Dutch Yacht Seized With 10 Tons of Cannabis On Board Off Spanish Coast

A Dutch yacht was so overloaded with 10 tons of cannabis, it was in danger of sinking off the southern Spanish coast.

Spain’s finance ministry reported Monday that Spanish customs officials seized around 10 ton of cannabis from the unwieldy yacht in international waters off the Cabo de Gata coast some 92 kilometers (57 miles) southwest of the city of Almeria.


According to the Spanish language newspaper El Pais, three Dutch suspects, two men and one woman, were arrested from the yacht, which was flying a Dutch flag and severely in danger of sinking due to its heavy cannabis cargo.


Police woozy after marijuana seized

The Spanish police denounce the accumulation of large amounts of marijuana on their premises after seizures.

The smell of marijuana is so strong that we feel "like we smoked something illegal," complain Spanish police officers. They denounce the accumulation of large amounts of this plant on their premises after seizures.

"This is the case in all police stations in Catalonia, at this time of the year," said Josep Miquel Milagros, the spokesman of a police union of Catalonia, Thursday. The problem particularly affects rural areas where police stations are more cramped.


Yacht carrying 10 tons of cannabis almost sunk off coast of Spain

Spanish customs officers have seized some 10 tons of cannabis from a yacht off the country's southern coast

Spanish customs officers have seized some 10 tons of cannabis from a yacht off the country's southern coast and arrested three Dutch suspects on board, the finance ministry said on Monday.

Spanish customs officers have seized some 10 tonnes of cannabis from a yacht off the country's southern coast

The drugs lined up on the harbour next to the yacht


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Spainish police bust marijuana plantation set up by inmate on prison leave

MADRID – Spanish authorities say an inmate has set up what police say is the country’s largest outdoor illegal marijuana plantation.

The 47-year-old Spaniard set up the operation within a 7.4 acre olive grove purchased while on prison leave, Interior Ministry spokesman Federico Pozuelo says.

The prisoner relied on a 59-year-old Lithuanain assistant to tend 75,000 cannabis plants weighing five metric tons. The drugs are valued at 5 million euros ($7.4 million CAD).

Police say the farm, situated in central Albacete, was surrounded by a protective perimeter wall of dung and garbage that masked the plants’ telltale aroma.


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Hunting Moroccan hashish in the Strait of Gibraltar

In the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain) (AFP) - As the powerful motors of their speedboat roared, Spanish police used a thermal imaging camera to scan the sea in the Strait of Gibraltar for traffickers smuggling hashish from Morocco.


It's just after midnight and the cameras and radars that monitor the coast detect a dodgy-looking boat.

The control centre informs police in Algeciras, a port city in southern Spain just 90 minutes by ferry from Morocco, and three officers immediately jump into the boat to investigate.

"They are likely looking for a place to unload their merchandise," said one of them, Jesus, who declined to give his last name.


Exploring the Cannabis Clubs of Southern Spain, Europe's New Weed Destination

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Study shows marijuana 114 times safer than drinking alcohol

We have been led to believe that marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug that destroys lives and is a far greater risk than other recreational drugs such as alcohol. Governments have tried diligently to to convince the public that people who use pot are more at risk to themselves and the public than those who use alcohol. As the debate over marijuana legalization continues, a new study now shows that smoking the controversial plant is about 114 times safer than drinking alcohol.


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