Ohio's first cannabis crop is growing, but don't expect to see much of it until 2019

Ohio's first legal marijuana growers deal with security, potency and oversight; inside a $20-million Zanesville plant.

Along a wide meander of the Muskingum River southwest of Zanesville where the ruins of an abandoned strip mine scar the landscape, some of the state's most valuable and sought-after crops have sprouted.

Behind a high chain-link fence, past layers of armed security, and always within sight of surveillance cameras, dozens of thin green shoots, each a few inches long and topped by a spray of dark-green leaves, are growing in plastic domes that look like big rotisserie-chicken containers. 

These precious things are some of first legal cannabis plants ever grown in Ohio.


Ohio now considers CBD to be medical marijuana, will only allow it in dispensaries

Retailers are selling off their CBD stock at a discount to avoid criminal charges.


Ohio’s Hocking College to offer cannabis lab technician major

The cannabis lab technician major will include hands-on lab training and courses on the industry’s broader history.

Students enrolled at Hocking College in southeast Ohio will soon have the opportunity to pursue a new major.

This week, the small college of just under 3,500 students received final approval from the Higher Learning Commission to launch a new degree program in biomedical sciences. The major will prepare students for careers as cannabis lab technicians. And that’s good news for students looking for employment after they graduate; the medical and adult-use cannabis industry is definitely hiring.


Ohio medical marijuana: Everything you need to know about the state program

Ohio is continuing its progress toward starting its first medical marijuana program. The process has raised numerous questions about how it will work, who will be involved and what the rules will be. We’ve collected some of the most frequent questions and our most informative coverage of the issue below.

How did Ohio arrive with medical marijuana?

Polling in 2015 showed up to 90 percent of Ohioans were willing to support legalizing medical use of marijuana. But a measure put before voters that November also included provisions for home growing and recreational use of pot, factors that led to a nearly 2-1 defeat at the ballot box.


Ohio’s medical marijuana program still facing delays

Ohio’s medical cannabis program went into effect on September 8, 2016 and two years later, patients still don’t have access to marijuana. Ohio residents were supposed to have access to medical marijuana last week.

The September 8th deadline that was written into law has been delayed while the state ensures a properly regulated medical cannabis industry.

One of the reasons that rolling out medical cannabis in Ohio has been such a lengthy process is because so few cultivators have been given the green light to start growing. There are 26 businesses in Ohio that have been chosen to cultivate but only four have passed the inspection and we allowed to grow this summer.


'Cannabis regulated like plutonium': Security measures causing delays in marijuana launch date

CLEVELAND - Ohio's Medical Marijuana program was originally supposed to launch on Sept. 8. For months, it's been clear that delays with licensing and construction for the new facilities meant patients wouldn't be able to get medical products produced in Ohio until months after the initial start date, potentially as late as early 2019.

For an industry that's planning to be the business of the future, required security measures sound like they're from an old-fashioned action movie.

A poster at the Cleveland School of Cannabis shows various parts of the growing process.


Medical marijuana: 7 reasons why Ohio won't be selling medical marijuana this week

Ohio had a plan. Sell medical marijuana to patients suffering from cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and epilepsy. Set up a well-regulated, safe industry. Do it all in two years. Start this Saturday. 


Dayton marijuana plan draws praise, criticism

Dayton leaders are asking voters to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, a move some hailed as a big improvement and others criticized as a big mistake.

Decriminalizing marijuana likely would lead to fewer misdemeanor marijuana charges in Dayton and would allow law enforcement to focus on more pressing public safety concerns, like the opioid epidemic, said Thaddeus Hoffmeister, law professor with the University of Dayton’s School of Law.

“Anyone who spends a day in court knows this is a good idea,” he said. “(Police) have bigger fish to fry.”

But critics locally and around the country say legalizing and decriminalizing recreational marijuana are terrible ideas that send the wrong message that marijuana is not harmful.


Ohio issues 2 medical marijuana testing lab licenses after months-long wait

Columbus research giant Battelle and North Coast Testing Laboratories in Northeast Ohio were awarded medical marijuana testing lab licenses on Friday. 

The Ohio Department of Commerce also awarded two more marijuana product processor provisional licenses -- for a total of nine out of an available 40. Standard Wellness Company LLC may be the first company to be licensed at each level in the supply chain -- growing, manufacturing and selling. 

Testing lab and processor provisional licensees have six months to build their facilities and pass a state inspection before beginning operations.


Medical marijuana cultivators won't make September deadline to get program up and running

CLEVELAND - At Buckeye Relief in Eastlake, the first marijuana seeds were planted on July 31—four days after the cultivating facility received its final certificate of operation from the state as it nears the deadline of September 8 to get the Ohio medical marijuana program up and running. A deadline that will pass without any action.


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