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Prince Edward Island


Canada: Island hemp industry growing with legalization of cannabis

Some Island hemp producers are cashing in on the legalization of cannabis. A B.C. company recently announced the purchase of just over 200 hectares (500 acres) of harvested hemp flowers and leaves (chaff) from P.E.I. Chris Wagner, CEO of Emerald Health Therapeutics, says the transaction was possible because of forward-thinking farmers.

Until recently, it was only legal to harvest, store and sell the seed, fibre and stalk of the hemp plant.  The flowers and leaves were not permitted to be harvested or sold, and would go to waste. "What these farmers did was say 'We're going to take a risk,'" Wagner said. 


Canada: P.E.I. cannabis shops will not have product on the shelves

Canada’s smallest province will open only four cannabis stores once legalization takes place later this year, but interested consumers should expect not to see any product on the store shelves. 

Instead, consumers will have to make their purchase decision by speaking with a store clerk about a strain that aligns with their preference or by using a tablet to browse and learn more about in-stock items.  

“Customers won’t be able to actually touch the physical product. They’ll come in and they’ll have the option to go through a bit of a consultative retail experience with one of our highly trained cannabis store clerks,” said Zach Currie of the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission (LCC).


Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island both set legal age for marijuana use at 19

Nova Scotia and P.E.I. both set their legal age for marijuana at 19 on Thursday, but the two East Coast provinces are taking different paths on how weed will be sold.

P.E.I. said it will sell marijuana at standalone outlets run separately by its liquor commission, while Nova Scotia said pot will be sold alongside alcohol in its provincial liquor stores.

Justice Minister Mark Furey said Thursday Nova Scotia believes selling marijuana through existing liquor stores will provide the necessary control to ensure public safety.

"They have a social responsibility mandate and we trust their experience in selling restricted products," said Furey. "The Nova Scotia Liquor Commission also has the infrastructure in place to support a province-wide retail operation."


'A lot of people need our help here': PEI medical marijuana wellness centre growing rapidly

A company that helps people access and use medical marijuana says the demand for its services in Charlottetown is steadily increasing. 

Since January, Marijuana for Trauma's operations manager Eldon Bennett says the number of clients at the Charlottetown office has doubled, from 300 to 600.

Marijuana for Trauma

In January, Marijuana for Trauma moved to a bigger location inside this office building on Allen Street. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

"A lot of people need our help here," said Bennett.


PEI medicinal marijuana company adds 'discreet' option

P.E.I.'s medicinal marijuana company is adding cannabis oil to its product lines.

Edwin Jewell, president of Canada's Island Garden, said not everyone who uses medicinal marijuana wants to smoke or vape it.

Cannabis oil allows them to put it in their food or drink.

'There's still a stigma attached, I think, in many parts of Canada with people who smoke cannabis.' - Edwin Jewell

"I think the benefit to oils is people can then take their medicinal cannabis in a way that is a little more discreet," Jewell said.

"There's still a stigma attached, I think, in many parts of Canada with people who smoke cannabis."


Licence to Sell Medical Marijuana Coming Soon to PEI Plant

Edwin Jewell, president of Canada's Island Garden Inc. in Charlottetown has a grow underway to be shipped to regulators

P.E.I.’s first medical marijuana growing facility is ready to start harvesting a much sought-after product.

Edwin Jewell, president of Canada’s Island Garden Inc., is “extremely confident’’ the first batch of pot at the 2,160-square-metre facility located in the BioCommons Research Park in Charlottetown will make the federal grade.

“I guess it’s reassuring to know that the harvest is going to be a good crop,’’ says Jewell.

“It’s not the best we’ll ever grow, but it’s a good one for the first time.’’

The secure facility has about 300 plants ready for harvesting, a process that will include a couple weeks of drying the leaves.


P.E.I. Medical Marijuana to Be Ready by Christmas

The first crop from Prince Edward Island's medicinal marijuana factory is on the way.

Edwin Jewell has been planning Canada's Island Garden marijuana for the last few years, submitting the licence application to Health Canada in September 2013. The final step in the licensing process is to submit a test crop for inspection by Health Canada. Jewell expects that process will be completed by Christmas.

Marijuana growing room, Charlottetown

The marijuana at Canada's Island Garden will be in rooms with special lights to help them grow better. (Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)


Plans for P.E.I.'s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Summerside

Dispensaries technically aren't legal according to Health Canada, but many police forces leave them alone

Craig Gaudet of Summerside, P.E.I., hopes to open the Island's first medical marijuana dispensary this April.Gaudet says he already supplies medical marijuana to people who have approval in P.E.I., but wants to make it easier for others to get medical marijuana at one central location.  

He told CBC he's already picked out a location — on Water Street in Summerside. He's hoping to open in April. 


Charlottetown man leads petition against legalization of marijuana

Mitch Reid of Charlottetown is against the legalization of marijuana. Reid started a petition and hopes to gather over a thousand signatures before giving them to Sean Casey.

Mitch Reid says legalizing marijuana will lead more people down path of drug use

Mitch Reid of Charlottetown is saying no to legalizing marijuana as he feels this would lead more people down the path of drug use.

Reid started a petition and hopes to gather over a thousand signatures before giving them to Sean Casey.

Mitch Reid of Charlottetown is saying no to legalizing marijuana as he feels this would lead more people down the path of drug use.

"I'm concerned about the step after smoking weed. For some people, they may go down that path and may not get out of it."


Plants pulled from PEI farm fields are hemp, not marijuana say RCMP

Plants seized from farmer's fields were determined to be hemp, not marijuana. (RCMP)

Plants discovered in several farm fields in P.E.I. in late July are hemp, not marijuana say RCMP.

Cpl. Andy Cook of the Prince District Drug Unit said lab tests showed the plants had a low level of THC in them, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

"They exhibited some signs that were also consistent with marijuana plants, so in the interest of determining definitively what we were dealing with we had them sent away and had a quantitative analysis done which showed the level of THC in them," said Corporal Andy Cook, who is in charge of the Prince District Drug Unit.


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