Portland reduces fees for cannabis businesses

Portland City Council recently passed a milestone in marijuana regulations when it voted to reduce fees for all cannabis businesses in the city. Already in effect, the new rules decrease the annual license fees from $4,975 to $3,500, as well as lower the cost of both the initial and renewal application fees, and allow all license types to defer payment for up to six months.


Cannabis industry tax issues just got real

Matthew Price should have listened to his accountants.

The medical marijuana dispensary owner-operator in Oregon was sentenced to seven months in prison last month, in what appears to be the first federal sentencing of a legal cannabis business owner for tax crimes. Price, a co-owner of Cannabliss dispensaries, pleaded guilty to willfully failing to file income tax returns in connection with his cannabis stores, and did not file individual tax returns from 2011 to 2014 for income received from the dispensaries’ operations -- despite the advice of a number of CPAs who advised him during those years.


Portland adopts moratorium on establishing certain medical marijuana operations

The timeout doesn't affect existing permit applicants and gives the city's staff time to develop rules for the structure and location of pot businesses.

The Portland City Council approved a moratorium Monday evening on some medical marijuana operations to give the city staff time to draft and develop rules.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the city’s planning and urban development director gave a preview of where marijuana facilities – including grow houses and retail stores – would be regulated in the city.

The moratorium in Maine’s largest city is intended to address a gap between two state bills that would grandfather operations opening between July 1 and Dec. 13.


A tale of two markets: Cannabis delivery in California and Oregon

There are a lot of differences between California and Oregon. Ten months of sun versus ten months of rain. In-n-Out versus Voodoo Doughnuts. Vans; Doc Martens.

Sure, we now have recreational cannabis in common. In certain regions in both states, you can even have it delivered to your home. But that’s where the retail cannabis trends in California and Oregon differ most: the home delivery scene.

In southern Californian cities, delivery is king. It was king before recreational laws even passed, when medical marijuana patients were able to have cannabis delivered prior to this year.


Newcomers to Oregon’s cannabis industry forced to wait for approval

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is currently three months behind in clearing backlogged license renewals. For those applicants who managed to submit their completed application before the June 15 pause, there is still likely a 14 month waiting period, according to The Bulletin.


Will Oregon be the first state to allow marijuana shipments across state lines?

It’s now common knowledge in the cannabis industry: Oregon’s got a massive surplus problem.

According to the state’s regulatory tracking system, the state has an excess of $1 million dollars of unsold flower—more than three times the amount purchased last year. In Oregon’s overcrowded market, grams go for as little as $4.00 at some Portland dispensaries while licensed growers across the state are going out of business. The Craft Cannabis Alliance—an association of cannabis and allied businesses in Oregon—thinks they have a solution: allow Oregonians to ship their weed to other states that have legalized it.


Medical marijuana patients decry state crackdown on pot purchases

In August, a state analyst spotted dozens of suspicious transactions when he crunched cannabis sales data: a small number of medical marijuana cardholders bought unusually large quantities of marijuana flowers on consecutive days.

Oregon regulators suspected medical marijuana patients and caregivers were exploiting the system by buying cannabis to sell on the illicit market.

The response was swift. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, under pressure from federal officials to tackle the robust black market for marijuana, quickly issued a temporary rule that dramatically reduced the amount that medical marijuana cardholders could buy in a day.


The “Wild West” marketplace of legalized cannabis in Oregon

The booming supply of legalized cannabis in Oregon could prevent the destruction of the black market. A cautionary tale.

Among the jurisdictions that have legalized cannabis for recreational use in the United States, Oregon has received significant media attention for its booming supply of it. Consumers have enjoyed the resulting low prices: flower is often available for $4 or less per gram, and surveys have indicated an increase in adult use.


Groups push for tougher regulations for CA marijuana delivery

Before Matthew Miller harvests marijuana this fall from his fields in Southern Oregon, he’ll have to notify the state for the first time ever — a process that could bring inspectors to make sure none of his pot is being illegally diverted.

The new harvest notification policy, which took effect Saturday, is the first of its kind among states that have legalized marijuana and is intended to ensure legally grown Oregon weed isn’t being transported out of state.

It’s part of a raft of new measures to appease federal officials who have publicly railed against what they call Oregon’s “relaxed” regulatory environment and inadequate oversight of an ambitious legal pot industry.


Cannabis “doc and jocks” promote marijuana in pro sports

Most of the nation’s largest cannabis science conference this week featured wonky research papers. The exception was a group of professional athletes, who took the stage to promote cannabis in sports.

In the “doc and jocks” panel, the “doc” was Uma Dhanabalan, a charismatic physician with a private practice in Massachusetts. She interviewed four “jocks,” former athletes in professional football, hockey, rugby and basketball.

The crowd of local Trail Blazers fans and cannabis advocates enthusiastically cheered former Blazer Cliff Robinson as he called for normalizing cannabis use in pro basketball. Robinson said he smoked marijuana to calm his anxiety but was punished for it.


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