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Guam: Final Version Of Medical Marijuana Draft Rules Still Has Issues

Still, some are worried that the economics of the program are still not practical.

After almost two years at public health, the final draft of rules and regulations for medical marijuana is on its way to the legislature but even though the draft is in final form, some of the key arguments made during the first draft still remain.

The rules and regulations for medical marijuana are in final draft form. One of the key arguments against the first draft of the rules and regs was the fee structure. Some worry that the high application fee, which was lowered from $35,000 in the first draft to 5,000 in the final draft form, will make it difficult for small businesses and farmers to get licenses. That argument still remains.


Guam: What's The Holdup With Medical Marijuana Rules And Regulations?

Public Health Director James Gillan says the rules and regs hit a snag with the Economic Impact Statement.

This next November election will mark two years since the initiative to implement medical marijuana on Guam was passed and now another holdup in the much-anticipated final draft rules and regulations.


Crossing the Ditch for Cannabis?

A law change in Australia means New Zealanders can now legally be prescribed a month's medicinal cannabis there and bring it back to this country, a legal commentator says.

A Golden Bay woman has escaped a lengthy jail term for importing cannabis products after a judge discharged her without conviction, because it was prescribed overseas.

Rebecca Reider - who has complex chronic pain syndrome - was facing charges for possession and importing of cannabis oil and other products after she was discovered posting chocolate bars with edible cannabis to herself.

Her lawyer, Sue Grey argued because Ms Reider was lawfully prescribed drugs while visiting overseas and the quantity was no more than one month's supply to treat a medical condition, it should have been legal.


PNG police call on Lihir islanders to report marijuana cultivators

A police chief on the small tropical volcanic island of Lihir in Papua New Guinea’s New Ireland province has launched a campaign to purge the community of marijuana cultivation.

Lihir police station commander Senior Inspector Elizah Taksir has made an appeal for islanders to report marijuana growers following information received about people engaging in illegal activities.

Taskir said the police woudl be keeping a look out for those cultivating marijuana and despite the fact that the police on Lihir had limited resources, they would still monitor the illegal activities and arrest those involved.


New Zealand: Medical cannabis guide to be reviewed

The guidelines for considering applications from people wanting to use cannabis for medical purposes will be reviewed, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced.

Mr Dunne said the need for "fine-tuning" was inevitable, given that medical cannabis was a new policy area for the Ministry of Health and wider medical profession.

"The guidelines were set up at my request following the Alex Renton case in 2015, so far the only case where ministerial approval was granted, following an application from Mr Renton's treating clinicians to administer the restricted product Elixinol."


UNGASS and the "Drug Free World" illusion

The killer fact is a public speaker’s friend. It can be used as a way of not so much simplifying a complex argument, but of giving the audience a peg on which to anchor the complexity. I deployed a few of them in my talk introducing the drug policy discussion at Splore on Saturday, but none of them stirred as audible a response from the crowd as this part:

At UNGASS 1998 – the second meeting of the United Nations’ most senior policy-making body, the General Assembly, to discuss the global drug problem – the boundlessly confident slogan for the event was: ”A drug-free world – we can do it!”


New Zealand: Why isn't medical marijuana a shoe-in?

What's this about Helen Kelly and the campaign to legalise medical marijuana?

A debate around medical marijuana has sprung into view after Helen Kelly revealed her request for a cannabis product had not been approved.

Who is this Helen Kelly and why does she want marijuana?


Done Deal - Australia Goes Legal

We like to think of ourselves as leaders…

But this time we’ve fallen behind.

Australia became the first continent to legalize medical marijuana after the Australian Parliament passed a measure earlier today. The amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act legalizes the cultivation of medical marijuana for medical and scientific purposes.

Following the passing of this amendment, the Australian Minister for Health Sussan Ley made the following statement:


Ghana: Legalise cannabis – Kofi Annan

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is pushing for the legalization of cannabis and other personal drugs.

However, he said regulations must be put in place by governments to curtail abuse.

“And therefore, the fourth and final step is to recognize that drugs must be regulated precisely because they are risky. It is time to acknowledge that drugs are infinitely more dangerous if they are left solely in the hands of criminals who have no concerns about health and safety.


The Legal Marijuana Industry Needs Bitcoin Badly

Legal marijuana has been having banner year after banner year since various states havelegalized the sale and consumption of the plant and its derivatives starting back in 2012 within Colorado and Washington. It should be noted that the process of marijuana’s status as a demonized drug has been slipping for much longer than the past 4 years.


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