Ohio: Council hearing for medical marijuana set

Troy resident Aimee Shannon has lived with inexplicable pain since she was 7 years old.

Now in her 40s, the social worker who has been placed on disability has been an outspoken supporter of medical marijuana to allow at least one dispensary in her hometown.

Troy City Council will hold a public hearing on whether to allow medical marijuana dispensary in the business highway district in Troy at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. today at City Hall. A public hearing will also be held to ban cultivation and processing of medical marijuana within the city limits.


Retired rabbi turned medical marijuana dispensary owner says Ohio laws will change: Q&A

The owner of Washington D.C.'s first medical marijuana dispensary has some advice for Ohioans: Expect the state's medical marijuana program to change. 

Retired Reform Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn said it's taken years for the capital's program to become what it is today, and rules will evolve with scientific research, patient needs and industry changes. 

"No matter how the laws and regulations seem in the beginning, some that look like they will work great won't and some that look like they won't work will," Kahn said. 


Ohio: Revised rules allow 50% more medical marijuana shops, prohibit home delivery

Sometime next year, Ohioans will be able to visit any of 60 medical marijuana shops open up to 14 hours a day.

They will be able to buy plant material to vaporize and inhale, plus marijuana-infused oils, tinctures, edibles and patches.

There are still some no-nos. Home delivery of pot will not be permitted, smoking and home-growing are not allowed, and your favorite local marijuana shop won't be allowed to sell you a T-shirt.

But the Buckeye State's foray into marijuana for medical purposes is well underway six months after the law took effect.


Backers of Ohio's failed recreational marijuana measure want to grow medical marijuana

The pair behind Ohio's 2015 failed recreational marijuana measure now plan to build a medical marijuana growing and processing facility in Southwest Ohio.

Jimmy Gould and Ian James, who co-founded ResponsibleOhio, announced Wednesday they will seek one of 12 large growing facility licenses under the new Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. They plan to build near the Wilmington air park.


Ohio medical marijuana panel questions high license fees

State regulators rolled out more details for Ohio's new medical marijuana program Friday, prompting members of a panel advising the process to question the high fees proposed for marijuana business owners. 

Under the proposed rules, medical marijuana product manufacturers, called processors, would pay $100,000 a year for one of 40 available licenses. Large-scale marijuana growers would pay $200,000 a year for a cultivator license. And retail dispensaries would pay $80,000 every two years to be licensed.  


Ohio's Medical Marijuana on track to be implemented by September 2018

In 2016 Ohio legalized Marijuana. Now in 2017 we are hoping to learn more about what that really means.

It won't be until at least September of 2018 before the program is expected to be in full swing.

The Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee has already had it's initial meetings, and it's addressing several issues right now, including if 40 dispensaries is enough to serve Ohioans in 88 counties.

Democrat Joe Schiavoni is the Senate Minority Leader, "Now the Department of Pharmacy has actually made recommendations about how many dispensaries and who can dispense medicinal marijuana, and where it's going to be grown."


New Rules Released For Ohio’s Medical Cannabis Law

When Ohio Gov. John Kasich effectively legalized medical cannabis in Ohio, with a stroke of a pen, the state became the 25th in the U.S. to legalize a very comprehensive medical cannabis program. This week the Ohio Board of Pharmacy has rolled out several new sets of rules for the evolving program.  Finally clearing the smoke with Ohio’s medical cannabis program with some sort of focus in rules now proposed for cultivators, doctors who recommend it for patients, and for dispensaries.


Proposed rules would allow 40 medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio

Ohio's medical-marijuana program is coming into focus with rules now proposed for cultivators who grow it, doctors who recommend it for patients, and dispensaries that sell it.

The latest development came Thursday when the Ohio Board of Pharmacy recommended that 40 dispensaries be scattered around the state to sell medical marijuana to qualifying patients. That number is far fewer than the 1,150 dispensaries proposed in a medical-marijuana ballot issue defeated by Ohio voters in 2015.

A second set of state rules rolled out Thursday details how Ohio physicians can recommend but not prescribe medical marijuana for patients.


Four Ohio Cities Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Statewide efforts to legalize marijuana in Ohio failed at the ballot box last year, but several cities pressed ahead, voting to decriminalize cannabis within their city limits. This takes a solid first step toward effectively nullifying prohibition in practice.

Voters in the Ohio cities of Bellaire, Logan, Newark and Roseville all approved marijuana decriminalization measures in the November election.


Plant to Patient: How Medical Marijuana Will Work in Ohio

Medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Ohio but patients who need it, can’t get it yet. Those patients might be waiting more than a year because a new committee must map out every detail from the marijuana seed to the plant’s sale.

What does the industry look like? Where is the marijuana grown? Who gets to sell it? and When can patients finally buy it?

These are all questions the group of 14 Ohioans is hoping to answer. From pharmacists and physicians to researchers and drug addiction experts, this team will set the rules.

2 NEWS Investigates traveled to Columbus for their first meeting and tracked down the local members: Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart and Dayton Pain Management Physician, Dr. Amol Soin.


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