New Study on Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

A new study is being conducted to measure the quality of life that medical cannabis patients in Pennsylvania report when using cannabis to address pain relief.  The University of the Sciences and Releaf App have partnered with the Pennsylvania dispensary Keystone Canna Remedies to conduct a second collaborative research study on the effectiveness of Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program.

An original study by that group found that cannabis products with THC gave the greatest symptom relief in patients. The report said that on a 10-point scale, the pain relief seen in patients taking primarily THC products was nearly two points, a statistically significant difference from one point reduction seen in patients taking primarily CBD based products.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down County Ban On Medical Marijuana

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Lebanon County policy that banned the use of medical marijuana by those on probation or parole, even if they have a state-issued identification card authorizing them to do so. The unanimous decision was handed down by the court on Thursday morning and applies to all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.


List Of Cannabis Dispensaries Affected By Civil Unrest Grows

As protests and civil unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police continue in cities across the country, cannabis dispensaries from coast to coast have been the target of looters and organized thieves.


One rule for all: Medical marijuana should be consistent across Pennsylvania

A person on probation for a past offense who legally obtains a medical marijuana card shouldn’t be held to varying standards for using the card depending on what county he or she resides in. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court should not allow individual counties to establish their own rules regarding medical marijuana use by probationers.

An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union asked the state Supreme Court to declare illegal a policy enacted in Lebanon County that prohibits those on probation from using marijuana, even though they hold a medical card. The ACLU filed a King’s Bench request to quickly take up the case, and arguments were made May 19 via videoconference.


Pa. Republican Lawmakers Say Marijuana Legalization ‘Inevitable’ Post-Pandemic

Though Republicans in Pennsylvania long opposed recreational marijuana, lawmakers have come around in order to fix sizable budget deficits.

The Tri-State area is among the U.S. regions most ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. The United States has more than 1.6 million cases and nearly 100,000 deaths, according to reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But more than 500,000 cases and 45,000 deaths come from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania alone.


Recreational marijuana legalization bills awaiting action in Pennsylvania legislature

Multiple bills that would legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania are waiting on action in Pennsylvania's legislature.

A bill introduced by state senators Daylin Leach and Sharif Street in October 2019, Senate Bill 350, has made no progress from the Rural and Agricultural Affairs committee since last year.


Oregon, Pennsylvania Relax Cannabis Rules As Nevada Closes Storefront Dispensaries

Cannabis regulators across the country continue to react to the spreading coronavirus pandemic, with Oregon and Pennsylvania relaxing rules while storefront dispensaries were ordered closed in Nevada. The changes come as more states issue stay-at-home orders in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus.


Pa. Department of Health issues temporary changes to medical marijuana program

The Pennsylvania Department of Health will be making some changes to the medical marijuana program as a response to the coronavirus pandemic in the state.

A number of provisions for medical marijuana have been temporarily suspended, including ones that limit the number of patients a caregiver might have in order to provide someone with medical marijuana and another that eliminates background checks for caregiver applications, according to a press release from the Department of Health.


PA Lawmaker Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill to House of Representatives

Cannabis legalization in Pennsylvania has both enjoyed the support of the governor and been subject to the reluctance of the state’s Republican legislators. On Tuesday, another push to regulate the drug was initiated when Rep. Jake Wheatley introduced House Bill 2050. 

Wheatley has proposed cannabis legalization in the past, including last year’s unsuccessful HB 50. Since then, the state’s lieutenant governor has embarked on a cannabis listening tour, and the governor has underlined his support for recreational marijuana legislation. 


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