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How Will Legalization Impact Canada's Northern Territories?

Most of the discussion around legalization has been centered on the provinces, but how will it affect the northern territories differently?

When the government begins to digest the marijuana legalization task force’s report, the feedback they will be reading will come from numerous stakeholders — from individual citizens, to activist groups, health professionals, and municipal, provincial, and territorial governments, to name a few.

We’ve covered a lot of issues arising from many of these groups, but we’ve not yet discussed in  depth the issues facing Canada’s territories.


Is legal marijuana a good idea for Nunavut?

As the federal government moves toward legalizing marijuana, Nunavummiut are divided about the impact that the move may have on their territory.

During last year's federal election campaign, the Liberals pledged to legalize pot, as several countries and U.S. states have done.

Pot smokers in Nunavut say it's great news.

"I smoke it on streets. I smoke it everywhere I want," says Corianna Manitok, 23. The Igloolik resident says she spends $2,000 per month on weed, but dreams of a cheaper buzz with legalization.

"It's kinda hard for the user to have an addiction like that and pay for what they have to eat," she said.


The Doobie Diet: Cannabis Keeps You Thin

Potheads rejoice and revel in your healthy lifestyle choices! In news that will surely get a giggling woo-hoo from stoners everywhere, scientists have concluded that using marijuana makes you less likely to be obese. This seems counterintuitive to anyone who has ever taken Mary Jane out for the night and then had a serious case of the munchies. Surely all those two-in-the-morning trips to 7-11 for Ben and Jerry's and microwave burritos pile on the pounds, don't they?


Marijuana users in Nunavik thinner, with less diabetes

Forget about weight watchers; new research out of Nunavik suggests the secret to a slim figure might be… marijuana.

Recently, researchers from Quebec looked into why levels of Type 2 diabetes were so low among Inuit.

Michel Lucas

Dr Michel Lucas is one of the co-authors of a study linking low body weight and marijuana use in Nunavik. (CBC)

The study, called "Cannabis use in relation to obesity and insulin resistance in the Inuit population," analysed health data from 786 adults in Nunavik, and the results took them by surprise.

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