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'I'm tired of seeing people suffering': South Carolina medical marijuana bill gains ground


On opening day of the state Legislature’s 2017 session, a bipartisan group of legislators touted the latest proposal legalizing South Carolina medical marijuana, indicating support for the previously rejected idea is growing in the GOP-controlled Legislature.

Supporters said it’s time for politicians to allow people who are seriously ill or suffering from chronic pain to benefit from a plant that is a far better option than additive prescription opioids.

“I’m tired of seeing people suffering,” said Rep. Eric Bedingfield, R-Belton, whose 26-year-old son died last Easter after a years-long battle with opioid addiction that began with a high school soccer injury.


Medical Marijuana Bill Unveiled in South Carolina Legislature

A bill expanding the use of medical marijuana has just been introduced in South Carolina, and on Tuesday supporters talked about why they are behind what's being called the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act.

In 2014, South Carolina lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill allowing cannabis oil for medical use, but lawmakers didn't realize interstate commerce laws wouldn't let people bring it into the state.  Use was very limited, and many turned to black market suppliers to find the product.  

Leslie Jurado, of Rock Hill, has found the 2014 law frustrating, to say the least. Her daughter, Isabel, 14, suffers from a rare genetic condition, called Sanfilippo syndrome, which strikes one in 70,000  people.  


South Carolina Lawmaker Introduces Medical Marijuana Bill

Even though South Carolina is one of those toe-in-the-water states that only allows certain patients access to non-intoxicating forms of cannabis oil, one state lawmaker plans to change that in the 2017 session by introducing a proposal aimed at establishing a more comprehensive medical marijuana program.

Senator Tom Davis, who is considered one of the state’s leading forces in the push for pot reform, has introduced a bill called the Compassionate Care Act, which would allow patients with a variety of health conditions to purchase cannabis from state licensed dispensaries as long as they have a doctor’s approval.


South Carolina Medical Marijuana Backers Making Big Moves


Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana in South Carolina are making big moves ahead of next year’s session of the state legislature – hoping to capitalize on growing popular(and electoral) support for the issue.

“This could be the year,” said S.C. Senator Tom Davis, who has been leading this fight in the S.C. General Assembly for several years against intense institutional opposition.

Now Davis will have some institutional support.

Sources close to the medical marijuana movement tell FITS they have hired perhaps the hottest hand in state politics – veteran strategist Ed McMullen.


Medical Marijuana Legalization: More Taxpayer Benefit

Add Medicare Savings to the List …

This website has been unflinching over the years in its support of legalizing marijuana – both medically and recreationally (here in South Carolina and beyond).

Our main argument?  Legalizing marijuana (and other drugs) is a liberty issue.  As long as you aren’t imposing on the liberties of others, government has no businesses telling you what you can or cannot do in the privacy of your own home.

Let alone busting down the door and shooting you …


South Carolina Legislators, Congress Should Back Medical Marijuana

Since she was 9 months old, my daughter, Mary Louise, has suffered from seizures — sometimes up to 200 an hour. Watching my daughter, now 8, suffer has led me — as a parent — to seek any treatment possible.

We have tried multiple medications, special diets, and seen specialists around the country. All of these treatments had been largely unsuccessful; however, upon learning of cannabis oil, and the success that other epileptic patients have experienced, we were filled with a new hope.

In 2014, we helped support a bill that ultimately was passed by the South Carolina General Assembly which allowed patients with severe epilepsy to access CBD oil for treatment.


East Coast to Celebrate Marijuana by Passing a Joint through 13 States

From Maine to Miami, supporters of the cannabis movement are going to pass a torch symbolically shaped as a joint to garner support and show a united front in the fight to legalize marijuana.

It’s organized by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC) and the so-called Unity Cypher begins its journey in Portland, Maine on April 14th, making  stops in NH, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, ME, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL. Along the way, organizers promise an appearance (and great photo op) at the United National General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York City on April 19 and the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. on April 23.


Robert Reich: “Baloney” that Hillary Clinton is Nominee After Super Tuesday

Robert Reich Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary made political waves by endorsing Bernie Sanders last week, despite deep ties with the Clinton family, which even includes a date with the future Democratic front-runner during college.


Rubio doesn’t believe there are any legitimate uses for marijuana

residential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R- FL) came out strongly against the legalization of recreational marijuana at a campaign rally in South Carolina Thursday, and expressed skepticism about the medical usefulness of the plant when asked what he would do about drug use in the United States.

“And I say, well, because this country already pays a terrible price for the abuse of alcohol,” Mr. Rubio said at a campaign event in South Carolina. “We’re not going to outlaw alcohol. We’re not going to ban it. It’s part of our culture. It’s ingrained in our society — that’s not a realistic proposal.


Campaigning for cannabis

Richmond County’s leading advocate for medical cannabis is taking his fight to the campaign trail.

Perry Parks — along with his cousin, Darrell Davis, who is a disabled veteran —plans to attend the Donald Trump rally in Florence, South Carolina tonight, in uniform, to ask the candidate what he plans to do to make cannabis available to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I want to see if he is aware of the disparity in treatment for the veterans,” Parks said Thursday evening. “Half the soldiers can be treated with cannabis, the other half can be arrested for it.”


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