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NZ may miss boat, medical cannabis exports

New Zealand could miss the boat as an exporter of medicinal cannabis, horticulture expert Dr Mike Nichols said.

Nichols, writing in the latest issue of the horticulture magazine, NZGrower, said New Zealand could miss out in much the same way as it did with the opium poppy trade, which is now dominated by Tasmania.

"The potential to grow medicinal cannabis in New Zealand at this point in time as an export crop would appear to be excellent," Nichols said.

"The value of a kilogram of medicinal cannabis compared with a kilogram of Pinus radiata is a clear example showing that New Zealand should be producing, and exporting, high value and low volume products," Nichols said.


NZ Political roundup: The Battle over medical marijuana

This week Helen Kelly had her official request for medicinal cannabis deferred by the Ministry of Health. This has renewed debate about whether the Government’s procedures for dealing with such requests are working or major reform is required.

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Former CTU president Helen Kelly has mounted a campaign that seeks to reform the government's procedures over medicinal cannabis. Kelly has blogged about her predicament and campaign - see: Life and death and Cannabis. This must-read post sets out her problems with getting appropriate treatment.


15 Diseases and Ailments Marijuana May Help Fight

Marijuana's ascent appears nothing short of unstoppable.

Roughly two decades ago, only a quarter of people responding to a national Gallup poll wanted to see marijuana legalized. But beginning in California in 1996 and spreading throughout the country, 22 additional states, as well as Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana for medicinal use as of today.

How's this possible? On one hand, public approval of marijuana being used as medicine is higher than it's ever been. A CBS News poll from April 2015 showed that a whopping 84% of those surveyed across America would like to see marijuana legalized for medicinal purposes.


Reeferegulatory challenge

A growing number of countries are deciding to ditch prohibition. What comes next?

IN AN anonymous-looking building a few minutes’ drive from Denver International Airport, a bald chemotherapy patient and a pair of giggling tourists eye the stock on display. Reeking packets of mossy green buds—Girl Scout Cookies, KoolAid Kush, Power Cheese—sit alongside cabinets of chocolates and chilled drinks. In a warehouse behind the shop pointy-leaved plants bask in the artificial light of two-storey growing rooms. Sally Vander Veer, the president of Medicine Man, which runs this dispensary, reckons the inventory is worth about $4m.


New Zealand: Helen Kelly's medical marijuana bid rejected

Helen Kelly's application to use so-called medical marijuana has been rejected by the Ministry of Health.

'I'm using cannabis for medicinal use - I'd like to use it lawfully'

The former Council of Trade Unions president is dying of cancer and had sought permission through her doctor to import and use Bloom Farmers Highlighter Sativa and Indica cannabis oil inhalers.

In a letter to Ms Kelly, the Ministry says it's assessed the application but "considered it to contain insufficient information to enable a decision to be reached".


The Turnbull government is making medicinal cannabis legal in Australia

The federal government is introducing legislation to parliament to allow the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis under a national framework today.

The move follows Victoria’s announcement last year that it will legalise the drug for medical use in 2017. NSW is also currently conducting trials into a cannabis-based drug, Epidolex, with a focus on children with epilepsy, and leading the state-based focus on medical marijuana.



With various countries and American states on the path to the legalisation of marijuana – both medical and not – questions surrounding its effects on our health are as relevant as ever. Some debate its potential medicinal benefits and its low risks in terms of overdosing make it a ‘safe drug’ that should be legally accessible. On the other hand, some worry about the message of allowing drug use and the health dangers we may not be aware of yet. But the issue of legalisation is complex and must take many more factors into consideration.


Australia: Female cannabis smokers more likely to use daily

according to the latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey, an increasing number of women are smoking weed daily.

Of the 1.9 million Australians over 14 who have smoked cannabis in the past year, only 700,000 of them are women.

But women are now more likely to be daily smokers, with 14% of women smoking weed daily, compared to 12% of men.

Jan Copeland is the head of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre at the University of New South Wales and says women tend to become addicted to cannabis more quickly than men.

"Estrogen seems to increase sensitivity to THC, the getting high part of cannabis, and because of that they crave to use it more often,"


NZ: Former union boss Helen Kelly seeks medicinal cannabis: 'I'm dying, basically'

Former union boss Helen Kelly has written to Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne to seek permission to use medicinal cannabis.

Ms Kelly, who has lung cancer, said she hoped her application would be granted as soon as possible.

"[Dunne] said it took him an hour once he got the last application, so I'm hoping to hear today," she said.

Ms Kelly is already using cannabis oil to ease her pain, and said the drug had been "brilliant" for helping with nausea, lost appetite, and pain relief following chemotherapy.
"I want it in a form that is metered," she said. "The product that I've applied for has got a much weaker strength in the daytime and a stronger strength at night.She now wants a legal, regular supply of the drug.


Backgrounder: Medical Cannabis in New Zealand

In light of recent and increasing commentary on the use, access to and funding of cannabis based medical products, attached is a fact sheet on the definition, current availability, status and authorisation process around the use of these products for therapeutic purposes. Further information can be found on the Ministry of health’s website at:http://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/regulation-health-and-disability-system/medicines-control/medicinal-cannabis

Status of Medical Cannabis in New Zealand


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