Oklahoma Activists Race Against The Clock To Get On The November Ballot

Supporters of Oklahoma medical marijuana who want to let voters decide the issue in November delivered thousands of signatures Thursday but say they aren’t sure if they gathered enough to qualify the petition for the ballot.

“It’s going to be close, but we’re cautiously optimistic,” said Joe Dorman, a former Democratic legislator and candidate for governor who spearheaded the effort. “We had a bunch of people show up at the end who delivered signatures.”


Less Than 72 Hours Left to Sign Petition Putting Legalization of Medical Marijuana on Ballot

How far would you go to help a loved one in your life?

That is the question being asked by members of Oklahomans for Health.

For someone who is suffering from the pain of lupus, or for someone who is dying from cancer, members of Oklahomans for Health say to get medical marijuana legislation on the ballot in November.

To find the closest location to sign a petition putting the legalization of  medical marijuana on the ballot, go to the map at oklahomansforhealth.com. A list of businesses is provided that have petitions to sign. Less than 72 hours is left to sign the petition.


Marijuana Laws On The Ballot in Seven States And Climbing This November Election

With interest in topics like “marijuana” and “cannabis” hitting all-time high levels according to Google Trends, nine states in the U.S. will vote on marijuana measures in the world’s most important general election Nov. 8, according to the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center.

Voters in California, Florida, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, and Arkansas will definitely be casting a ballot to affect cannabis policy in their state. Voters in Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota have submitted signatures to place marijuana proposals on the ballot, while Oklahoma has cleared to circulate a last-minute measure.


Here Are The 5 States With The Harshest Marijuana Possession Laws

Last week, state legislators put Illinois on track to become the 21st state to decriminalize cannabis.

If Governor Bruce Rauner signs the bill – and he’s said he likely will – residents would no longer face up to 6 months in jail and a fine up to $1,500 or getting caught with between 2.5-10 grams of marijuana.

Instead, They’ll be ticketed between $100-$200 per offense.

But other Americans aren’t so lucky. Some states impose hefty fines for small amounts of cannabis – even for personal use. Here are the 5 harshest state lawscurrently on the books for simple cannabis possession (based on data from NORML.)


Up to 12 States Could Vote on Marijuana This November

Marijuana legalization has been growing like a weed for the past two decades, but 2016 could prove to be its most monumental year yet. Although marijuana has gained 24 state approvals for medicinal use, and four states have legalized its recreational use, we could see up to 12 separate approvals for the currently illicit drug in November.

This expansion is especially important because current President Barack Obama has suggested that the best way to get the attention of Congress is to continue legalizing the drug at the state level. Doing so would eventually force lawmakers to reconsider the federal government's current Schedule 1 stance on the drug.


Petition to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma Underway

Medical marijuana supporters believe the drug will soon become legal in Oklahoma.

Right now, a petition is circulating to get the issue on the November ballot.

Oklahoman’s for Health need 66,000 signatures.

The petition kicked off May 14th and will end August 11th.

So far the group says it has around 8,000 to 10,000 signatures.

About half of those were collected at this weekend’s Paseo Arts Festival.

Those heading the petition feel strongly that legalizing medical marijuana would turn our state around.


Nebraska, Oklahoma join suit to halt Colorado marijuana law

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson and his counterpart in Oklahoma are joining a lawsuit aimed at halting legal marijuana in Colorado.

The two states asked to be added as plaintiffs this month in a case being considered by an appeals court in Denver, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

The appeals court in Colorado hasn't given a timeline for addressing the request, but allowed lawyers for the states to make merit-based arguments in briefs due May 23. That means Nebraska and Oklahoma can argue the issue itself as if they were already part of the case rather than restating their reasons for wanting to join as plaintiffs.


Marijuana Legalization Movement Just Won Multiple Courtroom Battles, But Will That Be Enough to Quash Future Legal Threats?

By many accounts, Monday was a banner day for the marijuana movement in the courts. In the nation’s capital, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma to overturn Colorado’s legalized marijuana program, meaning that if the two states’ attorneys general want to continue to pursue the matter, they will have to do so in federal district court.


Pivotal Supreme Court Decision on Marijuana Legalization Delayed Again

The Supreme Court of the United States has again delayed any decision regarding the future of legal marijuana in the United States.

According to the Denver Post’s John Ingold this morning, the SCOTUS has yet to decide whether to hear or reject a lawsuit brought by two of Colorado’s neighboring states, Nebraska and Oklahoma

The SCOTUS first delayed deliberations on the lawsuit for a memorial for Justice Scalia. The lawsuit again appeared on the SCOTUS calendar for Friday, but as of today, no decision had been made.


No Decision From U.S. Supreme Court on Colorado Marijuana Case

Justices had been scheduled to discuss the case brought by Nebraska and Oklahoma at a private meeting on Friday

The U.S. Supreme Court did not make a decision Monday on whether to hear a lawsuit brought against Colorado over marijuana legalization.

The nation's highest court had been scheduled on Friday  to privately discuss the lawsuit, brought by the neighboring states of Nebraska and Oklahoma. But a list of Supreme Court orders released on Monday made no mention of the case.


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