Quebec to crack down on black market with cannabis police force

A 54-person police squad will be working to squash any remnants of the black market in Quebec once cannabis becomes legal next month, writes Calvin Hughes.


Canada: Quebec retailers will not be allowed to sell anything decorated with a cannabis leaf

Cannabis will be legal in Quebec next month, but the image of the cannabis leaf will remain prohibited in the Canadian province, writes Calvin Hughes.

Earlier this week, the provincial government announced plans to make Canada's already restrictive cannabis packaging regulations even more so.


Canada: 'The results were almost immediate': Quebec shelter uses cannabis oil for sick animals

For about 3 months now, a Canadian animal shelter has been treating sick animals with cannabis oil to great effect. The Sainte-Béatrix, Quebec based animal shelter Nymous is currently nursing 36 animals back to health—most of them sustaining injuries after being hit by cars, writes Calvin Hughes.


Canada: The province of Quebec has finalized their cannabis laws

The government of Quebec has finalized their new cannabis legislation. With the new bill in place, Quebec residents can expect legal cannabis to be available by September, writes Calvin Hughes.


Canada: Manitoba and Quebec move to ban home cultivation

Canadian provinces can now ban home cultivation due to recent amendments to the incoming cannabis act. A move the Manitoba and Quebec have already decided to make, writes Calvin Hughes.


Canada: Quebec lawmaker explains provincial ban on home-grown cannabis

A Quebec lawmaker explains provincial ban on home-grown cannabis so that those in his province are fully aware of the law.

The Canadian province of Quebec has decided to ban growing marijuana plants at home. Yesterday, Minister Jean-Marc Fournier who lead this initiative, spoke with federal lawmakers in Ottowa. Fournier hopes that the Canadian Senate will add an amendment that officially gives provinces the right to ban personal cannabis cultivation. In the meantime, this Quebec lawmaker explains provincial ban on home-grown cannabis and his ask of the federal government.

Federal Marijuana Legislation Permits Home-Grown Cannabis


This Canadian city may get cannabis dispensaries near metro stations

Montreal is gearing up for cannabis dispensaries near metro stations. That’s one way to brighten up a boring commute!

Montreal—Canada’s student capital and music hub—is already one of the most 420 friendly cities in Canada.

And now, with national marijuana legalization set for late summer, Montreal is deep in preparation.

According to city officials, one of the factors most important when considering marijuana retail locations is accessibility. For this reason, this Canadian city may get cannabis dispensaries near metro stations.

Who will sell legal weed in Quebec?


McGill University plans to roll out new diploma on medical marijuana

Due to budding interest on the topic, McGill University plans on offering a diploma on cannabis and cannabis production.

With the federal government moving forward on the legalization of marijuana, McGill saw the potential to offer students more training on the burgeoning industry.

"What is happening in agriculture is pretty unique at this moment," said Anja Geitmann, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, in an interview on CBC Montreal's Homerun.

"We have an entire new sector that is being created from scratch essentially."

Geitmann said McGill is uniquely placed to provide the best nuggets of wisdom on the industry.


Canada: Quebec town moves to ban smoking marijuana, cigarettes in public

Like many civic leaders across Canada, councillors in the town of Hampstead, Que., were worried about the idea of people smoking marijuana on the street once the drug became legal. So they drew up a tough bylaw – and it's set to become the most restrictive anti-smoking measure in the country.

In a move that experts predict will motivate other Canadian municipalities, the town of 7,100 has adopted a draft bylaw that would ban smoking everywhere in public, including streets and sidewalks.


Canada: Six marijuana companies announce deals to supply Quebec with cannabis

Province expects to open 15 marijuana stores across the province this summer and will control sales online.

Six companies announced they have signed letters of intent with Quebec’s liquor board to supply cannabis and related products.

The companies individually announced the deals with the Crown corporation, which is overseeing marijuana sales in the province through a subsidiary when it becomes legal later this year.

The Hydropothecary Corp., which is based in Quebec, will provide 20,000 kilograms of cannabis products in the first year of legalized recreational cannabis use through a full range of products.


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