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Worldwide cannabis sales to grow 853% by 2024, new report estimates

It's no secret that cannabis is considered one of the hottest investment trends of this generation on Wall Street. Although selling a processed plant isn't exactly what you might call innovative, the black market for global weed sales generates tens of billions of dollars each year. This means there are clear-cut reasons to believe that these illicit sales can be moved to legal channels in the years to come.


Policies, fertile land and climate signal potential for Latin American hemp

While hemp is not a panacea for endemic poverty in Latin America & The Caribbean, the region’s climate, land mass and generally liberal policies toward cannabis signal vast potential for a thriving sector.

“The hemp industry is in line with sustainable business principles, providing economic, social and environmental benefits,” said Barbara Galletti, CEO of Pronatura Ltda., and co-creator of Nutranabis, the first Chilean brand dedicated to the re-introduction and commercialization of organic hemp products in Chile.

“These principles are essential not only to reduce poverty levels but also to promote social justice and a healthier planet,” Galletti said. “The hemp industry fits perfectly in this new business model.”


Why the future marijuana superpower could come from this region

When PharmaCielo, now a publicly traded company, formed in 2014 to cultivate medical cannabis in Colombia, some growers needed convincing. Some came from families that farmed chrysanthemums for generations. Cannabis was largely illegal and stigmatized. Scars from the nation's decadeslong drug war were fresh. A peace deal between the government and leftist FARC rebels was two years away. North America's marijuana stocks boom had not begun.


The African origins of cannabis culture and how it got to the U.S.

Did you know that the roots of today's cannabis culture can be traced back to the African continent from hundreds of years ago? According to Dr. Chris Duvall, author of The African Roots of Marijuana, the forgotten history of global cannabis culture continues to have contemporary influence, writes Timothy Harris


First Colombian CBD exports shipped to Europe

The first two batches of Colombian CBD have been exported to Europe as the South American country steps-up efforts to become a leading global player.

The Colombian government recently granted its first CBD isolate export permit to PharmaCielo and it has now shipped its first batch to the Swiss firm Creso Pharma. Meanwhile, Bogota-based Clever Leaves has successfully cleared U.K. customs with a batch of Colombian CBD destined for the booming British retail market.


Hemp can help Latin America if proper strategies in place

Hemp can help to alleviate poverty in Latin American countries, but only if effective competitive strategies are in place, said Sergio Vazquez Barrios, who heads Uruguay’s industrial hemp program in the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP).

“I believe that the poverty levels of a country or an agro-exporting region are not overcome only with the large-scale production of a crop for which the demand is temporarily higher than the supply,” Vazquez Barrios told HempToday. “A strategic objective must first be considered and a competitive strategy must be identified.”

Vazquez Barrios said such a strategy must be combined with public education and development policies in order to advance economic growth.


3 cannabis stocks capitalizing on Latin America

Read entire story here.

Latin America is one of the most exciting emerging cannabis markets and this is a trend that has been gaining traction. During the last year, we have seen increased interest in the Latin American cannabis market and have been highly focused on this opportunity.


What you need to know about cannabis in Latin America

A number of countries in Latin America have the potential to become global leaders in the cannabis space. Here’s what you need to know.

When people talk about cannabis, all eyes turn to Canada. After all, the country was of the first to legalize cultivation and usage for medical purposes in 2001. Then, of course, they fully legalized the cultivation, sale, and adult-use of recreational cannabis last year. Canada also houses some of the largest and most notable companies in the industry, including Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth, and Tilray.


Global Cannabis Oil Market expected to exceed US$ 2,468 Million By 2025

Zion Market Research published a new 110+ pages industry research “Cannabis Oil Market by Type (Organic Cannabis Oil and Non-Organic Cannabis Oil) and by Application (Recreational and Medical): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2018–2025” in its database. The global Cannabis Oil Market research report carries an in-depth fundamental framework of the market, which is derived from the analysis of data acquired through various sources.


Is the Colombian cannabis industry leading Latin America, or just leading investors on a wild goose chase?

Every Colombian cannabis company attempts to impress investors and journalists with bombastic rhetoric, claiming to have the largest swath of hectares, the largest amount of registered strains, the highest quality cannabis, the ear of the government, and charitable or social justice initiatives aligned with millennial values.

The reality is most Colombian-based cannabis companies are still struggling to find their footing while being built out and many are making misleading claims in the cannabis space.


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