Grants For Promoting Pennsylvania Hemp Products

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Pennsylvania’s Agriculture Secretary recently announced a funding program that aims to help boost sales, export or consumer awareness of hemp products made in the state.

Prior to prohibition, hemp was an important crop in the state. 2017 marked the first year in seven decades industrial hemp was (legally) cultivated and harvested in Pennsylvania. Last season, 500 growing sites and 60 processors were licensed statewide and applications for this year’s season opened in December last year. Growing permit applications will be accepted until April 1, while processing permit applications will continue to be accepted throughout the year.


Home grown? Medical cannabis companies mostly out-of-state

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Once again, out-of-state business entities and owners took the majority of dispensary and processor permits for West Virginia’s long-awaited medical cannabis program.

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Resources’ Office of Medical Cannabis announced that 100 dispensaries between 32 companies with locations in 23 counties had been selected. The Office of Medical Cannabis announced the selection of 10 growers in October 2020 and 10 processors in November 2020.


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Makes Marijuana Legalization A Priority For 2021

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf called on state lawmakers to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults in a list of goals for the new year released on Thursday. In the statement of his priorities for the 2021 legislative session, Wolf said that it is time to continue the state’s reform of cannabis policy.


Why medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is some of the most costly in the U.S.

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Bill Cobb uses medical marijuana to treat PTSD and chronic back pain.

“I’m a 50-year-old Black man who’s been a civil rights worker,” said Cobb, now a criminal justice activist in Philadelphia. “I smoke to have my brain slow down. But to be honest, I also smoke because I enjoy it.”

Alleviating his physical and mental pain is difficult when he feels another sting: His doctor-recommended medicine is not covered by insurance. He pays out of pocket — as much as $120 a week.

“It’s way too expensive,” Mr. Cobb said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Other marijuana users in Pennsylvania agree.

Surveys show that the Keystone State has some of the highest prices for medical marijuana in the nation.


New mix brings hemp into home baking

Baking Innovation, a consulting firm based in Philadelphia, has developed Hemp N’ Seeds, a rustic French bread mix for home bakers. The first commercial production will be available early in 2021, said Richard Charpentier, owner.

The mix creates bread with 19 grams of whole grains per slice along with 14 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. The mix contains hemp protein and hemps seeds, both of which are viewed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration.

“Hemp seeds or hemp hearts are seeds that have been hulled or shelled while hemp protein is the powder form of hemp seeds,” said Mr. Charpentier, a certified master baker (CMB) who previously worked for companies such as Flowers Foods, Inc. and Hostess Brands.


Why medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is some of the most costly in the U.S.

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Bill Cobb uses medical marijuana to treat PTSD and chronic back pain.


Applications Open For Pennsylvania’s 2021 Hemp Program

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Pennsylvania’s Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding announced late last week mail-in applications for the state’s 2012 hemp growing season opened on Saturday, December 5.

“Hemp production represents a return to our heritage and a wealth of new opportunities,” said Mr. Redding. “Pennsylvania is committed to creating a commercial hemp program that works for small and large growers, new and established businesses, and urban and traditional agriculture.”


Will recreational marijuana soon be legal in Pennsylvania?

With voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly passing a bill to legalize recreational marijuana is it a sign for other states, including Pennsylvania?

 “It’s money, it’s jobs, it’s justice, it’s freedom,
 Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman said. 

Fetterman has long been an advocate for legal marijuana, but nowadays after New Jersey voters approved adult-use cannabis he says Pennslvynia could be poised to lose out on millions in revenue. 

“Legal weed in New Jersey is huge for Pennsylvania too because 40 percent of our population will no more than a drive to the grocery store to buy as much legal marijuana as they want," he explained.


Massive raid takes out illegal mail order weed ring that supplied nine states

A massive raid involving hundreds of investigators and 27 simultaneous search warrants in nine communities in Washington State has taken down an illegal weed-mailing ring based out of Seattle.


Pa. House amends DUI law decriminalizing trace amounts of medical marijuana

Wednesday afternoon, the Pennsylvania state House passed a bill amending the state’s existing DUI law to decriminalize driving while traces of marijuana are still in the system of legal medical-marijuana users.

In Pennsylvania, the current laws and provisions related to driving while under the influence of alcohol or substances, aka DUI, criminalize driving while tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a component of marijuana, is still in a driver’s system, even if it has been weeks after ingestion. This currently also applies to those with medical-marijuana cards.


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