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Medical marijuana facility hits roadblock

A business proposal in the Rural Municipality of Wilton is facing an uncertain future after pulling a development application.

Agro Greens Natural Products Ltd is the company behind the proposal, and are currently seeking a new location for their proposed medical marijuana facility. The business owners had a chance to present their idea to Wilton residents at a meeting back in May, and were met with a list of concerns from area residents. After that meeting, the application was left to the RM council to decide upon.

However, council was left without an application to consider after the proposal was pulled.


First Health Canada Approved Medical Cannabis Clinical Trial Starts Patient Recruitment

Landmark trial will be first to study safety and efficacy of a series of cannabinoid profiles


Compassion club says they'll provide marijuana if necessary in Saskatoon

A Saskatoon advocate for medical marijuana wants to clear the air.

Mark Hauk is with the Saskatchewan Compassion Club. They plan to open a facility in Saskatoon. Hauk said his organization prefers to help people navigate the current system for legally obtaining medical marijuana. But, he said that system often leaves people who have perscriptions unable to obtain the drug. 

Hauk cited a number of ways the system can let people down, including wait lists, unavailability of specific strains and minumum order size requirements that can make patients unable to afford their medicine. 


Saskatoon could get first pot dispensary

Mark Hauk is planning to open a medical cannabis dispensary in Saskatoon.

A Saskatoon medical marijuana advocate is hoping to open a storefront in the city this week where he can help people obtain prescriptions and in some cases sell them their cannabis.

Mark Hauk, proprietor of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club, said he submitted a formal offer with a landlord in the Exhibition neighbourhood on Friday. If his lease is approved, the business, which he describes as a clinic, dispensary and community centre, will open as soon as possible.

"The minute I get those keys, I plan to open the clinic," he said.


Saskatoon student in human rights fight over medical marijuana

SASKATOON – Michael Wileniec used to walk across the street from his Saskatoon high school several times a day and hang out with the rest of the smokers, although he was the only one puffing on prescribed medical marijuana.

His routine ended earlier this year when school officials told him he could not smoke prescribed weed on school grounds, nor could he attend classes while under its influence. Wileniec fought the ruling before the school board and lost.

“We got a reply back from the superintendent saying there’s no need for medical marijuana in the school and that a student under medical marijuana is a safety hazard to the faculty,” the 21-year-old said in an interview.



Saskatoon marijuana lounge hosts closing pot party

Lounge in the Loft owner Jeff Lundstrom shuttered the lounge after refusing to allow city inspectors to enter premise

Saskatoon's only marijuana lounge went out in a blaze of glory after the owner closed up shop in protest over a city inspection Monday.

The Lounge in the Loft owner Jeffrey Lundstrom hosted a final pot smoking event Saturday evening. Anyone over the age of 18 was invited, but an earlier promise of free marijuana was only available to those with medicinal prescriptions.

"It's a public disobedience. It was just a call out to just attempt to shine light on what's occurring," Lundstrom said.


Marijuana lounge closed, owner offers free pot

A Saskatoon-area marijuana lounge has shuttered its doors, but its owner says the closure won't stop him from pushing for legalization, even if accomplishing that goal means giving it away himself.

Jeffrey Lundstrom, owner and operator of The Lounge in the Loft, said representatives from the city's community services branch, the fire department and Saskatoon Health Region requested access to the property for inspection purposes on May 11.

Rather than grant entry to the business, he instead chose to close it down permanently.

"They were very persistent about the inspection.

My basic thoughts on it were that this is the first stage of them attempting to push my business out," Lundstrom said.


Michael Wileniec files human rights complaint to use medical marijuana at school

A Saskatoon student is taking a medical marijuana complaint to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission after his school wouldn't let him use it on its property.

Michael Wileniec, 21, suffers from a rare bone condition called hereditary multiple exostoses. His body produces bone bumps which interfere with movement and pinch his nerves.

He told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski that he is in pain much of the time. He has a prescription for medical marijuana, but his high school, Nutana Collegiate, won't let him smoke it at school.

Saskatoon Public Schools has asked Wileniec to drive home to smoke his prescription if he feels pain. So far, the school has denied his request to use a vaporizer in the nurse's room.


Four Ways Cannabis is Good for Your Brain

Modern research is showing that cannabis extracts protect and benefit the human brain. Here’s four amazing ways scientists are showing that cannabis actually helps to keep your brain safe from disease, dementia and even death!

#4 – Cannabis promotes new brain cell growth

Government scare campaigns often claim that cannabis kills brain cells, but now we are learning the truth. Those discredited studies were done in the ’70s, by strapping a gas mask onto a monkey and pumping in hundreds of joints worth of smoke. The monkeys suffered from lack of oxygen, and that’s why their brain cells died.

Modern research is now proving the opposite. The active ingredients in cannabis spur the growth of new brain cells!


CanniMed Ltd. offers made-in-Saskatoon pot app

It's an app for the times.

CanniMed Ltd. in Saskatoon has developed a program for medical marijuana users.

It cross-references how much a patient smokes every day with their supply. It then calculates when they need to re-order.

Brent Zettl is CanniMed's president.

He said this is a response to the rules around ordering medical marijuana – not a patient's forgetfulness.

"Every other prescription they just walk into the pharmacy, ten minutes later, assuming there's no line up, they've got their prescription filled. In this case, it's not that convenient yet," he said.

"Again, it's trying to be patient-friendly in the reminder, just like any other medication."

The app is free, and works on Iphones, Androids and Blackberries.


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