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Show Us The Money: Canadian Government Can't Back Claims About Organized Crime

The Canadian government claims that the black market for marijuana is essentially a cash buffet for organized crime. But the feds aren't offering numbers to backup their argument, so it's hard to tell if they're portrayal of the nation's illegal cannabis industry is realistic or simply hysterical rhetoric.


Canada: Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Regina with Profits Aimed at Charity

A new non-profit medical marijuana dispensary has opened in Regina and owner Kelly Csada says she plans to donate a chunk of her profits to charity.

“There’s a lot of mental health and different things that I want to give back to so that’s why I decided to go the non-profit way.”

The business venture was a natural choice for Csada.

“I have Crohn’s disease and that’s what brought me here in the first place,” she said.


Canada: Medical marijuana liaison shop opens in Regina

A man who uses medical marijuana to ease the pain of his arthritis has started a Regina business to assist others wanting to use cannabis for medical reasons.

"There are a lot of people afraid of the whole medical marijuana thing," said Cannabis Health Clinic owner Ryan Murray.

"They don't know how to use it. They don't know how to access it. I'm here to help."

Medical marijuana use is legal if a patient has a prescription from a licensed physician. The patient must also obtain the cannabis from a licensed distributor.

That's where Murray comes in.

Through his company, he helps patients register online with one of a half dozen licensed cannabis producers from across Canada. 

He also emails the necessary documents to Health Canada.


City of Saskatoon takes hands off approach to medical marijuana dispensaries

Saskatoon's city council is standing by a committee decision not to allow medical marijuana dispensaries, despite receiving a cautionary letter from the owner of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club.

On Feb. 8, the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services voted against issuing business licences to marijuana dispensaries.

Administration argued that medical marijuana falls under federal jurisdiction, and anyone involved with it must get a federal licence.

It also pointed to the city's own bylaw's which state that before a business licence can ge granted, the applicant must have the necessary federal and provincial approvals. 


Man claims police ruined $2k worth of legal marijuana after raid


Lane Britnell says the Saskatoon police ruined $2,000 worth of his legally obtained marijuana extracts following a raid of they city’s only medical marijuana dispensary. 

The former employee of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club says when police returned cannabis extracts that were seized from his home during raids last October, he found that most of the cannabis products were ruined. 

“I would say 80 per cent of it was destroyed or rendered unusable,” Britnell said. 

His lawyer successfully applied to have a judge order police to return the cannabis seized from his home during the Oct. 29 raids, he said. 


Saskatoon councillors vote against business licences for marijuana dispensaries

Saskatchewan Compassion Club owner Mark Hauk outside of the Saskatoon Police Station.

A City of Saskatoon committee has made it much more difficult for marijuana dispensaries to open in the city.

Today, the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services voted against issuing business licences to marijuana dispensaries.

Administration argued that medical marijuana falls under federal jurisdiction, and anyone involved with it must get a federal licence.

It also said that the City of Saskatoon should only issue a business licence to the dispensary if it receives federal approval.


CanniMed receives approval from Health Canada to sell cannabis oil

SASKATOON – CanniMed Ltd. announces Tuesday that Health Canada has given it the go ahead to begin selling edible cannabis oil. Registered patients can already start placing orders.

The company, just east of Saskatoon, said it has successfully fulfilled all of Health Canada’s requirements and has been granted a licence under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

CanniMed has developed three oil products using dried cannabis flowers and manufactured using a food-grade alcohol process.


Some charges dropped for Saskatoon medical marijuana club

SASKATOON – The four employees of an unlicensed medical marijuana dispensary raided by police will face fewer charges in provincial court. All counts related to marijuana oils have been dropped, court heard Wednesday.The Saskatchewan Compassion Club was shut down by the Saskatoon Police Service Oct.


Marijuana in government liquor stores not a priority: Sask. Premier Brad Wall

Marijuana represents a potential "revenue opportunity" for the Saskatchewan government, but Premier Brad Wall says he's not thinking about selling it in provincial liquor stores.

In an interview, Wall told CBC News that because the federal Liberals campaigned on legalizing marijuana, he's expecting to see that happen at some point.

However, the government hasn't given much thought to selling the drug in its 75 provincially-owned stores.

"We're not looking for an expanded role," Wall said. "We're actually looking in another direction."

That was a reference to the Wall government's proposal to privatize 40 of its stores if the Saskatchewan Party gets re-elected in the spring.

'Revenue opportunity' for governments, Wall notes


Former Saskatchewan Huskie guilty of trafficking marijuana

SASKATOON – A former University of Saskatchewan football player is guilty of drug trafficking charges in relation to a police bust that uncovered 14 pounds of marijuana in 2014. Seamus John Neary was convicted of four charges in a Saskatoon courtroom Monday, including possession of marijuana over three kilograms with the intent to traffic.

In February 2014, police found the marijuana after searching Neary’s home and a storage locker in his name.

“I think it was a cogent case from beginning to end,” said prosecutor Wade McBride, after the judgment was given.

“It was relatively straight forward and the judge tended to see it that way as well.”


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