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Slovakia Becomes Last European State to Legalize CBD in the EU

Slovakia, a member country of the European Union, just became the last nation to formally declare on a federal level that CBD is not psychotropic. As of March 18, the Ministry of Health submitted a formal proposal to legalize cannabidiol, using the United Nations ruling as a guideline.

This is hardly news. After all, CBD was officially reclassified as “not a narcotic” at the European level last fall. This in turn, effectively created an environment within the EU on a regional level, at least for hemp, much like the United States post 2018 Farm Bill. Slovakia is just the last sovereign government to “get the memo.”

Yet the road from here is still far from clear. 


Slovakia Is Only EU State to Ban CBD

The argument over whether to legalize cannabis has led to many countries making distinctions between different components of the plant.

These distinctions have meant that the cannabinoid CBD has been treated more leniently than the rest of the plant, and is often no longer subject to the same regulation. But this is not the case everywhere, and in the EU, Slovakia is the sole holdout in keeping CBD illegal.


Creso increases supply of hemp protein to large Slovakian bakery

Leading supplier of therapeutic grade nutraceutical cannabis and hemp products, Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH), has delivered its second shipment of hemp protein to one of Slovakia’s largest bakeries, Pekarne Liptovsky Hradok,s.r.o. (PLH).

The 700 kilogram shipment followed the delivery of 500 kilograms in mid-August, and has effectively created an additional revenue stream for the vertically integrated group.

CPH’s Hemp Industries division is looking to forge a long-term relationship with PLH, resulting in increased shipments of hemp protein and other hemp seed based products.

However, it is early stages in this relationship, so investors should seek professional financial advice for further information if considering this stock for their portfolio.


Marijuana is the most popular drug in Slovakia

Young Slovaks find marijuana appealing, with approximately 40 percent of respondents aged 15-24 experimenting with the drug last year, according to a European school survey on alcohol and drugs carried out on a sample of 10,000 students.

Some young people do not use marijuana just occasionally, but smoke it on a daily basis, Imrich Šteliar of the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs (NMCD) said at a press conference in Bratislava on May 31. Cannabis is the only illegal drug that sees long-term growing popularity, mostly on the account of being cheap, easily accessible and the fact that people long for unusual experiences, he added, as reported by the TASR newswire.


Customs officers bust Vietnamese gang dealing in marihuana

Brno, July 20 (CTK) - Customs officers uncovered a Vietnamese gang dealing in marihuana in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, seizing 45 kilogrammes of the drug in a raid held last Tuesday alone, Jiri Bartak, spokesman for the Czech Customs Administration, told journalists yesterday.
If convicted, the four main masterminds of the crime will face up to 18 years in prison, Bartak said.
The 45 kilogrammes of the drug were prepared for shipment abroad, he added.
In connection with the case, the fifth man is being prosecuted in Slovakia. The Czech Republic has asked for his extradition.
The customs officers uncovered three cannabis labs in Brno. Along with 45 kilogrammes of marihuana, worth roughly 4.5 million crowns, they also seized 420 cannabis plants.


Slovakia Heading Towards Full Decriminalisation

Drug Strategy vs. Reality

Slovak media have reported on the proposed decriminalisation of illicit substances several times over the past two years. According to this news, the new law would end imprisonment for possession of small amounts of illicit drugs.  Possession of small amounts would instead become a simple misdemeanour. This would apply to all substances presently listed as illicit.

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