Watch: Legalization Of Marijuana Could Mean Big Business For Ohio Head Shops

One head shop in Columbus said it has steadily seen an increase in business over the last five years.

“It’s just a business that’s growing every day,” Eddie Mustafa said.

Mustafa works at High Up Head Shop. He said in the last few years his colorful pipes, vapors and hookahs, or “toys” as he calls them, have seen a significant increase in sales.

Making Ohio the 24th state to legalize marijuana, he said, would mean even higher numbers.

“It’s going to increase and sell more, for sure,” he said.

“Any tobacco shop similar to this one is definitely going to benefit from the bill passing,” James Steimens said.

Steimens agrees with Mustafa saying the proposed bill would be good for the state, economically.


Ohio Is Likely To Vote On Marijuana Legalization This November

According to multiple reports out of Ohio, the ResponsibleOhio marijuana legalization initiative is going to make the ballot in 2015. ResponsibleOhio fell short of the required signatures by the original deadline, but Ohio law permits a 10 extension for one last push. Responsible Ohio needed 29,509 valid signatures in order to make the ballot, and turned in 95,572 at the end of ten day period. In most cases it would have just been assumed that the signature amount would have been enough, but due to a record low signature validation rate for marijuana legalization signature gathering efforts, no one was certain. The campaign needed a roughly 31% validation rate, and appears to have made that goal.


Ohio Voters Will Get To Decide On Legalizing Marijuana in November

Ohio voters will decide in November whether to legalize marijuana use for treating illnesses and for getting high.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said on Wednesday he had certified the group ResponsibleOhio had gathered enough valid signatures to place a constitutional amendment before voters in November.

The proposed amendment's language still needs approval by the Ohio Ballot Board, he said.

The measure would establish a Marijuana Control Commission charged with regulating the growth, sale and taxation of marijuana, similar to legalization plans approved by voters in four other U.S. states.


Ohio: Push to stop legalization of marijuana

To make medical and recreational marijuana legal or to keep it illegal? That is the multi-billion dollar question.

We should know by the end of the week if voters will get a say.

Proponents are already spending big money on ads, but outspent opposition held its first town hall meeting Tuesday in Bay Village.

Drug counselors led the way discounting the medical argument for legal marijuana, saying there's just not enough data.

But ultimately it looks more and more like it will be up to voters to decide in November.

A 20-million dollar advertising campaign by the group Responsible Ohio is supposed to convince you pot should be legal.


ResponsibleOhio's Marijuana Legalization Will Likely be on Ballot

COLUMBUS (Chris Vanocur) -- It now looks like marijuana will be on Ohio's ballot in November. ResponsibleOhio now says it's within 5,000 signatures of qualifying for the ballot.

The pro-pot group's first effort to get on the ballot fell 30,000 signatures short. But they now say they've collected an additional 96,000 signatures.

An official announcement is expected from the Secretary of State’s office by the end of the week.


ResponsibleOhio pitches marijuana legalization during GOP debate

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- ResponsibleOhio's marijuana legalization amendment isn't on the ballot yet, but it aired its first TV commercial Thursday night during the Republican presidential debate with a brief ad directing viewers to the campaign's website to "get the facts."

The 16-second spot that aired Thursday night on Fox News featured an African-American woman standing in front of a white background, telling viewers they might have heard about the plan to legalize marijuana and wondered "if this plan makes sense" and "how it will make Ohio safer."

But the woman doesn't go on to explain, instead telling viewers to watch more videos on ResponsibleOhio's website.



November ballot try looking good for Ohio marijuana issue

The numbers are looking good for ResponsibleOhio, the group behind the move to place a marijuana-legalization amendment on the Nov. 3 statewide ballot.

Ohio’s two largest counties -- Cuyahoga and Franklin -- completed, or nearly completed, their verification of petition signatures today. The numbers suggest the pro-pot measure is headed to a vote in its second go-around in which it submitted about 95,000 more signatures.

Frankin County election officials have certified 4,582 signatures, or nearly 51 percent of those turned in, with only a few more petition forms to examine.

In Cuyahoga County, officials today certified 4,399 valid signatures, or 40 percent of the 11,008 submitted.


Meet The Organization Behind The Viral Pro-Marijuana Letter that Dare Accidentally Published

Drug Abuse Resistance Education, America’s most controversial substance abuse prevention group, accidentally posted a pro-marijuana legalization letter on its website Friday.

Carlis McDerment, a former deputy sheriff from Ohio who has since joined up with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), wrote a letter titled “Purchasing marijuana puts kids at risk,” which the Columbus Dispatch published in response to another letter written by Dr. Johanna Said.


Will Ohio's Cannabis Legalization Initiative Make The Ballot After Fraud Investigation

An Ohio political action group has gone ahead with plans to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to legalize marijuana amid investigation for fraud. The group was forced to scramble for more signatures after Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted named a special investigator Wednesday to review what he said were discrepancies in ResponsibleOhio's petitions.


This cannabis oil extractor was designed by a former U.S. Navy submarine engineer

Like a number of companies making good in the growing national marijuana industry, Ohio-based Apeks Supercritical is getting in on the “green rush” by marketing and selling its botanical oil extraction systems to buyers in the legal cannabis industry, Director of Sales Shawn E. Litterini said in an interview.

The C02 extraction systems are cleaner than other extraction solvents, which leave more chemical residue, and can be used to make any number of oil extracts such as vanilla and saffron extract, Litterini said.


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