Doctors recommend nearly 4,500 people for medical marijuana registry

State officials say doctors have submitted nearly 4,500 recommendations in the medical marijuana patient and caregiver registry for Ohio.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced on Monday that the number of recommendations now totals 4,440, with at least 3,036 people completing the information online and activating registration e-cards.

The registry is the online portal where doctors certified to recommend medical marijuana can register patients and caregivers. It went live Dec. 3.


After delays, Ohio’s medical marijuana ‘right on the cusp’

Signed into law by Gov. John Kasich in 2016, Ohio’s medical marijuana program offered hope to thousands of patients.

One of the final pieces of getting marijuana to patients — the approval of a testing facility — came late last week. No matter when the program begins, it likely won’t meet demand initially.

The industry struggled this year, missing a key Sept. 8 deadline as growers, processors, testers and dispensary operators slogged through myriad regulatory hurdles required everywhere from city zoning administrators to the state’s marijuana board to even the U.S. Department of Education.

The result also slowed the timetable for the program’s patient and caregiver registry, which went live with just less than a month left this year.


Ohio's medical marijuana patient e-cards double in second week

The number of Ohioans allowed to buy medical marijuana doubled in the second week that the program started accepting registrations. And there's renewed hope they might yet be able to purchase product this year.


State loans medical marijuana program $2.1 million

A state board authorized a $2.1 million loan Monday afternoon to Ohio agencies that are running the medical marijuana program, which is experiencing delays getting product on shelves.

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is expected to be self-supporting from license fees from cultivators, dispensaries, testing labs and other medical marijuana-related enterprises. The businesses are to start paying the fees once they receive certificates of operation from state regulators, Mark Hamlin, senior policy adviser for Ohio's Department of Commerce, told the Ohio Controlling Board, made up of lawmakers and representatives of Gov. John Kasich.


Ohioans gun rights go up in smoke for medical marijuana users

Do you want to use marijuana to treat a medical condition, or do you want to own a firearm?  That’s a decision many Ohioans will soon have to make.

When filling out the background check forms to buy a gun, there's a section that asks whether you are a user of marijuana.

It reads:

Answering yes will trigger an immediate rejection.


First Ohio medical marijuana dispensary gets certificate of operation

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Board of Pharmacy, one of the regulators in the state’s nascent medical marijuana program, has cleared a Jefferson County business to open as a dispensary, the state announced Wednesday afternoon.

CY+, located at 180 Main Street, Wintersville, is the first among dozens of businesses that have received provisional dispensary licenses from the state. Wintersville is located in eastern Ohio, just outside Steubenville.


After one week, the number of medical marijuana cards in Ohio is over 1,000

On Monday the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced the number of people in the state who received an activated medical marijuana card after opening up the patient and caregiver registry.

After accepting patient registrations for one week, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program totaled 1,948 recommendations in the registry, which is an online portal where physicians with a certificate to recommend medical marijuana can register patients and caregivers.


Ohio activates medical marijuana patient registry, but wait continues

The activation of Ohio’s medical marijuana patient registry this week means selected physicians can now begin inputting qualified patients and caregivers, but officials said the delayed program still won’t be fully implemented for months.

Prospective patients have already watched an initial Sept. 8 state deadline pass without product in dispensaries. That wait will continue, said Ali Simon, the public and policy affairs liaison with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

“What’s important to recognize is — we’ve seen this in other states as well — it’s going to be a very small batch initially of medical marijuana made available,” she said. “But then as more and more cultivators have harvests, we’ll see more and more product reach the shelf into the early months of 2019.”


Ohio patients closer to being able to buy medical marijuana

Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program was supposed to be up and running in September. But more than two months have passed.

So, when will patients be able to buy legal pot? Growers, distributors and the state say soon.

Wednesday, we went inside one of the states 25 medical marijuana cultivators in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Cresco Labs said their plants are nearly full grown and they said they will be ready to distribute, with permission from the state, by New Year's Day.

"It's a little over a year since we broke ground here," said Dennis Plamondon, director of cultivation for Cresco Labs.

Now, Cresco Labs' 400 cannabis plants are just a few weeks away from being harvested.


Healthcare networks in Ohio prohibit doctors from recommending medical cannabis

Ohio’s medical cannabis law went into effect in September 2016. But the program’s implementation has faced a number of delays and setbacks. As a result, the state only began issuing licenses in September of this year. So far, Ohio has approved 300 doctors to recommend medical cannabis program. Regulators process and approve more applications every month.


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