OSU to launch major hemp research center

Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center will be the largest hemp research center in the USA say OSU officials.

Like much of the accelerated activity in the sector, the move by OSU has been triggered by the signing of 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp, recognised it as an agricultural crop and removed it from the federal controlled substances list.

“We believe that Oregon State University is uniquely positioned to serve the global need for research-based understanding of hemp as a crop and for its use in new products,” said Alan Sams, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences.


Oregon Legislature passes historic Bill to allow cannabis exports

Oregon, with a long history with cannabis, combined with some great weather in the southern part of the state, and relatively low barriers to enter the regulated market, has produced a lot of cannabis since the state legalized cannabis commerce. I mean, a lot. The huge supply of cannabis, a bounty, if you will, has led to rock-bottom prices, creating a cannabis connoisseur’s dream, but has made it exceedingly difficult for producers to make any kind of profit.


The big freak-out over Oregon’s marijuana surplus

By now many of you have heard the devastating news: There’s too much marijuana in Oregon. Perhaps I should have told you to sit down first; for those who fainted after reading that sentence, my apologies.

All jokes aside, this is apparently a huge deal. State authorities put the surplus from last year’s harvest alone in excess of 2 million pounds of marijuana. With supply outpacing demand in the state, prices have plummeted, putting many businesses in the crosshairs of failure.


Oregon, awash in marijuana, takes steps to curb production

Oregon is awash in pot, glutted with so much legal weed that if growing were to stop today, it could take more than six years by one estimate to smoke or eat it all.

Now, the state is looking to curb production.

Five years after voters legalized recreational marijuana, lawmakers are moving to give the Oregon Liquor Control Commission more leeway to deny new pot-growing licenses based on supply and demand.


The bill, which passed the Senate and is now before the House, is aimed not just at reducing the huge surplus but at preventing diversion of unsold legal marijuana into the black market and forestalling a crackdown by federal prosecutors.


OK to smoke, not to grow? States with legal cannabis wrestle with homegrown pot

Illinois lawmakers working to legalize recreational marijuana have hit a potential snag that other states have wrestled with: whether to allow people to grow a few pot plants for personal use.

The 10 states that have legalized recreational marijuana have different "home grow" rules, with Michigan allowing individuals to grow as many as 12 plants and Washington state not allowing them to grow any.

DID YOU KNOW? "As of July 1, 2015, Oregonians can home grow of up to four plants per residence, regardless of how many people live in the residence. Four adults in one residence does not mean 16 plants. The limit is four per residence," according to the State of Oregon.


Oregon Cannabis Export Bill on its way to becoming law

In an unprecedented move, the Oregon will likely be the first state to allow the export of cannabis products across state lines.

After passing the senate with 19-9 vote – 2 republicans and 17 democrats voted in favor – Bill 582 is on its way to the House where it’s expected to easily pass. The Senate vote was said to be the largest obstacle this bill would face, meaning it will likely become law fairly soon.


Oregon Senate passes historic cannabis export Bill

In a historic move today, the Oregon Senate voted in favor of a bill that would create a framework to allow Oregon to export cannabis to other states or countries that have also adopted legalization.

After passing with a 19-9 vote, the bill will now advance to the House, where it has already received support from lawmakers in both parties. The Governor’s office has also indicated support for the bill, meaning that today’s Senate vote is likely the largest hurdle the bill will face on its way to becoming law.

Before it would allow exports to occur, the bill requires an indication from the federal government that interstate commercial cannabis transactions won’t be prosecuted under federal law.


Oregon’s solution for cannabis over-supply: Quit growing it

Let’s hear it for Oregon, where recreational cannabis is providing an ongoing lesson in elementary economics and the role of government in the marketplace.

Also, let’s hear it for Oregon, where the state’s cannabis producers have grown and processed so much product — a six or a seven-year supply, depending on who you ask, and that’s if every single plant currently under the lights or the sun were ripped out root-and-stem and never seen again. In Oregon, consumers are enjoying record-low prices.


What it's like starting a family business in the cannabis industry

The cannabis plant that we consume is a female plant, writes Diana-Ashley Krach. In cannabis breeding, the "mother plant" is what's used for clippings that turn into clones, which are identical plants that can be grown anywhere. But cannabis is maternal beyond simply bearing offspring; some use the analogy of a mother to describe the plant: she nurtures and heals, and can bring solace to those who need it. When used socially, cannabis brings people together, creates connections, and builds bonds. When used medically, cannabis improves quality of life.


The initiative is building gender equity in cannabis

I meet Amy Margolis at The Commune, her plant-filled, exposed-brick coworking space with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights, located in Portland’s Old Town. The majority of people huddled around tables in a large meeting room are women who run emerging cannabusinesses, which makes the shared office look as if it’s The Wing for weed.


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