that went into effect at midnight Tuesday will allow people caught with up to four ounces of marijuana  to avoid arrest or jail time by taking a four-hour drug-education class.

The policy, announced recently by District Attorney Kim Ogg, is expected to save the area more than $25 million in costs for the jail, courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, lab testing and officers' time.


Company May Soon Legally Dispense Cannabis Oil In Texas Town

The first step toward legally growing marijuana in the state of Texas could come Thursday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is scheduled to begin accepting applications for licenses to dispense low-THC cannabis under the state’s Compassionate Use Act.

The town of Gunter, Texas, fifty miles north of Dallas, may be among the first locations approved. A company called Aquiflow, has purchased the town’s old cotton gin with plans to start production.

“If it’s legal, I’m all for it,” said Mayor Pro Tem Larry Peters.


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