Choom surpasses $49,000 in opening day sales at the Niagara Flagship cannabis store

Choom™ (CSE: CHOO;OTCQB: CHOOF), is pleased to announce that Choom Niagara, the first legal, adult use cannabis store to operate in Niagara Falls, ON has produced over $49,000 in sales on its opening day.


Shipping container cannabis stores in Canada aim to cash in on neglected rural markets

The death of the retail industry may have been greatly exaggerated – but that doesn't mean the industry isn't currently going through major disruptive and fundamental changes. For this special series, Yahoo Finance Canada will look at how the retail scene is developing, what companies are doing to adapt, and what could come next. Click the image above to see our full coverage of what the future holds for the Canadian and global retail scene.


Cannabis retail is in its infancy, but that hasn’t stopped one startup from thumbing its nose at the status quo.


Nipissing First Nation develops its own set of cannabis laws

Nipissing First Nation (NFN) has developed its own set of cannabis laws, which are destined to be implemented next week.

NFN wants to be part of the cannabis industry, but critics of the current system say that the federal government’s rules are stacked against enabling First Nations businesses and entrepreneurs to get in on the industry.


Ontario Cannabis Store issues a product call for edibles, extracts and topicals

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has released a call for submissions of new, soon-to-be-legal cannabis products such as edibles and drinks, extracts, and topicals.


London researchers sound alarm over marijuana's toll on fertility

Pot might make it harder to get pregnant, London researchers say in a new article.

Western University researchers are trying to set the record straight about how marijuana may affect fertility, rounding up the latest research findings in a podcast episode and article for the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

“The general public’s knowledge about the effects of marijuana on fertility is limited. This is equally true of health care providers’ knowledge,” said Sara Ilnitsky, a reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellow at Western’s Schulich school of medicine and dentistry.

She also practises at London Health Sciences Centre’s fertility clinic.


Ontario signs new deals to ease cannabis supply crunch

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has signed deals with two new cannabis providers in a bid to ease the cannabis supply crunch in the province, the agency said Friday.

“These additional supply agreements exemplify our commitment to securing sufficient supply for Canada’s most populated province in light of the national supply shortage” said Patrick Ford, president and CEO.

“We will continue to work with both large and small Health Canada-licensed producers to secure all available market-ready cannabis.”


Toronto officials using concrete blocks to close illegal cannabis storefronts

In a desperate effort to stop illegal cannabis storefronts from operating in the city, Toronto officials have resorted to placing massive concrete blocks in front of the entrances to black market cannabis shops.

Law enforcement have had difficulty closing many of the illicit shops since cannabis was legalized in Canada last October, and after many failed warnings and raids, officials decided more extreme measures need to be taken.

“This has proven to be a bit more of a substantial tactic,” said Mark Sraga, Toronto’s director of investigation services for municipal licensing and standards.

The first illegal dispensary this method was used on was a dispensary near Yonge and Bloor streets a few weeks ago in May.


Grow your own plants: Tips from a cannabis grower

In Ontario, now you can grow four plants at home, a different kind of business has sprouted — including professionals who teach you how to grow your own. 

David Weaver is a technical sales representative at Sun Parlour Cannabis Grower Supply who has been growing medical cannabis for about five years. 

"I got my designated grower licence to grow cannabis for patients," said Weaver. Weaver worked for the United Way before he went to school to take horticulture in Guelph — specifically to learn about growing cannabis. 

According to Weaver, successfully growing cannabis depends on a variety of elements, including light, soil and water conditions. 


World’s largest outdoor cannabis farm given the go-ahead

Canadian firm, 48North Cannabis Corp, is to begin planting the world’s largest outdoor cannabis growing facility.

The company says the 100-acre facility near Hamilton in Ontario will produce over 40,000 kilograms of organic outdoor cannabis this year. This September, the first crop will be harvested at what is what is expected to be the lowest-cost per gram in Canada.

This will coincide with pending changes to Canadian legislation with a host of new cannabis products, such as edibles and topicals, becoming legal in October.


Global Marijuana March calls for pot possession pardons, level playing field for entrepreneurs

With pot on the verge of being legalized, dozens of marijuana entrepreneurs gathered in Queen's Park on Saturday to demand a level playing field for all in the industry.

Saturday's Global Marijuana March was also aimed at persuading the government to pass an amnesty bill that would provide for pardons for those with criminal records related to pot possession offences.

"With just the government stores operating, they are trying to shut down dispensaries. The new government model does not exactly give the market what it wants," marijuana activist Erin Goodwin told CBC Toronto.


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