Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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Caribbean gov’ts urged to take unified approach to cannabis trade

St Vincent and the Grenadines Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar is calling for Caricom and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) to take a collective approach to the development of standards governing the negotiation of cannabis trade agreements for their member states.
In making the call at the CanEx Business Conference and Expo in Montego Bay on Thursday, Caesar said small Caribbean states should no longer be competing against each other.
“So many of our regional initiatives have failed because we pit one small island developing state against another and collectively, we devalue our shared value proposition, Caesar said.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines issues first cannabis cultivation licences

Medical marijuana production can begin in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines after the Caribbean nation issued its first set of cultivation licences.

The country legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes in December 2018 and leaders promised to create a major international hub within the blossoming global cannabis trade. It officially said it was decriminalizing cannabis “for medical purposes and scientific research”, but it essentially legalized it, promising to create jobs and generate huge economic benefits.


Caribbean region emerges as next big cannabis marketplace

As a commercial cannabis industry is established in Jamaica, more Caribbean nations are moving toward decriminalization and establishing medical marijuana programs.

With regional leader Jamaica having recently exported its first cannabis products to Canada, other island nations of the Caribbean are readying their own proposals for either decriminalization, a legal medical market for cannabis, or both. 

After Jamaica, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines was next to strike out towards decriminalization, and it looks like Saint Kitts & Nevis are headed in that direction as well. Dominica and Grenada are also studying such proposals.


Caribbean: Saint Vincent says 'no' to recreational marijuana, will explore medical industry

The Caribbean country is exploring the possibilities to use local expertise in the medical marijuana industry but rejects its recreational use.

The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines government says they are considering the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, but have ruled out the possibility of opening up the industry for recreational uses.

During the presentation of the national budget on Monday, Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves said the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP), won't allow the recreational use of cannabis like other Caribbean countries that have already decriminalized small amounts of the marijuana for personal use.


Caribbean governments criticized over marijuana legalization issue

Regional governments have been called out for not moving sooner to decriminalise the use of the popular contraband, marijuana.

Political analyst Peter Wickham said the governments of Caribbean countries will not legislate that personal use of the drug becomes legal, unless they would stand to gain politically.

“Ultimately, in politics you would want to win an election and certainly your ability to win an election makes you a lot useful in terms of driving issues. If you believe policy will reward you electorally, then you will pursue and if you believe policy will make you unpopular, then you would not want to pursue it,” Wickham said.


Seven reasons why the Caribbean may soon turn into a cannabis hotspot

There are many signs that some Caribbean countries may well develop into an Eldorado for cannabis and its consumers in the coming years. Read about the seven most important reasons here.


St Vincent PM wants more studies on marijuana

St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is calling for a collective Caribbean approach regarding the trade and other benefits of marijuana cultivation in the region.

“We have to have the studies. That is why I advocated the Caribbean marijuana commission. In the changing global context of marijuana use, Caribbean economists and other relevant professionals, including those in the pharmaceutical industry, ought to be ahead of the curve in conducting relevant research, not rehearsing traversed territory,” Gonsalves said in an address to the launch of the 40th anniversary celebrations at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI).


Marijuana Use Prevalent Among Criminals in 7 Caribbean Countries

SAN JUAN – Marijuana is the most-used drug among convicted and accused criminals in seven Caribbean countries, according to a new study from Jamaica’s National Council on Drug Abuse.

“The highest proportion was reported in Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the lowest proportion was in St. Kitts and Nevis, while Jamaica reported approximately 75 percent of inmates used marijuana,” NCDA Research Analyst Uki Atkinson said in a statement.

Conducted in 2014, the NCDA survey sought to explore the relationship between drugs and crime in Jamaica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis.

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