Quebec-Based Hydropothecary Corp Is the Latest Marijuana Company to Go Public

Quebec’s Hydropothecary Corp. became the latest medical marijuana company Tuesday to open its business to investors eager to cash in on the burgeoning marijuana sector.

The company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange by way of a reverse takeover; shares opened trading Tuesday at $1.82 before settling to close at $1.55 apiece.

Nearly 3.6 million shares changed hands as many investors seek opportunities to pour into the hot marijuana market ahead of an expected recreational legalization announcement by the federal government this spring.

The company had been toying with the idea of going public for some time but had a couple “false starts” said CEO Sebastien St. Louis.


Montreal Landlords Seek to Ban Marijuana With New Clause, but Can They?

Some Montreal landlords are banning the use of cannabis in their rental units.

As the likely legalization of marijuana looms, many are currently renewing leases with a new clause that forbids tenants from smoking up.

Rental property owners are asking tenants to sign new leases which would include a ban on smoking cannabis anywhere on the property.

Landlords say they’re concerned the legalization of marijuana will cause a problem akin to complaints from neighbours about noise or cigarette smoking.

If the smell is too strong, just like if noise is too loud, it can be considered a nuisance that affects the quality of life of the other tenants.

Landlord Christian Perron said tenants who are annoyed by marijuana smoke could see their rent reduced.


New Montreal marijuana clinics turn to doctors outside of province

A new chain of Montreal-area medicinal marijuana clinics hasn’t yet opened, but its methods are already being challenged by Quebec’s college of physicians.

And while the man behind these clinics says he’s complying with the rules outlined by Health Canada’s medicinal cannabis program, he also admits that some of the doctors he works with are based out of province and will prescribe the drug via Skype teleconference.

This practice is illegal, according to the CollÚge des médecins du Québec.


Medical Cannabis Clinics to Open in Montreal

It’s been less than one month since Marc Emery, the man known as the Prince of Pot, came to Montreal to open cannabis dispensaries.

Another man is now on a mission to make his mark in the medical marijuana world by opening three cannabis clinics in the Montreal area.

But it’s an operation the Quebec College of Physicians is calling illegal.

“They call themselves clinics but it’s not really a medical clinic, it’s a providing centre to cannabis,” Dr. Yves Robert from the Quebec College of Physicians said.

But the man behind the new cannabis clinics insists he has nothing to hide.


Montreal's “Legal” Weed Shops Will Allegedly Be Giving Out Free Marijuana For Christmas

Deck the halls with blunts and bong hits.

This morning I was sent a press release from Cannabis Culture to announce that despite the arrests and the 8 police busts that took place over the weekend, their stores are still in fact open for business.

So pretty much the only thing the police crackdown accomplished was wasting taxpayer money.

Now that that’s out of the way, Cannabis Culture wants the people of Montreal to show their support for legalization.

To encourage you to join the fight, they are giving out some special “Christmas Gifts” to anyone who signs their petition. You just need to send your name and email address to


Canada's 'Prince of Pot,' Marc Emery, Released After Arrest in Montreal Marijuana Shop Raids

Cannabis activist and his wife, Jodie Emery, were arrested after opening shops in defiance of pot laws.

The man known as Canada's "Prince of Pot" says he's "feeling good" after spending a night in a Montreal jail. 

Marc Emery, who operates an illegal chain of marijuana shops under the name of "Cannabis Culture," was arrested along with nine others on Friday evening during a series of raids by Montreal police. 

Police were targeting six new Cannabis Culture locations that had just opened the day before. 

Emery, who was working at the store on Mont-Royal Avenue, is now charged with drug trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking and conspiracy.


Free ‘nugs’ as Cannabis Culture shops make debut in Montreal

Say what you will about his methods, but Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” knows how to make an entrance.

Throngs of admirers stood in the snow Thursday and cheered Marc Emery on as he rolled up to the opening of an illegal marijuana dispensary on Mont-Royal Ave. He held court in the shop for half an hour as he made an impassioned case for the legalization of pot — leaning on logic-based arguments honed over a career of marijuana advocacy.

Then he reached into a jar full of weed nuggets, held one up for the crowd to see and shouted “Who wants a free nug?” The audience hollered in approval.

Yes, the unveiling of an illegal dispensary actually ended in a massive weed giveaway.


Illegal Montreal Marijuana Dispensaries Set to Open Today

Stores opening despite fact that current federal law does not allow for recreational sale of marijuana.

A Canadian chain of recreational marijuana dispensaries is set to open eight shops across Montreal today.

Cannabis Culture, which is co-owned by activists Jodie and Marc Emery, already has stores in British Columbia and Ontario.

They're now bringing their shops to Montreal, despite the fact that current federal law does not allow for the recreational sale of marijuana in Canada.


Marijuana Chain to Defy Law, Open Outlets in Montreal

The dispensaries, which operate illegally, sell to anyone over the age of 19.

Come this Thursday recreational marijuana users in Montreal will be able to walk into a store, browse for their favourite strains and walk away with a few grams of cannabis — all in defiance of federal drug laws.  

That's because a Canadian chain of recreational marijuana dispensaries is planning to open multiple locations in the city. But how long they'll stay open is another question. 

Cannabis Culture, which operates dispensaries in 12 locations across British Columbia and Ontario, said it will announce the new Montreal locations on Dec. 14. They will open their doors to the public the next day.


Make it easier to get medical marijuana, users and supporters say

On a typical day, Daphnée Elisma will fire up her vaporizer and inhale roughly three grams of marijuana.

She can go through a quarter-pound of weed a month, spending about $500 in the process. 

But Elisma, 41, isn’t what you might call a burnout.

She’s in her third year of law school at UniversitĂ© de Sherbrooke. Like more than 40,000 Canadians, Elisma is licensed to use medical marijuana. She says the drug helps manage her chronic pain and makes it possible for her to keep up with the demanding schedule of a full-time law student.

Elisma describes the pain in vivid terms.


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