High prescription? DRUGS IN MEDICINE

From so-called drugs, there is usually only negative to report. The thoroughly existing medical potential of psychoactive substances is therefore often not perceived or further explored. Apart from cannabis currently but also substances such as LSD and Ketamine again get  more attention in medical research. How narrow is the line between drug and drug? Which medical potentials are currently being explored? And what are the risks?

Cannabis on prescription?


Marijuana, the turning point in Switzerland: "Yes to the pilot project for Cannabis social clubs"

The country, always a pioneer in the field of drug policies, says stop the prohibition and send a delegation to Uruguay to study a plan of legalization. "It can be done by us," say experts. So in Geneva, in 2015, they will start testing.


The rise of cannabis farms in Switzerland

Indoor cannabis cultivation is on the rise in Switzerland. Many are professionally-run operations. (SRF/swissinfo.ch)

Cannabis is the most commonly consumed illegal drug in Switzerland. In a 2013 report by UNICEF on the welfare of children, Switzerland ranked as having the second highest rate of cannabis consumption. Almost 25% of all children aged 11, 13 and 15 reported having used cannabis.

Since October 2013 use of the drug has effectively been decriminalised. Anyone caught with under 10 grams of cannabis faces a token fine of CHF100.


Gangs at war over Swiss cannabis plantations

The public prosecutor of St Gallen ordered the detention in custody of two suspects on Wednesday following a shooting at an industrial building in Altstätten earlier this week which led to the discovery of a large cannabis plantation.


Police found and dismantled the plantation after a shootout on Sunday night in which two Swiss men allegedly shot and injured two others, one of which remains in a critical condition.

The plantation, which contained several thousand cannabis plants, was believed to be a professional operation, reports news agency ATS, one of an increasing number in Switzerland.

Last year St Gallen police uncovered some 70 plantations in the canton, against just 17 in 2013.



Switzerland has always been a country which runs on its own accord. Even in the midst of the hype to join the European Union almost two decades ago, the Swiss opted out, proud and confident in making their own way. They’ve continued to do so in many ways, including pioneering drug policies such as the first national drug addiction shelters. Now,they are set to take on one of the new cannabis frontiers, that of the “social club.”


Cannabis legalisation returns to Swiss agenda

Switzerland has always played a pioneering role in drug policy. In 1986, it was the first to open shelters for addicts and in 1994 it medically prescribed heroin. Today, its cities are looking at introducing cannabis social clubs – a controversial issue.

Former interior minister Ruth Dreifuss, nicknamed “dealer of the nation” for introducing ground-breaking drug policies, is one of the figureheads of the country’s legalisation campaign. One of her suggestions is to set up cannabis clubs, a concept her native Geneva is spearheading in Switzerland. Larger cities like Geneva, Bern, Basel and Zurich have created an expert working group to map out the details for a potential pilot project.


Switzerland: The pilot project of "cannabis club" starts

Bern City Council adopted the creation of a working group to prepare a draft regulating consumption of cannabis in the federal city.

In Bern, it may soon be possible to smoke pot legally in places baptized "cannabis clubs". From Spain, this concept attracted many cities in Switzerland. In the image of the capital, Zurich, Basel, Geneva or Winterthur (ZH) want to test it. Thursday, Bern has taken a step in this direction, with the announcement of the creation of a working group to develop a pilot project.


Switzerland changes law to decriminalise marijuana possession

A change to the law in Switzerland has decriminalised marijuana, making possession of the drug a minor misdemeanour that will not go on a person’s criminal record.


Bank secrecy targeted in money laundering case - SWI swissinfo.ch

Geneva - not just a city of tourist attractions. (Reuters)

Geneva - not just a city of tourist attractions.


At the heart of the scandal on the Swiss side are two bankers, while in France most attention has been focussed on a Green Party politician, Florence Lamblin, deputy mayor of one of the arrondissements - or districts - of Paris.


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