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North Dakota: If recreational marijuana is legalized, how will it be taxed?

Recreational marijuana sales could bring in a lot of tax dollars, but there is still nothing set-in-stone to determine how that money would be spent if Measure 3 passes.

It's a question, our State Legislature will decide. As your local election headquarters, KX News has been following the issues and topics you'll find on your ballot Tuesday.

The tax commissioner has already said, recreational marijuana will be subject to a 5 percent general state sales tax if it becomes legal. But it could also be taxed on top of that, for a sin tax, like alcohol and tobacco currently are.


North Dakota: Marijuana legalization leader said he doesn’t smoke it, but people with hopes knocked down is his driving force

David Owen said he has never smoked marijuana in his life, and he doesn’t plan to if North Dakotans approve a measure calling for the legalization of it.

So why would the University of North Dakota student studying molecular, cellular and developmental biology and political science spearhead the effort to decriminalize the drug? He pointed to stories of residents who had dreams of aspiration -- both large and small -- only to have the chances of achieving those dreams quashed by possessing or consuming a drug that he said shouldn’t be illegal.


First poll ever shows marijuana legalization initiative could pass in North Dakota next month

While most of the attention from cannabis advocates for next month's election has been focused on 


North Dakota: Medical marijuana program to accept applications for patients

Starting Oct. 29, North Dakota medical marijuana qualifying patients and their designated caregivers can apply to obtain registry cards.

Meanwhile, one of the two proposed medical marijuana manufacturing facilities still awaits state approval, and two of the applicants selected to apply to operate dispensaries in Bismarck and Fargo have not yet received local government approval nor met state requirements.

Under the state medical marijuana program, there will be two medical marijuana manufacturing facilities in Bismarck and Fargo and eight dispensaries throughout the state.


Marijuana initiatives in the midterms that could change everything

Legalization could be coming to even more states.

In just a few short years, marijuana went from being a taboo recreational drug you “didn’t inhale” at college parties to a legalized resource touted for its ability to improve health and bolster the economy. Highly-publicized marijuana legalization efforts in states like Washington, Colorado, and California have helped forge (often through trial and error) a pathway to legalization that could impact everything from employment to incarceration in the U.S.


Here are preliminary polling results for every marijuana ballot initiative this November

In a little over a month, Americans will head to the voting booths to vote in a very important midterm election that will have major impact on control of Congress and the Donald Trump presidency.

But there are also some very important marijuana initiatives being voted on as well, and the polls are definitely looking good.

Marijuana Business Daily put together all the available polling data to see how likely all the marijuana ballot initiatives are likely to pass this November. Here were the results.


Report identifies $6.6 million price tag for legalizing marijuana in ND, but tax revenue unknown

Legalizing recreational marijuana in North Dakota will cost state agencies and local governments more than $6.6 million over the next few years, according to estimates lawmakers received Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 12.

But some other costs, as well as potential tax revenue, remain unknown, the report said.

The measure will ask voters in November to legalize “non-violent marijuana related activity” for people over 21, except for selling to minors. It would also create a process for expunging records of those previously convicted of a crime that’s legalized by the measure.


North Dakotans overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis

A poll conducted earlier this week found overwhelming support in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis in North Dakota.

The poll, conducted through Polco, asked “Should North Dakota legalize recreational marijuana?” following confirmation on August 13 by Secretary of State, Al Jaeger, that enough signatures were received for the measure to be placed on the November election ballot.

Across all age groups and political parties, the poll found that North Dakotans are overwhelmingly on board with legalizing recreational cannabis. Of the 237 North Dakotans who answered the poll, 79.3 percent support the measure with only 20.7 percent opposed.


North Dakota will vote on recreational cannabis in November

North Dakotans will vote this November on a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana, state officials announced Monday.

Secretary of State Al Jaeger said that Legalize ND, the group leading the charge to get the question on the ballot, submitted 14,637 signatures last month, about 1,200 more than required.

If passed, the ballot measure would permit “non-violent marijuana related activity” for North Dakotans aged 21 and up, according to the Grand Forks Herald.


Recreational Marijuana in ND may be voted on during November's Ballot

North Dakota legalized medical marijuana in 2016. Monday, the North Dakota Legalization Initiative turned in 451 petitions with 18,700 signatures to the Secretary of State to have recreational marijuana put on the November ballot.

To place the statutory initiated measure on the ballot, the petitions had to contain at least 13 thousand 452 signatures.

The ND Legalization Initiative says they've exceeded expectations with all the signatures they got and it's time to have recreational marijuana legal in North Dakota.

The chairman of the measure says it'll separate people who use marijuana medically or recreationally.


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