WATCH: Italian police seize 11 tons of hashish on board freighter MUNZUR

General cargo vessel MUNZUR was intercepted by Italian police on December 2 in Tyrrhenian sea northeast of Pantelleria island, near Sicily, on a suspicion of drug trafficking.

A huge quantity of hashish was found, some 11 tons divided into 500 parcels. It was a final stage of an international operation, involving Spain, Portugal, Greek and Italian drug enforcement agencies and Europol.


Crackdown on Portugal Hashish Connection

Portugal's Public Security Police (PSP) announced last week the seizure of 128,000 "individual doses" of hashish in a Lisbon raid, which also saw one arrest.

The operation coincided with Spanish police seizing 1.5 tons of hashish in a joint cross-border maritime raid. Portugal's National Republican Guard (GNR) seized the boat at the fishing village of Isla Cristina, after it was intercepted and boarded by the Spanish Coast Guard off Andalusia. It was apparently bound for Portugal when it was intercepted.

Last month, there was a similar raid, with Spanish and Portuguese police announcing the dismantling of an organization that used powerboats to import Moroccan hash into both countries. Fifteen were arrested. 


Drug Use Is Not a Crime in This One Country

Entrepreneur and drug policy reform activist leaked a United Nations paper calling for decriminalizing drug use. The paper argued that treating personal drug use as a crime “contributed to public health problems and induced negative consequences for safety, security, and human rights.”


Holiday highs: Where can you go to experience legal cannabis?

More and more tourists are travelling to experience the freedom to try cannabis in tolerant countries

The whiff of weed is spreading across the globe as more countries decriminalise the possession of small quantities of cannabis. The Netherlands has always been the Mecca for those seeking a taste of something illicit but you can now travel further in order to indulge in a spliff or a hash cake.

Colorado, where cannabis was legalised three years ago, is already seeing a big growth in tourism. Tax revenues from the now legalised business are adding to the State’s coffers. Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his Liberal party are in favour of legalising marijuana.


What is the secret to Portugal’s drug policy success?

Portugal is a hot topic in drug reform debates. Yet, the experiment being carried out in that European country is often mischaracterized by both supporters and critics. The secret of Portugal’s drug policy success is not decriminalization, but its capacity to tailor responses to the needs of specific users.

The current debate surrounding failures in drug policy, particularly in the United States, has largely centered on over-incarceration, strong-armed law enforcement, and harmful drug use.


Spain, Portugal police bust drug-smuggling ring that imported hashish from Morocco, arrest 15

MADRID –  Spanish and Portuguese police say they have dismantled an organization that used powerboats to import large quantities of drugs into Spain from Morocco and have arrested 15 suspects.

A statement says surveillance began when evidence emerged of a large-scale, well-organized smuggling operation based in southwestern Spain.

The gang allegedly used a network of specially-equipped piers and warehouses to receive drugs and was able to move part of its operation to southern Portugal when it discovered its activities were being watched, Saturday's statement says.


High times for dagga as medicine: fears go up in smoke!

Any way you look at it, dagga is medicine. Even if you smoke it just to get “high”, the South African weed won’t just alter your consciousness.

It has a host of other powerful pharmacologic effects on body and mind, which make it medicine by definition.

Depending on which side of the legalisation or criminalisation fence you sit on, you’ll see those effects in a good or bad light.

“The dagga couple”, as the media have dubbed activists Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clark, sit on the side of the fence bathed in the glow of a good light. They are part of an influential legalisation campaign in South Africa that has spread faster than the weed grows, and now includes medical doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and other interested parties.


Cannabis should be legalised and treated like cigarettes, claims Welsh MP

Newport West MP Paul Flynn called for politicians to show 'courage' as he said the Class B substance was 'less harmful than alcohol'

A Welsh MP has called for cannabis to be treated as legal in the same way as cigarettes with “controlled” markets for the drug.

Newport West MP Paul Flynn, who will on Monday lead an historic debate on the issue in Parliament, said the war on drugs was a “disaster” and branded marijuana “less harmful than alcohol”.


How former junkie capital of Europe Portugal halved number of addicts by ending prosecution of users

It was known as the biggest drugs supermarket in Europe. A shanty town on a hill to which 5,000 junkies a day would flock to peddle their lethal wares or get their fix.

People using needles in the street hardly raised an eyebrow. Dead bodies lying around on the pavement were a common morning sight.

Casal Ventoso was not just a mad, bad neighbourhood of Lisbon. It was a byword for hell in a country ravaged by narcotics abuse.

Portugal’s drugs tzar Dr Joao Goulao says: “Almost every morning we’d find dead bodies. Around 5,000 came every day to buy, sell and take drugs. The impact on public health was huge.”


Law and Border

How many wars can we fight?

Our presidential candidates demand "stronger action" against both illegal immigration and illegal drugs. But those goals conflict. The War on Drugs makes border enforcement much harder!

America's 44-year-long Drug War hasn't made a dent in American drug use or the supply of illegal drugs. If it had some positive effect, prices of drugs would have increased, but they haven't. American authorities say drugs are more available than ever.

Drug prohibition, like alcohol prohibition, creates fat profits that invite law-breaking.


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