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Saskatchewan Government wants more time to decide marijuana stance

Saskatchewan’s Justice Minister says the province is asking for the federal government to hold off one more year before rolling out the legalization of marijuana.

Don Morgan says it’s been a short timeframe to craft the province’s stance on marijuana when it is expected to be legalized July 1st, 2018. Some of the major parts of legislation left up to the provinces include age limits on cannabis sales, taxation, distribution, and enforcement on impaired driving laws.

Morgan says the ministry is working on crafting legislation in the meantime.


Ontario-based medical marijuana company looking to expand to Saskatchewan

Company plans to employ 40 to 50 people if approved.

An Ontario-based medicinal marijuana company is looking to expand into Saskatchewan. 

The Canopy Growth Corporation bought Saskatchewan-based rTrees Products on Tuesday.

The Sask. company is a late-stage applicant to the federal government's medical marijuana system.

Though they are not yet licensed, the company has already posted ads for four positions in Yorkton, Sask.

If the company is licensed, it will operate out of a 90,000 square foot facility in Yorkton under the name Tweed Grasslands. 

The company said it eventually plans to hire 40 or 50 employees, if they are approved.

The company said it hopes attain a licence "within months."


Pot legalization may reduce stigma around smoking, paraphernalia

Ty Nero thinks new pot legislation tabled by the federal government will make people feel more comfortable when they're shopping at his business.

Nero owns Treehouse Lifestyle Supplies in Regina, a head shop that provides customers with access to tobacco products such as pipes and bongs — though they are commonly used for marijuana instead.

Nero thinks the legislation might mean more people start taking an interest in marijuana in general. Already, he said he's noticed more and more people walking into the shop who are new to pot.

"The stigma is going away slowly," Nero said of marijuana use. "It's just propaganda in the first place, it's not bad — anything can be abused. As long as you don't abuse it, it's fine."


Marijuana Party of Saskatchewan ex-member: 'I think it's about time'

The Saskatchewan government has some concerns over the proposed 2018 legalization of marijuana across Canada — but some people say they're happy the change is coming.

The federal mandate would allow people to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis, as long as they're over 18.

"I think it's great, I think it's about time that marijuana was legalized," said Ken Sailor, a former member of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party. 

Sailor feels legalization will have several unseen benefits, such as fewer people going through the court system charged with drug possession.

He says he's often surprised that conservative-minded politicians are against, or at least leery, of legalization.


Saskatoon: North Battleford prepares for medical marijuana facility

The City of North Battleford is laying the groundwork for a medical marijuana facility to come to town.

The city is in the process of changing zoning bylaws to allow medical marijuana facilities to set up shop in it’s heavy industrial neighbourhood.

“We wanted to make sure that if there was ever to be interest in a development that it was being done in the right part of the city and that, to us, would be the heavy industrial area,” Mayor Ryan Bater said. “It just makes us prepared and, like any economic development project, we want to be prepared.”

The bylaw amendment was considered after a request from a developer, but there’s no development currently planned.

Bater said council is expected to pass the bylaw amendment later this month.


Saskatoon medical marijuana producer gets clean bill of health after voluntarily submitting pot for testing

A Saskatoon medical marijuana company says its products have been given a clean bill of health after undergoing voluntary testing.

Last month, CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. commissioned a B.C. company to do third-party testing of its plant and oil products for dozens of pesticides and fungicides.

President Brent Zettl said even though the company was confident it doesn't have any of those elements in its products, "let's just check and make sure. Let's put our stuff through the batteries and see."

He added: "We could have put up our hand a long time ago and say, 'Hey, we don't use them,' but it sort of rings hollow unless you have evidence from someone who is a third party, so that's why we did what we did."


CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. and PharmaChoice Enter into Canada’s First Exclusive Pharmacy Distribution Agreement for Medical Cannabis

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (TSX:CMED) (“CanniMed”) and PharmaChoice today signed a letter of intent to collaborate on pharmacist education and the distribution, sale and marketing of medical cannabis products.

This industry-leading collaboration will see CanniMed responsible for producing and delivering accredited pharmacy education programs to PharmaChoice pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across Canada. In addition, CanniMed and PharmaChoice intend to enter a definitive agreement for distribution of medical cannabis through PharmaChoice pharmacists in Canada upon completion of the first provincial legislation change that allows such distribution.


Saskatoon Investors Have High Hopes for Future Marijuana Industry

Jason Drummond has high hopes for the Green Acres Capital Fund, Canada’s first marijuana-focused investment fund.

The fund launched at the start of January, and has already collected around $10 million of a roughly $30-million goal.“We’re going to end up investing in 15 to 20 businesses that we think can all grow and all provide returns,” Drummond said.Entering the fund is not cheap. It carries a minimum buy in of $100,000.Story continues belowDrummond is the managing director at York Plains Investment Corp and an owner and founder of the Leo’s Group, which runs Leopold’s and Victoria’s Taverns.


Canada: Medical marijuana business hopes to dispel stigma around prescribed pot

Saskatoon residents have a new avenue to clear the air about medical marijuana.

Supplying customers with information, classes and access to doctors open to prescribing medical marijuana, National Access Cannabis (NAC) opened its Saskatoon location in early January.

Promoting and educating people about marijuana as medicine, the business — which has locations across Canada — does not house or sell any marijuana, nor does it encourage people to purchase marijuana from illegal storefront dispensaries.

Instead it encourages clients to purchase medicine from one of Health Canada’s 38 licensed producers.


Canada: Cannabis Billboards in Saskatoon 'Poking the Bear'

With just one word — Erbachay — is raising a lot of eyebrows around Saskatchewan.

The ads, displayed in Regina and Saskatoon, show a green leaf with the word “Erbachay” and “Canada Wide Delivery.”

The company behind the signs are a Vancouver-based medical marijuana dispensary that sells and delivers weed.

“By putting these billboards up, we’re trying to help that process. Make it a little more normalized, make it more accessible,” Erbachay Health Centers president Darcy Delainey said.

Erbachay isn’t a licensed producer for cannabis with Health Canada but within Vancouver city limits, Delainey said he can sell medical marijuana.

The billboards are a way to educate the public and hopefully destigmatize weed, he said.


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