Australia: Senate committee reccommends medical cannabis bill

A parliamentary committee is backing a plan by a cross-section of senators to make medical cannabis available to Australians.

The Senate's legal and constitutional affairs committee recommended the Greens bill to set up a regulator of medical cannabis be passed.

The regulator would be "responsible for formulating rules for licensing the production, manufacture, supply, use, experimental use and import and export of medicinal cannabis".


The committee unanimously recommended the bill's passage, with amendments to ensure scientific evidence is accessed to determine suitably of treatments.

It also wants amendments to ensure medical cannabis products are made available in Australia in line with international obligations.


Police sergeant in Samoa loses job over cannabis decision

A senior police sergeant in Samoa has lost his job after he was convicted and sentenced to five months in jail for official corruption.

Two constables have been discharged without conviction after they pleaded guilty to charges of being an accessory after the fact and conspiracy to defeat the cause of justice.

The senior officer, Antonio Tausili, was the supervisor at Faleata police post in December 2013 when the two constables attended a call from a family at Vaitale who needed assistance over a family commotion.

The officers, Heta Wilson and Luisa Lototau, found two cannabis joints on one of the family members, but Tausili told Wilson not to take the narcotics back to the police post.

They were later flushed down the toilet by Lototau.


Australia: Bipartisan political support for medicinal cannabis no guarantee for patients

Surveys show nearly three quarters of the population wants the nation's drug laws to change, and politicians across the political spectrum from the Prime Minister down are lining up to agree with them. So what's stopping thousands of sick and dying Australians from getting legal access to cannabis medication? Scott Hannaford meets those pushing hard for change.

There is certainly more to learn about medicinal cannabis, but we know more than enough to act now 

Medical Journal of Australia

The boxes were piled high in the reception area of Richard Di Natale's Parliament House office and a picture hook still hung empty on the wall from the recent move as he folded his laptop, stuffed it into his hand luggage and headed for the door.


Guam Will Not Be Able to Import Medical Marijuana

All Medical Marijuana Will Have to Come From Marijuana That is Already On Island

Guam - Will be mirroring Arizona's medical marijuana as much as possible. Today public health officials gave a presentation on what they learned after visiting Arizona. One issue that came up is that Guam will not be able to import any marijuana for medical use which means that anyone that opens a medical marijuana grow and dispensary operation will have to get the marijuana locally from the marijuana that is already on Guam.


Marijuana team reports findings

At a Friday press conference in Mangilao, officials from Guam’s Public Health department present what they learned during a trip to Arizona and California to research medical marijuana laws. From left: Cynthia Naval, planner IV; Michelle Razo Lastimoza, environmental public health officer III; and Rosanna Rabago, environmental public health officer.(Photo: Maria Hernandez/PDN)

A three-person team from the island's public health department visited Arizona for about a month to learn more about the state's medical marijuana program, which Guam will be using as a foundation for its own program.


New Zealand: Nelson teen 'calm and settled' after cannabis oil treatment

Alex Renton, the Nelson teen in a coma whose supporters fought to grant him access to cannabis oil medication, is responding to treatment, his mother says.

Alex, 19, has now received two doses of Elixinol, a cannabidiol (CBD) product from the United States, and mother Rose Renton told ONE News he was "calm and settled" following the second treatment.

The family hopes an electroencephalogram (or EEG - a test to measure electrical brain activity) with show positive progress later this week, and that Alex's sedation can be reduced further.

Alex is suffering from a prolonged form of seizure, known as epilepticus, and has been in Wellington Hospital since early April.

Doctors have tried more than 20 mediations to treat him, but none have worked.


Law students debate on legalizing medical marijuana in Philippines

The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Bill is still pending with the House committee on health, more than a year after it was filed in 2014

MANILA, Philippines – Is it time to legalize the medical use of marijuana in the Philippines?

Debaters from the Ateneo de Manila University Law School and the University of Sto Tomas (UST) Law School discussed the issue at "The Law and Policy Debate: An Inter-university Dialogue" held at the House of Representatives on Tuesday, June 9.


Should medical marijuana be legalized in the Philippines?

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Should medical marijuana be legalized in the Philippines?

This was the question that several law students from two universities in the country tried to answer on Tuesday (June 9) during a Law and Policy Debate at the House of Representatives.

Ambassador Manuel Teehankee, a medical and law expert, recognized the need for public discussions on the legalization of marijuana.

He noted that debating on a topic is a healthy method of testing ideas and proposal, and "a good way by which the legislative process can be vetted with various ideas being exchanged."


NZ: Council of Trade Unions president backs medicinal marijuana

There is growing pressure on Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne to relax the rules around medicinal marijuana – but any proposed changes won't have the Prime Minister's backing.

Nineteen-year-old Alex Renton has been in an induced coma at Wellington Hospital for more than a month, and his doctor and parents believe cannabinoid oil could improve his condition.

Protestors turned out yesterday to urge Mr Dunne to sign off on it in Wellington and Nelson, including Labour's West Coast MP Damien O'Connor.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, says it's unfair to string families along.


Drug seizures at record level says Australian Crime Commission

Authorities made more than 110,000 drug arrests in the 2013-14 financial year and seized 27 tonnes of illicit substances

More drugs have been seized than at any other time in Australia and authorities make a narcotics-related arrest an average of once every five minutes, a new report by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) has said.

The illicit drug report pulls together data from state and territory police units, as well as the Australian federal police (AFP) and the Customs and Border Protection Service.

It finds authorities made more than 110,000 drug arrests in the 2013-14 financial year and seized a record 27 tonnes of illicit substances.


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