Medical Marijuana Draft Regulations Prohibit Pennsylvania Doctors from Advertising

Pennsylvania released draft regulations Tuesday for doctors who wish to prescribe medical marijuana as the permitting process for growers and dispensaries continues.

Doctors have until -- perhaps appropriately enough -- Apr. 20 to submit comments on the new temporary rules governing how the medicine can be obtained.

"The process for a patient to obtain medical marijuana will begin with the physician, so it's vital to ensure that our regulatory process for those physicians is open and transparent," Health Secretary Karen Murphy said, in a written statement.


Can Marijuana Replace Lost Steel Jobs? Pennsylvania Town Has High Hopes.

A region of the Keystone State impoverished by industrial decline and ravaged by opioid addiction sees a future in medical cannabis.

The promise of big profits and job creation continues to draw communities to the legal marijuana industry, particularly in places where the economy has long suffered.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in southwestern Pennsylvania. City leaders in Braddock, located east of Pittsburgh, have submitted an application with the state in hopes to land a license that will allow for a new cannabis cultivation facility. The goal is for legal medical marijuana to bring back jobs lost over the past decades by the decline in the steel industry.


Businesses seek to stake claims in Pa. medical marijuana gold rush

Geoff Whaling wants to grow marijuana in an underground bunker in Pennsylvania that was built to survive nuclear attacks. 

It's not because, as you might assume, he is concerned the DEA might break through the door a Whaling is one of several hundred hopefuls who are seeking to grow medical marijuana legally in Pennsylvania starting next year a but because the bunker provides a number of other benefits: it is secure, the temperature is steady and the humidity and other environmental factors can be easily regulated.

Also, it's a bunker.


Pennsylvania: Braddock Mayor, Former Steeler Franco Harris Make Push for Medical Marijuana Cultivation Site

Braddock is getting support from a key Pittsburgh figure in its bid to establish a facility for growing and processing marijuana for medical use.

Former Steelers running back Franco Harris joined Mayor John Fetterman today in an effort to garner support prior to a Borough Council meeting, where officials will consider the idea.

Mr. Harris is chairman of Laurel Green Medical, LLC, a Sewickley-based company trying to secure one of two state permits in the region to grow and process marijuana.


NSAV Announces Launch of Medical Cannabis Technology Business

Net Savings Link, Inc. ( OTC : NSAV ) announced today the launch of its medical cannabis technology business.

NSAV intends to establish a fully integrated medical cannabis technology company that provides turnkey technological solutions to the medical cannabis industry. Over time, the Company plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce, financial services, patents and trademarks and information technology.


Pennsylvania Auditor General Says Legal Marijuana Would Reap Taxes

Pennsylvania's elected fiscal watchdog says the state government could help its chronic budget deficit by raking in tax revenues from the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Monday the state could bring in $200 million or more annually, based on what has occurred during legalization in Colorado.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says DePasquale, a Democrat, calls the legalization of recreational marijuana something that "can be both good socially and fiscally."

Pennsylvania has legalized medical marijuana and is in the process of setting up a system to grow, sell and regulate it.


Pennsylvania Accepting Applications for Medical Marijuana Grow Houses and Dispensaries

The price is steep and regulations will be strict, but PA is on the way to MMJ.

Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives passed a medical marijuana bill in the middle of last year, and now Pennsylvania residents will finally have their opportunity to put their foot into the industry.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is now accepting applications for entrepreneurs interested in opening medical marijuana cultivation centers, production centers, or dispensaries. The process won’t be easy though, the application is a 33-page packet, which includes local and federal background checks, as well as exorbitant permit fees.


Patients Forgotten as Pennsylvania's Cannabis Gold Rush Gets Underway

Zoning Boards across Pennsylvania are passing a flurry of local regulations in an effort to roll out the green carpet for medical cannabis companies.

But these hometown exercises are less about getting warehouses water connections and more about public relations campaigns by businesses to win coveted permits.

During this phase we see how the focus on medical cannabis is really about profit and not necessarily the health of patients.

We've seen it before in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland. It isn't pretty.


Pennsylvania School Board Backs Marijuana Facility, Citing Economic Development Benefits

The Waynesboro Area School Board this week finalized a letter of support for a proposed medical marijuana growing and processing facility, saying the district appreciates the economic development that could come with the project in Wharf Road Industrial Park.

The school board noted that it supports the industrial growth, but will not take a position on the potential benefits of marijuana for medical conditions.

A letter to the Pennsylvania Department of Health notes the district receives federal funding for some of its K-12 programs and recognizes that federal law does not legalize medical marijuana.


Applications For Pa. Medical Marijuana Growers, Dispensaries Now Online

As Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program continues to take shape, applications for grower/processors and for dispensaries are now available online.

Applications for medical marijuana growers and processors and for dispensaries are now available but a one month window for accepting applications won’t begin until February 20th.

“Through February 8th, potential applicants have the opportunity address questions concerning the application process to the Department,” said John Collins, Director of the Pennsylvania Health Department’s Office of Medical Marijuana. “We’ll be posting responses on the website.”


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