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Trump Tuesday: Donald Trump meets Kim Jong-un – Twitter sees the funny side

While both the leaders found the summit successful, netizens took to Twitter to troll Donald Trump and  Kim Jong-un, with few even suggesting to reward the former with Nobel 'Peace' Prize. 

After months of missile threats and enmity exchanged through social media, US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un signed a comprehensive document in a historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday. 


A cryptocurrency for weed is crashing a day after it sponsored Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea

A digital currency for the legal marijuana industry is plummeting a day after it sponsored Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea

PotCoin is a digital cryptocurrency — much like bitcoin — that was specifically developed to remove the need for cash transactions between marijuana consumers and dispensaries.

PotCoin plummeted 23% on Wednesday, just a day after it soared 97% following the publicity it received from sponsoring Rodman's trip. 

The currency is valued at just over 13 US cents. 


Canada on Course for Record Hempseed Crop in 2017

Hempseed production in Canada may reach record levels in 2017, according to an industry report that projects up to 150,000 acres planted in Western Canada.

Hempseed production in Canada may reach record levels in 2017, according to an industry report that projects up to 150,000 acres planted in Western Canada this year.


PotCoin Soars After Ex-Basketball Star Rodman Wears Logo in North Korea

PotCoin, a crypto currency for the legalized cannabis industry, jumped in value on Tuesday after ex-basketball star Dennis Rodman arrived in North Korea wearing a t-shirt and baseball cap emblazoned with the digital payment system's logo.

PotCoin, which hopes to become the of the marijuana industry, is sponsoring the former National Basketball Association player's trip to North Korea to meet with the leader of the reclusive state, Kim Jong Un.

PotCoin, like Bitcoin, is a virtual currency that can be moved like money around the world anonymously without the need for a central authority.


North Korea has been branded as a 'weed-smoker's paradise' - but the truth is more complicated

For years, there have been rumors that North Korea is a "weed-smoker's paradise." Cannabis is said to grow wildly there, and people can reportedly buy it in large, bazaar-style marketplaces and smoke it wherever they like.


What to believe – and not believe – about North Korea being a stoner’s paradise

North Korea has been getting some pretty high praise lately from the stoner world.

Marijuana news outlets including High Times, Merry Jane and Green Rush — along with British tabloids, which always love a good yarn — are hailing the North as a pothead paradise and maybe even the next Amsterdam of pot tourism. They’ve reported North Korean marijuana to be legal, abundant and mind-blowingly cheap, sold openly to Chinese and Russian tourists at a major market on the North’s border for about $3 a pound.


But seriously, North Korea? Baked?


Like Seriously! Marijuana Is Legal in These 7 Countries

New Delhi: One must have seen naga babas consuming marijuana. Consumption of Cannabis is legal in various states across the United States of America and some other European countries, but that of course comes with T&C applied.

Here, we bring you some countries where consumption of marijuana is legal:

Czech Republic:

Marijuana is legal in this European country that permits its possession up to 15 grams. It has been legalised for medical use on prescription since 2013.


6 Marijuana Facts You May Not Have Known — From Health Benefits to the Truly Bizarre

Viewing marijuana simply as a recreational drug to get you high is reductive.


Six countries where Marijuana consumption is legal

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that growing, possessing and smoking marijuana for recreation is legal under the right to freedom. The measure was approved in 4-1 vote on the five-justice panel, backing the argument that smoking marijuana is covered under the right of “free development of personality.”

" "

Here’s a quick look at five countries where Marijuana is legal and what the law states:

Czech Republic


North Korea bans cannabis based on Norwegian model

According to North Korean authorities there must be something wrong with the cannabis plant seeing that the USA is about to legalize it. North Korean authorities claim to have found a genetically modified variety that may have caused a large outbreak of independent thoughts in Colorado. North Korea now fears that seeds from this variety will be spread along the North Korean border from airplanes.


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