Toronto company offers cash to ‘cannabis connoisseurs’ to smoke marijuana

Getting paid to smoke pot is no longer a toker’s daydream. A cannabis firm is looking to hire five pot aficionados from across the country to sample the company’s wares and get paid to do it. Toronto-based company AHLOT is offering up to $1,000 a month to five “cannabis connoisseurs” to sample various strains of marijuana.

With legalization scheduled for Oct. 17, the bud brain trust will form the company’s officially titled Cannabis Curation Committee, reporting back on characteristics and quality. The canna-committee will help determine what pot products go into its sample pack, which will comprise several strains from various licensed producers, says the company, which is starting recruitment this week.


Canada: London-area marijuana producer WeedMD strikes export deal with Australian firm

Southwestern Ontario is now a trailblazer in pot-growing.

London-area marijuana producer WeedMD is believed to be the first company in Canada to sell cannabis seeds abroad, a deal that puts the region at the forefront of an emerging international market, says the head of a marijuana trade association.

WeedMD, an Aylmer-based grower with a greenhouse operation in Strathroy, said Thursday it has exported seeds to Australia’s Medifarm, the country’s first-ever licensed medical marijuana producer.

Allan Rewak of the Cannabis Council of Canada, an industry group representing WeedMD and some of the country’s largest marijuana producers, called the Australia deal a “smart play.”


Canadian cannabis dispensary worker uses bong to fight off bandits wielding bear spray

Security cameras in a cannabis dispensary in Canada have captured the moment a man used a bong to fight off three would-be bandits wielding cans of bear spray. CCTV footage showed three men with their heads covered enter the premises in Tyendinaga, Ontario, before one of the men sprayed a man and woman working behind the counter.

The staff ducked, before the man emerged clutching a bong that he used to fend off the men. Tyendinaga Police appealed to the public to help identify the "four males, believed to be of middle eastern decent (sic)" that attempted to rob the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market.


Edibles, including cannabis beer, set to dominate weed market once legal

One day, we could be heading to bars for a different kind of buzz. Just imagine: cannabis beer flowing from the taps of your favourite watering hole. This is the vision of Toronto-based start-up Province Brands Canada.

CEO Dooma Wendschu says his company has developed the world’s first beer that is actually brewed from marijuana, not just infused with oil. When it hits the market, likely some time in 2019, it won’t contain alcohol so you won’t get drunk but you could get stoned.

“Our products will feel more like the sensation of smoking marijuana. Our beer is designed to be sessionable so you can enjoy two or three over the course of a long dinner or three or four while watching the game,” Said Wendschu


Canada: Cannabis edibles cause spike in emergency room visits—but who’s to blame?

Potent edibles and poor public education are to blame for a spike in emergency room visits.

A man is splayed on the floor of a jazz bar in Canada.


Grow Up conference and expo highlights industry a month before legalization

With legalization just a little more than a month away in Canada, it's an exciting time for everyone with an interest in the industry. It's also a time for a lot of concerns about some unanswered questions hanging over the industry for businesses, investors and users alike. 

The Grow Up Conference and Expo comes at a perfect time to address some of these concerns while giving businesses a chance to connect before mariuana becomes legal in October. The event is taking place September 7 and 8 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 


Niagara College launches first cannabis production graduate program in Canada

With just a little over a month before cannabis becomes legal across Canada, the industry is in need of skilled and educated employees able to take on the roles in such a quick-paced, evolving industry. This is why the excitement was so high when Niagara College officially launched their Commercial Cannabis Production Graduate Certificate Program earlier this week.

Niagara College’s Commercial Cannabis Production (CCP) program is the first postsecondary credential of its kind in Canada and has been designed closely with industry leading experts, ensuring that students in the program can secure meaningful careers in the country’s next big job market.


Aphria partners with Schroll Medical in Denmark to produce organic medical cannabis for the worldwide market

Aphria Inc. ("Aphria" or the "Company") (TSX: APH and US OTC: APHQF) today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership (the "Partnership") with Schroll Medical ('Schroll" or the "Danish Company"), a subsidiary of prominent European flower producer, Schroll Flowers.


When it comes to marketing marijuana, selling the sizzle is off limits

No TV, no radio, no magazines or billboards — unlike flashy beer ads, marijuana is being treated more like a “sin product” similar to cigarettes and gambling, putting cannabis companies under very strict guidelines on how they can brand their bud.

With pot prohibition coming to an end in just six weeks, CityNews got a sneak peak at what it’s going to look like when you start buying legal weed.

“Logos can’t be bigger than the federal THC warning signs and 14 federal health warnings will rotate on the packaging similar to what you see on cigarette packs” explains Megan McCrae, VP of Marketing for Aphria, one of the largest pot producers in the country.


Canada: How privatized cannabis sales threaten your privacy

An overlooked aspect of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada is the privacy implications of the distribution systems, especially in the online environment.

The privacy and security risks are substantial, and protecting the online rights of consumers needs more attention. Highly sensitive personal information will be exposed to the risks of redistribution and data breaches, and these risks are magnified if the data is stored or processed in the United States.

In the province of Ontario, the framework put in place by the former Liberal government has been dramatically changed by the new Doug Ford government. While the Liberal’s plan had its flaws, the problems will be exacerbated by the premier’s move to privatize retail sales.


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