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North Carolina


Medical Marijuana Firms Show Interest in Mystic Monsanto Site

The controversial Mystic plant-research site that Monsanto Co. plans to shut down this year has drawn the interest of two groups looking into using the modern facilities for growing medical marijuana, First Selectman Rob Simmons said Monday.

Simmons' revelation came soon after a state website indicated that Monsanto had issued a formal notice of the closure, which will occur in two phases starting Oct. 29. The shutdown, announced last year, will result in the loss of 40 jobs locally, according to a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification dated Aug. 29 and released Monday to The Day by the state Department of Labor.


The 12 Best Cities for Growing Marijuana Outdoors

The marijuana business in the U.S. is growing like a weed.

Nationwide, legal sales of marijuana reached $5.7 billion in 2015, up from $4.6 billion the previous year, according to a report from ArcView Market Research. For 2016, the market is projected to grow to $7.1 billion. And by 2020, ArcView says, sales of legal marijuana in the U.S. could top $22 billion.

As it stands now, about two-thirds of America’s marijuana crop — the legal and illegal kinds — is grown outdoors, according to Mother Jones magazine.


"Marijuana Mom" fights for daughter's health

Marijuana is illegal in North Carolina, but that is not stopping one woman from getting it to her sick daughter.

Kendra Martin's daughter, Ali, has an extremely rare disease that causes constant myoclonic seizures.

Martin said marijuana has helped her daughter get off two-thirds of her prescription medications, and does a much better job at treating her condition.

"She has Unverricht-Lungbord Disease III," Martin explained. "She is the only case of its kind in the United States. Ali constantly seizes, she has a constant seizure rhythm."

Martin provides her daughter marijuana in many different forms.

North Carolina lawmakers have an opportunity to make what Martin is doing legal.


Watch: New NC bill gives hope to medical marijuana faithful

Before bed every night, Rebecca Forbes drinks a spoonful of coconut oil, infused with cannabis. It's a daily routine she credits with saving her life.

Years ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma and told she would die. For the past two years, she's been in remission.

"I started taking cannabis oil in 2010 after I left the Apex Healthplex ER with them telling me I was in organ failure," said Forbes.

At first she said she was skeptical and didn't believe cannabis would do anything for her. Still she left the ER that night and went home and took some cannabis oil someone had given her.

"It pulled me out of kidney failure within two weeks," said Forbes.


East Coast to Celebrate Marijuana by Passing a Joint through 13 States

From Maine to Miami, supporters of the cannabis movement are going to pass a torch symbolically shaped as a joint to garner support and show a united front in the fight to legalize marijuana.

It’s organized by the East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC) and the so-called Unity Cypher begins its journey in Portland, Maine on April 14th, making  stops in NH, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, ME, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL. Along the way, organizers promise an appearance (and great photo op) at the United National General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in New York City on April 19 and the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. on April 23.


Marijuana Legalization Movement Just Won Multiple Courtroom Battles, But Will That Be Enough to Quash Future Legal Threats?

By many accounts, Monday was a banner day for the marijuana movement in the courts. In the nation’s capital, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma to overturn Colorado’s legalized marijuana program, meaning that if the two states’ attorneys general want to continue to pursue the matter, they will have to do so in federal district court.


For small amounts of marijuana, blacks are far more likely than whites to go to jail in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (Steve Harrison/The Charlotte Observer) -

During a traffic stop on Freedom Drive in late 2014, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer found $10 worth of marijuana in Morchello Pearce’s car.

Under N.C. law, the officer had a choice: Give Pearce a citation for possession of less than a half ounce of marijuana or arrest him. The officer arrested Pearce, who is black.

“It was just a little bud,” said Pearce, who works as a chef at an uptown restaurant and bar. “I know the law, and I told him, ‘You could write me a ticket.’ I think he felt like doing that because I was on the wrong side of town.”


Do CMPD marijuana stats show racial bias?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have released numbers that show that African Americans are arrested for simple marijuana possession at far higher rates than other groups.

“It’s basically like stereotyping, because I don’t have no felony,” said Gerald Laney, who was arrested Thursday night for possession and he feels there is a bias.

Chief Kerr Putney takes issue with that argument.

“If people are dealing drugs out in the open, we're going to have to deal with it,” he said.

Since 2010, arrests for simple possession of marijuana have declined for all groups, but it’s still higher for African Americans. Back then there were 695 blacks, 73 whites and 46 Hispanics arrested; last year it was 336 blacks 29 whites and 13 Hispanics.


Johnston Co. lawyer charged in marijuana-growing operation

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A federal indictment accuses a Johnston County attorney and others of growing marijuana for profit at houses in Orange County and concealing the profits.

The indictment said Joseph Lee Levinson, who runs a law office in Benson, received cash and drugs and used his law office to help the operation.

According to the indictment, Aubrey Manasseh Pruitt, Dustin Garrett Fisher and Jotham Walker Pruitt operated a marijuana “grow” business in Orange County from December 2005 to around December 2010. The indictment lists six different locations that were used to grow marijuana indoors.

The indictment said Fisher grew the marijuana in houses obtained by Levinson and Jotham Pruitt.


What Happened to Hemp Inc

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) recently made a parabolic move up after a bill that would make Industrial hemp legal in North Carolina was not vetoed by Governor Pat McCrory meaning it will now be passed into law. This was big news for HEMP which recently announced the purchase of a 70,000 square foot hemp processing plant and decortication line of equipment in Spring Hope, North Carolina.

HEMP has been trading on the bb’s and has been a great barometer of the pot sector in the past making several spectacular moves up both in early 2013 and again in 2014. Currently trading at the bottom of its range Investors are hoping for another breakout.


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