Philippines: Marijuana as Medicine

Doctors talk of ‘compelling scientific evidence’ to support bill legalizing medical cannabis.

While President Rodrigo Duterte maintains a violent, hardline approach to ridding the Philippines of illegal drugs, a groundbreaking bill is said to be gaining support in the House of Representatives to legalize medical marijuana in the country.

The contrast is so glaring, it’s hard to ignore: While the war on drugs has led to thousands of deaths, House Bill No. 180, or the proposed Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, would improve, if not prolong, the lives of people who ingest marijuana as medicine.

The bill is being reviewed by a technical working group, said Isabela Rep. Rodito T. Albano III, its principal author.


Fighting for medical marijuana amid Duterte's drug war

Manila, Philippines - Sitting at an undisclosed location in Metro Manila, Alden is busy preparing for his next delivery until his phone beeps. He says it is one of his customers texting to check that he is OK and hasn't been shot like thousands of others since the start of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.

Alden, however, is not a typical drug dealer. He treats hundreds of patients with debilitating diseases and life-threatening illnesses, even though he never studied medicine in college. He may not be a doctor, but he has something very few medical practitioners in the Philippines have: cannabis oil.


Philippines: The Deadliest Place To Deal

In the past eight months, over 7,000 people have been murdered in the Philippines, stupefying the rest of the human-rights conscious world. 

“If Germany had Hitler, The Philippines would have…” Roderigo Duterte declared last September, pointing at himself. “Hitler massacred three million Jews … there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them.”


Medical Cannabis in The Philippines

Over the past year, much has been written about the horrific consequences of the Philippines’ war on drugs, led by its frankly psychopathic president, Rodrigo Duterte.

Thousands have died, gunned down in the streets by police and masked vigilantes, simply for having anything to do with illegal drugs. The reign of terror that has engulfed the country has turned the backstreets and slums of Manila into a war zone, leaving everybody wondering just how it will all end.


Philippines: Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized?

Ira* has a condition called multiple sclerosis, which debilitates her brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Every attack is different: Sometimes, upper and lower extremities weaken. On some days, she goes blind. Often, Ira cannot stand, or walk, which for MS patients, can become extremely painful. Due to her illness, Ira has wrestled with bouts of depression and helpless agony. So when a cured epileptic patient told her his story about the miraculous effect of cannabis oil, she had to try it. She uses it sparingly: Two drops before sleep, and her tremors dwindle.


Philippines: One day after death penalty vote, House endorses medical marijuana

JUST a day after the Philippine House of Representatives approved the move to reinstate the death penalty for drug-related offences, the House committee on health endorsed the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

House Bill 180, according to ABS-CBN News, prescribes the rules for the proper use of medical marijuana, including the designation of a qualified medical cannabis physician, a medical cannabis patient who shall be issued an identification card, a qualified medical cannabis caregiver and a qualified medical cannabis compassionate centre.


Philippines: Doom and Gloom in the Age of Rodrigo Duterte

Now that 2016 is over, it is slowly dawning on the world that its horrors are far from finished. We all knew it, of course, but few were brave enough to admit it. The year that brought so much pain and suffering, eroded what we’ve taken to be sacred for so long, and killed our darlings by the boatload, was no self-contained aberration. It was just the beginning.


2016: Historic Victories And Devastating Setbacks In Fight Against Failed Drug War

For the last seven years I have written an end-of-year piece about the top stories of the year in the fight to end our disastrous war on drugs.

2016 has been a strange, difficult year. We've accomplished more historic victories than ever -- but they're now overshadowed by the election of Donald Trump and the despair he is primed to wreak on our most vulnerable communities.

Here's my take on this year's most important victories and its most enormous setbacks.

Marijuana Legalization Wins Big on Election Night


Trump Praises Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte On His Deadly War On Drugs

Philippine Death Squads Have Killed Thousands of People Suspected of Using or Selling Drugs Since June.

On Saturday, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump held a telephone call with the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. According to Duterte, Trump praised Duterte’s deadly war on drugs and invited him to visit the White House. Upon assuming the presidency in June, Duterte made a public call for police and citizens alike to execute people who use or sell drugs, which has resulted in the murder of over 5,000 people suspected of being involved with drugs.


Stoners Can Now Travel The World Legally Smoking Weed Thanks To ‘Bud ‘n’ Breakfasts’

Normally when visiting weed friendly countries such as Amsterdam and certain states within the U.S., travellers still have to save the sneaky puff for allocated spots around the city.


Although you’ll find the odd smoking booth outside your hotel, it’s generally not cool to be sparking a fat one in the comfort of your own room. But no longer will this be an issue as there’s now a website called ‘Bud n Breakfast’ where you can find accommodation that is cannabis friendly. Zing!

Set up by Sean Roby and Shayan Bastani, it’s basically like Hostelworld or AirBnB for people who like to get high. What’s not to like?


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