Ohio governor says legalizing marijuana would be a mistake

Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohio shouldn't legalize recreational marijuana despite the legalization movement in neighboring states. But one state lawmaker from Cincinnati says it's only a matter of time before legalization comes to Ohio.

Amy Wolfinbarger says it's time for Ohio to legalize recreational marijuana. Wolfinbarger founded Sensible Norwood, which helped author an ordinance that decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.

“The state of Ohio is definitely being left behind, and not just the state of Ohio; the citizens of Ohio are being left behind as well,” said Wolfinbarger.

This week, DeWine told Ohio Public Radio, "It would really be a mistake for Ohio, by legislation, to say that marijuana for adults is just OK."


Ohio patients get access to medical marijuana while the state program still works tries to get license-holders operating

After nearly a full year of medical marijuana sales, Ohio reports 74,768 registered patients, with 51,237 having visited a dispensary to purchase some form of medical marijuana.

Since sales started on Jan. 16, 2019, the state reports 6,180 pounds of plant material have been sold, compared to 251,887 units of manufactured product, like tinctures, oils, edibles, or lotions adding up to $51.5 million in product sales.


USDA Approves First State Hemp Plans

Three state hemp plans have been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture so far – and what’s surprising is the state that isn’t among them.

State and tribal hemp production plans that are pending approval or have been approved can be found here. Last updated on December 27, the states to get a green light at this point are Louisiana, New Jersey and Ohio.

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) Commissioner Mike Strain welcomed the approval.


These U.S. states are most likely to legalize marijuana in 2020

The cannabis advocacy community wants the nation to believe that 2019 was a banner year in the realm of marijuana reform. But the only things that really happened were that New York and New Jersey failed to make good on their word to legalize, Illinois followed through and the U.S. House of Representatives dilly-dallied with a couple of bills (SAFE and MORE Acts) that will never see the light of day.

This “banner” year that pro-pot organizations like NORML are so proud of really doesn’t equate to much. But we could have better luck next year. There are several states positioned to legalize marijuana in 2020. These are the five that seem to have the best chance at success.


Ohio medical marijuana companies ban two chemicals from vaping products

Ohio medical marijuana processors have voluntarily banned two substances from their products in the wake of a spate of vaping-related hospitalizations and deaths.

A group of Ohio medical marijuana processors recently identified two substances that they will no longer allow in their products, following nationwide reports of vaping-related hospitalizations and deaths.

Fifteen medical marijuana license holders, including 12 cannabis processors, voluntarily banned two chemicals: medium chain triglycerides (partially man-made fats used to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood) and polyethylene glycol (a petroleum derivative compound made from the main ingredient in antifreeze that also can be found in skin creams and as a food additive).


Changes proposed for Ohio's medical marijuana control program

Nearly 75,000 Ohioans have registered with the state to receive medical marijuana. Of those, just over 51,000 have actually purchased the product. Those involved with the program propose some changes they say will improve it for everyone.

Erin Reed, the Board of Pharmacy’s Director of Medical Marijuana, says proposed changes to the program will make it work better.


Marijuana Legalization Could Be Coming To These States In 2020

This year has been momentous for cannabis reform, from the Illinois General Assembly becoming the first state legislature to pass a bill to regulate cannabis like alcohol to the U.S. House of Representatives passing the SAFE Banking Act and forging ahead with the MORE Act. 

It’s important to celebrate these victories, but with the end of 2019 comes the beginning of 2020, which is already shaping up to be the biggest year ever for marijuana-policy reform. 


K-9s Are Sniffing Out Vape Devices With THC In Ohio Schools

Vapes, especially portable handheld vapes, have exploded in popularity over recent years. And that includes among teens.

As a result, high schools in different parts of the country are starting to take measures to crack down on vaping on school grounds. The most recent example of this comes out of Ohio.

There, a number of schools have started installing and using vape detectors to figure out when students are vaping. Additionally, some schools have taken more extreme measures, bringing in K-9 units to sniff out vapes.


What Travelers Need To Know About Flying With Weed

With the laws surrounding cannabis -- both marijuana and hemp -- constantly changing, confusion for cannabis consumers arises when it comes to traveling to and from states where weed is legal. This is especially true when it comes to flying with weed. 

Cannabis consumers should empower themselves with an understanding of the laws and regulations concerning cannabis so that they can consume weed legally and fly safely. First and foremost, that means knowing that marijuana possession is illegal under federal law. 


Ohio's Hemp Rules May Create Barrier For Small Farmers

The proposed licensing fees and planting minimums for hemp production in Ohio could create cost barriers that exclude smaller growers, farmers and industry groups said.


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